I have never been too fond of writing so have not done very much on the computer next to emails.  Even though I am not writing very often I try to read a lot to further my knowledge on random subjects, and I do this through large online networks of people where several opinions and where lots of knowledge can be shared.  Just as this article talks about the benefit of these large networks versus other non-internet options.  I completely agree that the mass majority of people’s outlooks have changed mostly impart this is due to the large influx of knowledge and ideas online.




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“How Successful Networks Nurture Good Ideas” Response

This article pointed out a lot of things that I have never thought of about good ideas transpiring from a network of people rather than just one individual.  However, the piece of information that really shocked me was how collectively our planet writes the equivalent of 36 million books through email, social media, blogs, etc.  This is astounding, and wouldn’t be possible without the Internet and networks of people communicating with each other.  Granted, 90% of it is probably not up to par, but it is still many more thoughts and ideas being discussed and recorded than previously.  Thinking back on when I was growing up, my parents homeschooled me for a time but even in public schools I would be encouraged to read a lot of material, but before high school, I was never told to write much at all.  I think that has changed now in the current, younger generations… which is beneficial!  I believe my generation would have advanced quicker and learned more if we were encouraged to write down our thoughts and reasoning behind our actions.  Definitely one benefit of the Internet is that people are more active and speak more about current issues, thoughts, and ideas.  This is ultimately the foundation of progress.

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I personally don’t like to write a lot on the Internet, unless I have something important to say (excluding social media, which is mostly unimportant rants about life). But every time I go to write on a blog, e-mail, or post anything on the Internet, I am always aware that someone will read it. It’s true how much this “audience effect” that the article talks about can change what is written on the Internet. In most cases, people still write and post crap on the Internet without giving an audience a second thought, but I used to write a lot when I was younger. Even though I knew I was the only one who was going to read it, I always tried to write as if I had an audience to appeal to. It’s crazy how knowing that you have an audience can completely change the effort you put into your work and how you present your ideas.


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WILL YOU READ MY POST; you the students of my class, and not just our skilled professor, who might not even read this himself? I’ll have no way of knowing, lest this blog have some sort of comment feature. I do not blog enough to know how it works. I am an e-mails person, personally. My point might be that blogging, from my perspective, seems quite pointless really.

But mine also might be the perspective of an uneducated and silly girl who is not versed in social media as she should be in this day and age.

This article raised an interesting point about the main mission of parents while my generation was growing up: to read read read and read. I was not a strong speller growing up. Still am not, as you can prolly tell. My parents assumed reading everything I could get my hands on would help me to grow as a speller, when in reality, writing would have been far more effective. To feel the words come off my pencil tip instead of glazing over things with my eyes. Ah well. I am 20 now, and I still can hardly spell. Glad Google Chrome alerts me to misspellings. Perhaps I am not alone if it is a major feature to the browser.

The numbers crunched on the amount of words we purge from our brains onto the internets was staggeringly…small. I know people GLUED to the internets. I wonder if they ever get up and pee. Or sleep? With creation and free space to rant about: how our mothers won’t let us go the parties; how our cats are the cutest things EVER; how the world is always against us–I’d think the numbers would be higher, if not evermore filled with pointless reading material.

And my contributions to this number of words generated daily are infintesimally iotic. That is to say, my contributions are so small, that even if I make up words, who will read them? Or remember what I contributed in the next five minutes? I have no influence with my words, seeing as my internet presence is a mere shadow, if that. Lucky Mrs. Okolloh was lucky to have avid followers and the chance that her blog was the stand-alone opportunity for a time to update to public on Kenyan affairs. Luck, in this case, has everything to do with it; fame upon these vast seas of the internets.

I might be glad if you have taken the time to read this.

Or I might be a wishfully thinking pansy. Then I might be so “lucky.”

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This is an interesting article, although it is long enough to make me headache. However there are still some interesting points make me have the same feeling. Especially the one talking about people like post things in social ways, however did they thinking in social ways. And I also think some of people do not care the things they talked online are true or not, even follow the scientific basis or not. Lot of people’s posts online are more likely to gain the clicking rate without the truth or knowledge, this only showing their ignorance. However the bad things people even don’t care about it. This is a funny article.


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The blog reading was very interesting and very true, scary but true. We now care about how the reader reads our post/blogs then actually being correct with our grammar.  Add Media

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