Jasmine Johnson – Assignment 5

JQuery Page

Here are my two designs for considering Vegas as a destination if one were a Canadian.

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Anthony Barsotti – Assignment 5

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HTML Email:



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Kelly Weiland- Assignment 5

1. jQuery

2. Mailing List Email

3. Parallax Page

Brandon Peters – Assignment 5

jQuery Test

Vegas Conventions HTML Email

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Clark, Katherine – Assignment 5

1. Make a jQuery

2. Create an mailing list email.


3. Create a Parallax site


Assignment 5 – Kristabelle DelaCruz

Quincy Hotel in Washington, D.C.

(In progress)


Assignment 5 – Zack Behr

Here is my website.

Hotel Homepage

Assignment 5 – Kelly Adams


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Assignment #5 – Megan Baker

Here is my redesign for the hotel Rouge in Washington DC


As for traveling… I love going pretty much anywhere, any time. I adore traveling of all sorts (so long as it’s at least vacation at some level) but I ESPECIALLY love traveling abroad. My favorite places I’ve traveled thus far in my life are Latvia (Riga), England (various), Ireland (all over), and France (Paris). It is unbelievably cool to get to see different people and cultures, hear different accents and languages, see famous landmarks that are older than the united states is period (some twice as old!). Some day in the future I’d love to have been to every country in Europe, Japan, Australia, and anywhere in Africa where I can go on a real safari! <3 <3 <3 (This is not to say the US isn’t cool… I love NYC, and Florida, plus I’d love to live in California after I graduate). Traveling is awesome and I can’t believe how incredibly lucky I am to have gotten to see so many neat places already in my life (including so many other parts of the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, and parts of Sweden!)

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Assignment 5 – Ashley Hauck

I am not much of a traveller, although if I had the time and money, I would LOVE to travel all over the place! Of the places I have been, anywhere that represents somewhere completely different than where I am from (Maryland) is my favorite. I love exploring new places and seeing new things. This next weekend I will be traveling to Asheville, NC to visit a friend. Going hiking there in the mountains is a wondrous thing and anytime I can get the chance to do such things, I am down and willing! If I could pick a place now to travel, I would either go to S. America, Asia, or Colorado (if I had to choose in the US). All of these places are completely different than Maryland and I would love to gain some new insight after traveling there.


Ritz Carlton: Washington, DC

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Assignment 5 – Kelly Weiland

Here is my version of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Washington, DC


Kathy Wyche — Assignment 5


I really enjoy traveling to Wilmington, NC and Aruba. The people and vibes there were so nice and relaxed. The beaches there are beautiful and it is a nice place to spend time with my family.I would love to travel to Greece, Egypt, and Arizona one day, and then hopefully those places will become my favorite places to travel.

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Assignment 5—Jonathan Kwak:

I’m embarrassed to say that it’s not complete.
I’ll work on it some more, and post an updated version.
I chose Wisp Resort of Western Maryland.

Again, it’s NOT finished, but I’ll post it to show the direction I’m going in.

Blog Post – Assignment 5 – Kristabelle DelaCruz

Traveling has definitely been number one on my list of to-dos. So far in my lifetime I’ve only been on the East coast for the most part. I’ve been to New York City, Florida, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia, etc. Recently, I made a trip to the mid-west to Indiana. And next month I’ll be going to North Carolina for the first time.

Visiting the West coast is definitely a must in my book. I just want to see what the West coast is all about. Next year, I plan on making trips to Connecticut and hopefully Las Vegas. My best friend has recently moved to Connecticut for her job and I’d love to visit. Las Vegas has always been on my list of places to visit. My mother and brother both have gone and they’ve told me it’s worth it. Plus, I hear it’s a good time!

My brother and I are graduating at the same time and our mother has offered us to choose a destination for our graduation present. I’ve always wanted to go back home to the Philippines, but my mom has me convinced that I could go back anytime and I should pick somewhere absolutely different. Our number choice would be Australia, but we hear it’s quite expensive to go there. That is definitely our goal for this coming summer is to make a trip to Australia. That would be a ideal for the both of us! I’m glad that we will be able to travel together.

After Australia, I would also like to travel to Europe and Asia! Tokyo, Japan is definitely number 2 on my list of place to travel too.

I’m all about trying new things and seeing new places.

Assignment 5 — Shelbea West


As for my favorite places to travel, I really don’t have much travel experience outside of the US.
I’d love to go anywhere out of the country, but from my experience so far, I really enjoy places that have access to water.
That could mean an ocean, or even a lake! I grew up in the northern midwest, so everyone had a lake house that they would go to in the summer instead of a beach house. I would love to travel to a small cabin up north for a weekend, because from what I remember it was very relaxing and cozy. However, my family also takes an annual trip down to the Outer Banks in North Carolina, and nothing could really compete with my love for the ocean. If I were to travel somewhere outside of the country, I think I’d be happiest somewhere close to a coast.

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Kelsey Cunningham – Assignment 5

Site: http://interactivemedia.seancohen.com/fa2012/cunningham_kelsey/assignment5/assignment5.jpg


As for vacations…I am in dire need of a vacation. I haven’t had a proper vacation since I was like 16…I am in my early 20′s now.  :(

Jackie Conley Assignment 5

My hotel redesign is a redesign of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Washington, DC.


I love the cultural aspect that comes with traveling. I especially love to travel to environments I’ve never been before, just for the experience. I appreciate the culture shock that accompanies going to new places, and you don’t have to travel all the way to Scotland (which I would love to do) to experience it. Just going to a new friends’ house can be a shock, to see how they live, how their environment differs from your own. I think it’s important to have your own known and comfortable world shaken up. (If you can’t tell, I am a huge fan of cultural anthropology.)

But seriously, I would like to go to Scotland.

And Canada.

And Alaska.

But mostly Scotland.

Assignment 5 Paul Shiah


Homework Assignment 5 / Kaitlin Mueller

I haven’t traveled too much thus far in life. Beaches are fun though. Traveling in general is fun, doesn’t matter the destination. Seeing new places and experiencing different people is awesome.


My hotel designs: