Homework Assignment #6

Assignment 6

web address for video: http://www.ted.com/talks/how_simple_ideas_lead_to_scientific_discoveries.html

Sarah Brown: Homework #6

TEDTalk Review

Kevin Beach: Assignment 6


Justin D Assignment 6

Assignment 5 + 6

This is assignment #5 and 6  [still unfinished]






Assignment 6


Assignment 6



Link to my assignment6:


Assignment 6

Here is my updated lion animation. I added a play button that “roars” when you mouse over it. I also made a movie clip for the lion’s tail.

Lion Animation: Round 2


Assignment 6 Blog Post

I found this reading very interesting. The author presents a good point in his discovery of values that can be attached to moniker of ‘free’ This reading is especially pertinent in an age where so much is available to us in return for so little. Case in point, the biggest thing holding me back from unlimited and constant music downloads is the space available on my hard drive. So why, or how, would or should I pay for music? The answers are embedded in Kelly’s essay. Although I had never attached a name to it, I’ve found that much of his nomenclature holds true in my daily life. Buying records, going to concerts, paying for live recordings– all of these phenomena can be chalked up to terms as defined by Kevin Kelly.

Assignment 6

Here is the Lion with a play button and twitching tail:

Assignment 6


Here is a menu I made for my work listing our manufacturers and descriptions for when you click each name.  I only did animation for Tricon and plan to animate all the logos somehow.

Assignment 6 Extra


Revised Lion

Lion Update/Blog Response

Lion Update

An interesting thought about how the correlation between the internet and quality.  Paying for things seems to raise the quality of the product in our minds, on the internet or otherwise.  Even on the internet, paying for things rather than downloading them usually gives a sense of quality.  This raises an interesting question, since things from the internet are generally more readily available for free than not on the internet, the rise of the internet may be affecting the quality of products in our minds.  I think eventually this notion will be eradicated.





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Assignment Six and Blogpost

Edited Lion Animation
Updated Lion animation

I think this reading was very interesting, and I completely agree with it. I am someone who pays for everything, just to have the piece of mind that what I buy is going to work how it needs to. I feel that paying for something increases it value to the consumer, you care more for the things you have earned then for things that were just given to you. It also is good to know that if you can’t figure something out, if it is a widely used program, someone else will be able to help you out, getting into the authors points about interpretation.

Assignment 6

For assignment 6, I added a movie controller using actionscript that allows you to pick the movie you want to watch. This was done by loading in both .swf files into a new flash movie. I also added a third button that stops and removes the movie from the frame. Here’s the link:


Can’t get the sound to stop though, seems the .swf files play all the way through instead of stopping. My only solution would be to compile all the sound into one layer in each .swf file.

Homework 6

Here is an updated version of my lion animation. Much better than the previous. I got my sound in there and I included a play button. I still feel it could be a little more fluid – I think this is my biggest problem with flash.

Lion Animation


Reading response:

Interesting read – it gave me a lot to think about in terms of being genuine across the internet. The most intriguing point for me was the topic of authenticity. It made me think – what if someone copies my work? I think I’d be both pissed and flattered at the same time. In some ways I find copied pieces a form of flattery – that is, if they are not a direct copy, maybe just similarities here and there. I would be glad that my work could or would inspire another. But I also feel that, hey, I busted my ass on that – I want the credit I deserve.