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Homework 1: Web Page 1

Homework 2: Infographic

Homework 3: Hotel Website 1

Hotel Website 2 

Homework 4: Hotel Internal 1

Hotel Internal 2

Homework5: Parrallax

Homework 6: Slider

Homework 7: Provost 1 and Provost Final

Homework 8:GameSalad Game (Inside my FileZilla in the gamesalad folder, no idea how to get it out)

Homework 9: Ecommerce Home and Ecommerce Internal

Homework 10: Scrollrama

Homework 11: Isotope- still working on it

Homework 12: Transitional- no chance of starting

I’d obviously like to have my last two projects dropped because they just don’t exist. You haven’t seen my Game Salad game- it’s similar to whack-a-mole with a 30 second timer and sharks instead of moles because everyone hates sharks. You have also not seen my Scrollarama, of which I am very proud so please look. I think it’s a great promotional-type site for my work. Everything is clickable also which is pretty cool. I’d like an A in this class because I think you can definitely see improvement in my work. I’m doing to do a little defending now:

My Parallax was intentionally dark and moody and I decided not to change it. I searched out those photos and shopped them to all look like that, so I’m sticking by that choice because I still like it. It’s Night Before Christmas-y

My Ecommerce site could definitely use more words, but I still think it’s pretty eegant while being functional and simple

My slider is one of my favorites because I started to shoot for these projects instead of searching for images. It was motivational

My Scrollarama is my favorite. It’s simple and matches my site and is pretty

Anywho, this class was really great and I will definitely be taking more web design classes, most likely after I graduate. I’m even considering a graduate degree… what have you done?!

Have a great Christmas!


Here’s my redo of homework 6: the sequence tutorial. I changed the background image so it wasn’t “sci-fi” like. And I changed the fireplace slide to something that would fit into the background better.


Here’s my redo of homework 5: the spritely animation. I restarted from scratch since my first one was pretty awful. Originally, I had a “sporadic balloon” bouncing across the screen. This time, I’ve made the animation into a night sky theme. I used a star spinning across the frame (hopefully smoother than my balloon). I also have a rocket ship coming up into the frame. Since my objects were cartoon-ish, I added a filter onto the sky background to make it look less realistic to fit the theme.


I’ll be resubmitting other projects as well, as I finish them.

Homework 6

Here is my flash

here is the other thing

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homework 6

homework part 1

homework part 2 -1, part 2-2

homework part 3-desktop

For the part 2, I totally misunderstanding when I started, but I always glad I can learn something.  It’s my first time to know the fixed backround could done first then we can making stuff on it. For the second one, I still confuse about it, I don’t get your idea, so I just did some straight change on it, like changed some content, some words, that’s it.

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homework 6



provost desk


Here is my slider

Peter Oliveto’s HW 6

Part 1

Part 2

Homework 6





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part 1

Part 3


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homework 6



Winter Provost Desktop

Homework 6

Here is my Slider

Here’s my desk




Homework 6

Here is my Sequence

Here is my Desktop

Because we didn’t do option 2, I wanted to write about future plans for my desktop. I plan to animate the writing on the note to make it look written. I think the tricky part of that animation is making it look like natural writing and not just text randomly appearing. I would also like to add some kind of writing sound effect as well. I also plan on animating either the Christmas tree or the candy cane in some way, although I have not come up with anything yet. I may also end up animating the icon on the iPhone in the background, using an animation that follows how windows appear/disappear on the iPhone.

Assignment 6




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My sequence.

My desk e-card.


Homework 6

Here is my sequence.js


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homework 6

here is my sequence.js

here is my desktopDesktop


Because we did not do option 2 for the homework, I will write about my soon to be desktop animation.  I chose one of the stock desktop images and layered in the stock towson images.  I would like to animate a ripple in the coffee as well as either the envelope opening or the note being written.

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Homework 6

Here is my sequence.js (Part 1).

Here is my desk (Part 3).

Since we did not have to do Part 2, I choose to write about what I did for Part 1. I decided to focus only on snow for this homework because snow is awesome. It somehow turned into a theme of “winter advice” because I felt like trying to make it sort of funny (my attempt at humor is a sad one), hence Randy from A Christmas Story and the kid with a snowball in his face. The snowman is there just for the sake of having a snowman, because snowmen always make a snow day better (even when you’re freezing cold and get pummeled by snowballs). For the background image, I chose a basic snow landscape because I wanted the background to not look out of place with children and a snowmen in the foreground, and I think the image I chose makes it look like these images are in the foreground of the field. It’s not the most realistic attempt, but I like it.

Homework 6

I like this one because it is easier to do.

I don’t like this one because the author does not show you how to do anything.

My Gradient:


My Desktop:


Home work 6

This is my part 1

This is part 2(1) and part 2 (2)

This is part 3

Part 2 comments: For the part 2, I did the first two links, for the first one, a fixed background is what I would like to learn for a web. It is really cool when you scroll the web down and the background is fixed. I also think there are lots of website using this function now. And for the second one, I learned how to typography the text in a web site, I try to follow the instruction, and got a idea about how to highlight the word in the paragraph. Also I used the skill I learned from first part, so I fixed the background for the second part, and it is looks better than the original one I think. I just like the fixed background for some reason hard to explain.

Assignment 6

Here is part 1: my remake from the sequence website.


Here is part 3: my animation for the provost.


Part 2 wasn’t required to do but that’s what our blog for the week was supposed to be about. Instead, I’ll explain what I did for my animation. For the animation, I just found a nice looking desk and then found the materials that would need to be on the desk as well. I included a pen holder, a coffee cup, a rubber stamp, and some photos of Towson during the winter time. To animate the text, I used clipping masks and motion tweening to animate the letter word-by-word. I also animated the stamp moving to stamp Towson University’s logo onto the top of the letter. I’d like to add more animation to the project and make it cleaner/clearer but I’ll save that for next week.

Melissa Sly_project#6_DesktopProvostLetterGIF

Here is my provost letter desktop gifSly_Project6_ProvostDesktop


Here is my modified theme

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