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My favorite places to travel will be Japan, I’ve never been to Japan and I think Japan is a great city, it has a lot of cool arts and the culture are amazing. Another one will be Hong Kong, I’m actually from Hong Kong, and I hope I can go there more, I haven’t been back for so long that things kept changing, so I want to travel to all the places in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is a big and fast moving city, I want to catch up, so I want to travel there also. Another place is in the US, I want to go to Hawaii, I want to go to somewhere with clear water and dry sand, a place to relax and just enjoy the view.

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Here is my version of Aloft Hotel’s home page.

Assignment 5-Max Resnick

A few of my favorite places to travel is Mexico, the Bahamas, Florida, and California. When traveling I like to visit places that have a warm climate, exciting activities to do on the water, and the sun to get me as tan as possible . Jet skiing, boating, running on the beach, water volleyball, and just hanging out by the water are a few of the things that I love to do when I am on vacation.



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I got behind, but here is my Lion animation!

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Probably one of the most intense interactive experiences that I ever had was produced for The Arcade Fire by Chris Milk. The Website is called “The Wilderness Downtown” and it’s one of the most palpable examples that I have of saying to myself “I want to build that. Not something else, I want to know how to make that. The rich technology, the beautiful artistry, and the fantastic multi-layered music, combined with user input and personalization just makes my head spin. I’ve tried dissecting it a few times and it just constantly escapes my understanding.

Blog Post 5

I’ve never had much of a chance to travel, sadly. Being part of a lower middle class family, I started working when I was 10, and have spent a lot of my young adulthood having to do things on my own ticket. Most of my traveling has been driving to local places for short trips.

When I was a highschooler, before I had desk jobs and college, I had a particular love for backpacking. West Virginia was close and full of gorgeous unsullied wilderness, and my reminiscence of those times are warm and dusky memories: waking up surrounded by leaf litter and the peculiar cleanliness of virgin soil, breaking the crest of a mountain ridge and feeling the playful breeze that couldn’t find its way down the tree studded mountainside, drinking greedily of a burbling spring that fed a tiny and frigid creek that winded its way through the loam and over pebbles.

Last spring, I had the opportunity to take an expenses trip paid to Ireland. While I was in awe of the old stone structures and landmarks that our tour regularly took us too, the unbridled joy that poured into me like a torrent while I stood at the top of a heather capped peak, surrounded by the sea and rivers and a milk white sky will innervate me for a long time.

My ultimate hope is to be able to take a trip to New Zealand. The pictures that I see are enough to make me wistful.

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Italy was fun to visit, the windy streets were much more interesting than the planned cities of America.

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Blog Post for 3/7: Elizabeth Owens (“Traveling”)

As cheesy as it may sound, my favorite place that I’ve ever traveled to was Orlando, FL! I’m a sucker for theme parks, what can I say? The first time I went to Florida was for three days back in February 2008, when I went to Universal Studios Florida with my high school marching band, to march in a morning parade inside the theme park. The second time I went to Orlando was with my family as we stayed at Disney World for an entire week after I graduated from high school in 2009. I miss Orlando so much!

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Homework #5

So here is my unexpected lion thing. As well as this is my updated homework #4 since last week I only had it partially done.

Favorite Places to Travel

I’ve never been out of the country, though I have a list of places for the future.. So far I think my favorite place was Maine in the summertime. I went in the summer of 2010, right when the weather in Maryland was getting unbearable. I’ll never forget how suffocating the humidity was in Maryland that day and how wonderful the air tasted at the rest stop in New Hampshire. So refreshing. Bar Harbor, Maine was such a relaxing getaway that I considered wanting to move there, until I remembered how awful those winters must be.

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Kevin Beach: Travel

Favorite Places To Travel:

My favorite places to travel are mountainous regions.  During the winter I love to get away and go snowboarding as often as I can.  Places such as Tremblant, Canada, Deep Creek Lake, or Bryce, Virginia.  Traveling to places like this lets me relax and break away from the city/suburb atmosphere.  I’ve loved mountains since I was I little kid, and they are still play a major factor when I plan a vacation.

I also love to travel to Pittsburgh, where my girlfriend goes to school or Virginia Beach, where my brother lives.

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Assignment 5 Blog Post on Travel

My favorite places to travel would all be out of the country. I’m greek and the country of Greece is beautiful. I’ve been there twice now and would love to go back again. It is just an amazing place which has a lot of original artwork and designs to offer. Along with this I have never been to a more laid back and artistic environment other then the country of Australia. The east coast is beautiful and inspires me to produce designs. There are plenty other places I would love to go (Ireland, Venice, Rome) but they wouldn’t be my favorite places to travel because I haven’t been there yet. But hopefully they will be sometime in the near future.

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i was born in china, but never get to travel anywhere. so my favorite and most wanted place to travel is china. i wanted to go see the great wall in beijing, shopping center in hong kong, casino in macau, and the scenery in shanghai.




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Sarah Brown: Blog Post

I’ve never been outside the country only around the east coast. But I must say that my favorite place I’ve gone to so far travel-wise were Disney World (duh!) and Norfolk Virginia.

My uncle used to live in Suffolk, VA which was only 3 exits away from Norfolk Beach. The area is beautiful and there are some many activities to do there. I remember from my teen years that I enjoyed spending the summer there.

I would love to go to South Korea and Japan to build up my language speaking skills. I’m looking forward to going with my roommate to her house in South Korea so we can travel Asia next winter. :)