assignment 5

Assignment 5 + 6

This is assignment #5 and 6  [still unfinished]





Assignment 5

Assignment 5

Sleeping Lion. work in progress:


Lion Animation

Assignment 5

Here is the beginning of my lion animation:


I plan to add a lot more.

Assignment 5

I drew everything in illustrator and then imported to flash. Its a lion being awakened by meerkats.  Wish I could have spent more time on this, in fact I think I’ll spruce it up a bit after class tonight.


assignment 5

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Assignment 5 – Sleeping Lion

Watch my Animation. click

I went for a Terry Gilliam sorta style this time.

EDIT: I updated it, I The sound is changed, little fixes here and there.

Assignment 5 / website paragraph



Assignment 5


Looking for fun interactive websites, I happened to stumble across the well-known dairy advertising campaign Got Milk?’s website.  It seems to be constructed entirely in flash.  It has a variety of animations that are playful and harmonize nicely with the milk theme.  The design of the graphics are pleasing, it has somewhat of a retro feel with the type but contrasts that with the modern feel of the transitions, among other elements.  The information it presents is interesting, effective and is delivered to the viewer in a very interactive way.  Makes me want to drink milk.

Got Milk?














This is an animated site I think is very well designed. It is very interactive and interesting by using infographic.  The typography and color choice are nice too. The onlything I don’t like is when you stop playing with it, the sound is annoying.

The link of my animation H.W. is below:




Assignment 5

Here is my Assignment 5 Animation

Assignment 5

Here is my link to assignment 5:

Had some trouble getting a preloader to work, but I have a fix that loads the movie first for right now until I figure out a preloader.