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My favorite website is Pinterest. Honestly, the first reason why I love it so much is because I can spend hours on this site and not even realize it. This may be because of the popular content, being able to see what my friends are interested in, or having the ability to design my future house and wedding. However, now that I am looking at it with a design-oriented perspective, I think it does that well too. The grid-like structure is easy to follow, scroll, and look at from a mobile device. When you click on specific pins, you can return to the main screen by clicking out of the window or go to the third party website by clicking the pin again. It is easy to navigate and get exactly where you want to be quickly. There are no distracting colors or features that make it confusing. Pinterest is pretty much brilliant in my opinion.

Melissa Sly_homework#7_post

The Full Site:!/


YOU HAVE NOT SEEN A PARALLAX like this one, classmates. I assure you. This parallax site is made to promote the fantastic movie Life of Pi. This site itself is something I aspire to be able to create. It is HIGHLY interactive, and it implements some really nice directional design to move the view along the story of how thing were made from this movie. One of the best things about all this amazing parallaxing is that is is entirely scalable depending on what device you are looking at it on. It is incredible, and I can’t stop looking through it because it engages me so much the whole way though the site. Plus, this movie is pretty incredible itself, so it is nice to se all the behind-the-scene stuffs in such an interactive way. I implore you to watch the movie and check out this parallax site.

And here is my REDO of the desktop gif.

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staystay hotel thing

here is my favorite site

its informative and simple, thats all i really need and like.


Assignment 7 – Blog Post – Kelly Weiland

How dare you ask what our favorite website is ?! THERE ARE SO MANY COOL ONES! I thought I’d share this one with you since its really awesome and interactive. Very random, but I stumbled upon the Zune site last year and I love it. All of the bright colors and fun animations make the website come to life (sorry, there is some pink involved, but it works). I always enjoy a website that wants the user to be a part of the experience by clicking or dragging things to make other things happen. This website is almost mesmerizing as it takes you through the different stages of a fantasy land. Now what this has to do with a Zune MP3 player…… good question I’m not sure. I do however enjoy the aesthetics of the webpage! I would have attached a screen shot of the website, but it would not do it any justice so here is the link

Zack Behr – Assignment 7

Stay Hotel

Assignment 7-Joan Lam

I like this website because it has some funny and interesting photos or short movie clips of the day. Even though the website doesn’t have any attracting layout or colors, I think it is a fun website to go on and relax and check out some photos. Another thing is that this website can go on forever, when you scroll to the bottom it will load more photos so it will keep on going. People can also leave comments or upload their own funny pictures or videos to share with others. This is a free website for anyone, I just think this website is a fun website to share, and now its my new favorite site.

Facebook Page

Clark, Katherine – Assignment 7

The Clocksmiths

The ClockSmiths


The Clocksmiths are a two person team of web and branding/ identity designers. The site is both in the parallax and responsive format and I think it is arranged and designed beautifully. It’s providing me with a ton of ideas about how to design my own site.

Color:   What makes this site stand out is the use of a simple monochromatic pallete with a copper accent color (which is sparingly used). Simple color blocks create divs and arrange the information.

Language: The designers have two sites, one in Italian and the other in English (there are times when both languages are used)

Portfolio: I’ve been looking at good portfolio sites to model my own after and this one is brilliant. The designers solve the problem of being able to show print publications by using gif animations to show the project in it’s entirety, a single photo never does something like that justice.

Navigation: I think it was fine to rotate and move the nav to the left and right side of the screen with small indicators that serve as breadcrumbs – they trigger full screen pullouts which display more portfolio work. It simply makes the site more interesting. Sometimes I think it makes it a tad confusing though.

Mood: This is one of the pages of the site that I think is gorgeous. Simple blocks of images and animated gifs within the same color pallete. Just a nice thing to look at- I don’t think all of it is their work, I just think these are the things that inspire them.

Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 11.34.53 PMScreen Shot 2013-04-02 at 11.36.27 PMScreen Shot 2013-04-02 at 11.37.10 PM

Overall, I enjoy this site’s simplicity and navigation on top of the Clocksmith’s design ability.


Here is my facebook page:

Final page

Michelle Tomaski- Assignment 7



Besides Facebook, which I think is all of our favorite site, Pinterest is also one of my favorite sites. I enjoy it because you can literally find just about anything on this site. I enjoy looking through the art section because is inspiring and also has many examples of good (and bad) design. It is almost like a text book for design with many examples of all kinds of design. I think it is very functional and useful in saving things you are interested in. I like that you can pin things to your own boards in categories so they are easy to find when you want to refer back to them. I always find my self looking at interesting art, clothes, makeup, or anything really online. The things I like i usually copy and paste to a sticky note or something on my computer but never remember to refer back to it or can not find it. Pinterest makes it easy to look back at what I found interesting or enjoyable.




This is my favorite website right now. You have to register to enter the sight but it doesn’t take much time or effort and I think it is worth it. This website helps artists to spread the word about limited edition prints and original artwork. There are a good amount of artists on here from a lot of places and I have bought some really cool stuff from here at a reasonable price. I think it is pretty cool because it is pretty regularly updated and a lot of times artwork gets sold before I even know its on there. This leads me to believe there are a lot of people who are regularly checking the site. It is really easy to navigate through the site and find what you are searching for. This is the most successful website I have seen of this type, there are a couple others with a similar setup but they aren’t as simplified. Websites like this are a good way for artist to get their name and work out to people all around the world. It is a good jump off point for anyone who wants to sell artwork.









Assignment 7 Brett Shinsky

Stay Vegas Page


Favorite Web Page


The Nike website is one of my favorite looking websites. This is one of the easiest sites to navigate. I has a clean look but a high end style to it. The layout is very strong with a great sense of grid work and there is a strong use of white space which I feel is important for a website. The cont is very strong and the navigation style is unique to me. The use of drop downs that feature imagery is something that you dont see often. If I was going to base a website of a strong layout then I would use the Nike website for my foundation. Take a chance to check it out.

Brightful, Tyray_assignment7


My favorite website is This site is know as “The worldwide leader in sports” and is that and  a lot more. This is my favorite site not only because of the content it delivers, but also because of it is easy to navigate. There are a series of tabs along the top banner that displays various sports; this tab is consistent throughout the whole website no matter which page you find yourself. The ESPN logo never changes its position as well which makes for easy navigation if you get lost. There are also tons of interactive games, widgets, as well as polls to fill out on each page available which makes the site that much more enjoyable. Small detail that I find cool are the the different backgrounds for each sport; each sport is given its main color so that you know which genre you are in, there are also layout lines of each sports playing court and field. For example, the images used in the NFL section of the site are X’s and O’s (which is commonly used in football to depict the offensive and defensive players). Click on this ESPN link and see for yourself.





Kathy Wyche – Assignment 7 WEB II

I would say my favorite website is Tumblr. It’s a super simple website, easy to use, and you can access a variety of blogs- ranging from art, politics, fashions, etc. I love having a tumblr account because I can like and reblog posts and essentially build up a database of inspiration for my art.

Here’s my Facebook page for Stay hotel:


Jasmine Johnson – Assignment 7

  1. My Facebook page design for a hotel called “Stay”.



2. I can’t say that I really have a favorite website, but one of the sites that I use the most is CBS.  Their layout keeps me interested by making it easy to navigate with their drop-down menus in their navigation and their show lineups organized by the day found further down the page.  The typefaces that they use make it easy to read and don’t overpower any of the images or information that is provided.  Their flexibility and constantly changing themes keep the viewer from getting bored and keep them coming back to the site.


Assignment 7 – Kelly Weiland

Here is my Assignment 7 :


Facebook App / Page

Cody Swann Assignment 7

Stay Suites Facebook wireframe

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I would have to say that dribbble is my favorite website.  Dribbble is a place for to

designers to post and share their current projects with other designers.  Once posting something

other designers can like, comment, or critique the piece giving the designer feed back to

improve their work.  Dribbble is also a good place to find inspiration and resources.  Designers

and developers post liks to resources that they have used or created to help fellow designers.

I also enjoy the overall design of dribbble.  It is sleek, simple, and overall easy to navigate and use.

A designer feels at home as soon as they hit the home page.



Brandon Peters – Assignment 7

Facebook Page



Blog Post – Abduzeedo


Abduzeedo is a design oriented website and blog. They offer tons of useful information and how-tos for designers and fans of design. They also post a Daily Inspiration blog post each day that is loaded with great design and artworks to help inspire other artists and designers.


I follow their RSS feed and check it daily to see what is new in the world of design. As for their site itself, it is a very clean design and incorporates today’s best web practices and techniques. The main header of their site changes to highlight the newest blog post. The header usually is a finely crafted image that coincides with the sites overall clean design. When scrolling the site, the header image is covered by the rest of the site content while remaining static at the top of the page (parallax). The main site nav is static to the top of the page (above header image), keeping it easy to use the site no matter what page you’re on.


The site uses a thin typeface to help maintain its clean look and UI, posts are organized in blocks in two columns. When viewing a post other recommended articles are shown on the right side of the page, when you mouse over the article’s image (which is square – fitting the same layout and theme of the main articles list), the image will scroll up slightly to reveal the rest of itself. The site is designed with a top to bottom navigation, nothing is made to be side to side, which keeps the website tidy and easy to use. When factoring the overall design of the site, which I really enjoy, and its content, it is easily one of my favorite websites.


Jarenae Plessy – Assignment 7

My favorite website is I love how free you can be on this website. It’s basically a blog where you can upload all of your favorite pictures and gifs to your page. You can also explore others pictures and gifs and they even have certain categories like fashion, tattoos, interior design, etc. I love how you can express yourself and your personality through images. It’s a great blog site that everyone should join.

This is my tumblr page.

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This is my Facebook page of Stay Hotel & Resort

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Anthony Barsotti – Assignment 7


My favorite site is Pitchfork because it allows me to access reviews of artists that I like as well as listen to new tracks once they are released and stream full albums before they are released. What makes Pitchfork unique for me over sites like Spin or Gorilla Vs. Bear that serve similar content is that Pitchfork employs very creative and interactive design throughout their site. Their new feature “Advance” allows users to stream entire albums before they are officially released while you are able to scroll through multiple different images that help to compliment the listening experience. Their “Cover Story” features are especially interesting to read because they utilize a parallax scrolling effect that allows text and images to change, appear, disappear, and more to give an animated effect. Overall, I find myself visiting Pitchfork numerous times each day, not only to stay informed on the latest music news and reviews, but also to see what new interactive pieces they’ve employed.

Here is my Facebook layout for Stay:


Assignment 7- Courtney Stasko

My favorite website is I shop Amazon all of the time because I find so many good deals through their site. But I also think that I am so loyal to Amazon is because their site is clean and easy to navigate. The options go on and on but in a common sense way so I can refine my search to the nitty gritty. I also love that it offers me product suggestions based on my previous purchasing and browsing history. It tailors my visit to my preferences and it keeps updating itself with each visit that I make.

Screen Shot 2013-04-07 at 9.55.36 AM   Screen Shot 2013-04-07 at 10.00.30 AM



Here is my facebook page, which I did for my parent’s shop. I did two variations and I am still trying to tweak it.

Screen Shot 2013-04-08 at 3.11.18 PMScreen Shot 2013-04-08 at 4.11.57 PM

Nicole LaDue_Assignment 7

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