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Sarah Brown: Homework #4

Lion Flash Assignment

Website I like

A website that I love with multimedia and animations is called www.aniboom .com. It is filled with hilarious animations and is updated daily. Along with that they have music videos, short films, and everything else you could ask for. My favorite type of these animations usually consist of goofy cartoon animals that that are displayed humorously. This site has an easy to access layout and categorizes everything nicely. They provide what techniques are used for each animation. For example this could include cutouts, 2-d, 3-d, and Flash. You can post your own work on that site and I’m looking to do so in the near future.

Sarah Brown: Favorite Website

My favorite website changes based on which ones I keep up with or go to often for updates, etc… When it comes to graphics, I’m interested in the official website for a show I keep up with from Japan.

I personally have a love for typography and interesting layouts with type. I like how the layout stays the same and then suddenly changes near the bottom to an opposing color with the change of each page.

I love the organization of it and how the menu stands about from the background rather than there being an animated quality to it. And I like the separate windows for the videos.



P.S. for something that’s cool graphically, this is neat:

assignment 4 rework

Assignment #4

Square vs. Triangle



Response to 1,000 true fans:

Artists that have 1,000 (or whatever the magical number is for their trade) true fans are more likely to be supported in their journey by these true fans than mere temporary fans of the artist.  The true fans will follow the artist and be excited about their new work.  Something like this is inexperienced by myself but is indeed what I hope to attain one day.  I fear I may one of the later types of artists that do not interact with their fans and create for my own pleasure.

Assignment 4

Assignment 4 Touched up

I went back and added sound to my red lion animation. Here’s the link:

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Assignment 4

Homework 4

Flash Animation



Reading Response: 1,000 True Fans

Honestly, I couldn’t imagine having 1,000 true fans. But with the internet and it’s possibilities obtaining these fans is possible. My portfolio sit should link to my blog – all of which would like to all the social networking sites – making as easy as possible to connect directly to me. My fans would be able to give me direct feedback.  Work would be available for purchase from my portfolio site (and on other sites as well).


Assignment 4 – Red Lion

to watch my animation click here.

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Assigment 4

Here is the link to my movie

shaun dull

Assignment 4

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Assignment 4

Assignment 4

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here is the link to my assignment 4


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Assignment 4

Red Lion

assigment 4 / 1000 fans/ hypertext

My Triangle and Square Animation
Updated Triangle and Square Animation
Added a play button, made the animation longer as well.

I found the reading about 1000 true fans to be quite interesting. It makes a lot of sense honestly, if you can have such a devoted fan that they will buy everything you create, you probably wouldn’t need 1000 of them, if you just set the price high enough. I also agree with what Kelly was saying about how the number would fluctuate depending on profession. I feel it also fluctuates depending on how much money you need to support yourself and your work. I went further and read more from the article on The Technicum, and found it interesting that you could use your fans to raise money for different projects. That way to help with the out of pocket expenses of the artist.

If I had 1000 fans, I would want to keep in touch as much as possible, keep them up to date. 1000 fans does not seem like much to track, and I would probably use social networking for the most part, e-mail lists for newsletters. Just to constantly keep my fans up to date. I also would use some of the websites they mentioned like Fundable to raise money for certain projects, so I could keep up with the demands of my fans.

Hypertext is text that can create a link to another web page.
All of the examples are examples of hypertext

Assignment 4

Here is the link to my take on assignment 4:

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