Assignment 4 – Zack Behr

Seasons of Fall

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Assignment 4- Joan Lam

One of my favorite website is pixar, I think pixar is an amazing website because I like to keep up with pixar and see what new movies they have coming out. Another reason I like pixar is because their animations are smooth and the graphic are really great, I noticed that as time goes by the animation are getting better and better. And pixar was the first one that came out with this type of animation, like toy story.

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Assignment 4- Kelly Weiland

For my interactive website I chose a Zune webpage. They are one of the top competitors to IPods and apple products. But if I had to base my decision on which product to buy based on their websites.. I would most definitely choose the Zune. The Zune website takes you on a journey with every click of the mouse. I could literally stay on this website for DAYS. There is so much to look at and so much visual interest. This has got to be one of the coolest interactive websites I have ever been on.

Here is the link:

Here is my story about autumn:

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Assignment 4 Paul Shiah

An interactive website that I like is StumbleUpon. You choose different categories of what you’re interested in and then you click ‘Stumble”. The website instantly gives you different pages and interactive videos and websites that are catered to your specific interests. It gives the viewer an opportunity to discover different videos and websites that they might not have seen before.


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Assignment 4-Max Resnick

Favorite website:
One of my favorite multimedia websites is “”. I really enjoy this website because it enables me to blog and view other artists inspirations, artwork, and mentor artists. It gives members of Tumblr the ability to publish, post, and comment on other artists blog pages; as well as repost blog that interest you. People are about to blog under many categories including; quotes, links, audio, text, photos, and videos. Tumbler has definitely opened my eyes to the world of blogging and different types of media that is out there. Having the ability to click on a link that will open an entire world of art and unique archives of diverse multimedia artwork is way cool. I would really recommend everyone taking a look at this website…the website link is:


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Assignment 4 & 5

I got behind, but here is my Lion animation!

Blog Post 4

Probably one of the most intense interactive experiences that I ever had was produced for The Arcade Fire by Chris Milk. The Website is called “The Wilderness Downtown” and it’s one of the most palpable examples that I have of saying to myself “I want to build that. Not something else, I want to know how to make that. The rich technology, the beautiful artistry, and the fantastic multi-layered music, combined with user input and personalization just makes my head spin. I’ve tried dissecting it a few times and it just constantly escapes my understanding.

Blog Post 5

I’ve never had much of a chance to travel, sadly. Being part of a lower middle class family, I started working when I was 10, and have spent a lot of my young adulthood having to do things on my own ticket. Most of my traveling has been driving to local places for short trips.

When I was a highschooler, before I had desk jobs and college, I had a particular love for backpacking. West Virginia was close and full of gorgeous unsullied wilderness, and my reminiscence of those times are warm and dusky memories: waking up surrounded by leaf litter and the peculiar cleanliness of virgin soil, breaking the crest of a mountain ridge and feeling the playful breeze that couldn’t find its way down the tree studded mountainside, drinking greedily of a burbling spring that fed a tiny and frigid creek that winded its way through the loam and over pebbles.

Last spring, I had the opportunity to take an expenses trip paid to Ireland. While I was in awe of the old stone structures and landmarks that our tour regularly took us too, the unbridled joy that poured into me like a torrent while I stood at the top of a heather capped peak, surrounded by the sea and rivers and a milk white sky will innervate me for a long time.

My ultimate hope is to be able to take a trip to New Zealand. The pictures that I see are enough to make me wistful.

Assignment 4 Steffan Petersen


Justin D. Homework Assignment 4

Homework Assignment #4: Elizabeth Owens

It doesn’t have a soundtrack, yet, and it needs a tad more length, but I’ll try to post those additions in a new post by sometime next week!

Interactive Website

One of my all time favorite games is called Machinarium. Not only is it entertaining to play, but it is beautifully illustrated and animated and so of course the website reflects that. I think one of the reasons the website is so appealing is that the home page is exactly like the game’s home screen, and a demo can be played right from there as if you were already starting the game. Links to things such as FAQ, About, Store, and Wallpapers bring up a transparent screen where the content is displayed without ever leaving the actual home page where all the animation is going on. My absolute favorite thing about this website is how interactive the title is when the cursor rolls over. The speed with which you roll over actually determines the way the letters react, kind of like paper reacts to cars speeding by. (Just to make things even better, the Machinarium soundtrack is also beautiful)

Homework #4


Homework #4

Since I was not here last week, my 4th project is lacking. I will update it though later this week.

Blog Entry for 2/29: Elizabeth Owens

Since I’ve already covered my Youtube obsession in this class, I’ll discuss my favorite multimedia-based website of the week, instead! I only discovered last night, but I already am completely enthralled by it! The anti-slavery site’s main feature is the “What’s Your Footprint?” quiz: you have to answer 11 questions about the products you consume (electronics, clothes, personal care, food, exercise, etc.), and then it computes a score that roughly determines how many slaves all over the world were forced to work in terrible conditions to make the products you own. My score was 31! While the site’s concept is eye-opening by itself, its effective animations of hands reaching out for help and on-click reaction graphics really help the visitor to feel more active and involved with the cause.

homework 4

guard lion

website: Mitoza

I’ve always liked this site. Its an interactive little cartoon with a lot of unexpected outcomes which all lead back to the beginning. The artist did a good job combining photographs with animations, they seamlessly merge together.

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Assignment 4


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Breathe in the Air

Home work Assignment 4

Hing Mai-Assignment4



lion      i couldnt finish it because my monitor just shut off all the sudden and wont turn back on, so this is what i have so far. my desktop is the only computer i had CS5 installed.

this is the website i found so interesting. A lot of animation, and its very engaging. the illustrations are nicely done, and amazing interactions. its like youre holding the mp3, and it leads you into your own colorful world while listening to music.




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Kevin Beach: Blog: Media Website

Addicting Games has saved me from boredom ever since i learned how to use the internet.  Packed with as many random games you could think of, there is no way you could get through them all.  The site breaks the different games into categoreis which makes it easy to navigate and find games tailored to your taste.  Next time your just killing time, check it out.

Kevin Beach: Assignment 4


so yeah, i had huge problems with the joints and sound. Flash kept telling me that my sounds were conflicting or something.

so here you have a silent lion who can only move at his shoulder joints, enjoy.

Ian Law; Assignment 4

Sleepy Lion