Assignment 4 – Kelly Weiland

Here is an interior page for my Platinum Hotel redesign


Brandon Peters – Assignment 4

 Revised Edit:





Current Vdara site:



Reflections on article:

I agree with the article fully. Having coding knowledge as a designer will make that person much stronger and faster when working with web design. Knowing the limitations of what code can and cannot do, will assist the designer in making their design conform to proper coding structure and abilities – this will ensure that the initial design will be possible to recreate once coded.


As we keep moving forward with technology, knowing more aspects of coding and design together will help create more harmonious designs. Someone may be able to make something look really cool, but once it’s coded, will it function? The highlight point regarding shorter development time is a crucial part of why designers should know code. The more you can do in a shorter time, the more you can accomplish. It also adds great value for the client, as the time spent designing (and coding) could be shorter. This also helps the designer as he/she will then be able to build up a good reputation with the client, and will be able to move onto other projects (more time for more $) afterwards.


A friend of mine is currently learning two additional programming languages to add to his design skills (beyond HTML5 and CSS3). Once he is able to code rather fluently in more programming languages, his designs will become even more tightly integrated with their web/program counterparts.


At this time I am still working on my coding for my site, so a live link has been omitted from here, but the entire layout has been re-tooled in order to bring a more structured (via measurements – spacing) design. Sharp design needs sharp measurements…



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Clark, Katherine Assignment 4

I’ve always held the opinion, that while yes, it is essential that a web designer understand basic coding and know that developing a website can have it’s limitations.  A good designer, however, may not push to come up with a good, possibly out of the box design if they know they can’t or don’t have the knowledge or expertise to code it themselves. Designers are just that, designers. They should know how things work and maybe how things are built, but they shouldn’t have to also do the development- this is best left to someone who IS a developer. It’s like telling an architect to design a structure, and then having them go out and pour the concrete themselves. They may not know the best technique for building a concrete foundation because that is not their expertise.

Here is both the redesign and initial build.


Jasmine Johnson – Assignment 4

Here is my Las Vegas revision for my hotel site.  Changes were made based on suggestions pertaining to navigation, typeface, and organization.


Assignment 4 – Courtney Stasko



I absolutely agree with the article. Designers, indeed, should learn how to code. It is important to be well-rounded in all aspects of your work and coding is included. It can only make you more successful in your designs if you can understand the complications that come with coding and how they can interfere with the designs you put out. It makes me think of fashion designers that have no idea how clothes look on different body types. It could be a gorgeous article of clothing but look horrible on the recipient because it doesn’t suit her body style. Same thing goes with coding. The design could be flawless. Absolutely stunning. However, if the design doesn’t work with say an iPad screen {for example} then you are out of luck. You have to know the potential roadblocks that you or your client may encounter.

venetian2<– Redesign of The Venetian

Jasmine Johnson (Assignment 4) – Why Designers Should Learn How to Code

Essentially, I do believe that is an impressive trait for a designer to have skills in coding.  The key factors are time management and maintaining the design’s effectiveness.  If a designer learns how to design with a mind of a developer, they can ensure that their initial design is carried over to the web and still does all that it was supposed to do.  By cutting out the “middle man” (the developer they would send their page design to), the designer not only maintains responsibility and control, but also contributes to their resumé and usefulness in the workplace.  This is only successful, however, if they are able to keep their “designer mind” and their “developer mind” separate, yet knows how to combine them in order to satisfy both sides of a page design.

Anthony Barsotti – Assignment 4

In regards to the article, I completely agree with the idea of designers knowing how to code. When someone who doesn’t know how to code attempts to design a website in their program of choice (be it Photoshop, Fireworks, Gimp, etc) I feel that there is a lack of understanding of what they can actually do when it comes to developing the real site. Knowing the boundaries of what can and can’t be done with code is extremely beneficial during the design process because it allows you to design in a plausible way that can actually be created instead of something that looks great in Photoshop but is either impossible or will require a ton of Javascript or CSS3 that won’t be compatible cross-browser. Designing with what can be done with code in mind also makes the design to code process much simpler because if you design with things like padding and margins in mind, your design will not differ much from what the final result will be most likely so long as you know how to actually code what you’ve designed.

wynnrevised Here is a jpeg of my revised layout.

Assignment 4 PSD

Coded Layout

Jarenae Plessy – Assignment 4

I completely agree that designers should not only know how to design a website, but also create it. What good is designing a website if you don’t know how to bring it to life? Be able to do coding for websites will solve a lot of issues web designers encounter. They will be able to create realistic designs quick and easily. They will know what to look for and what kind of constraints there are when creating a website. It will just make life a whole lot easier if designers knew how to code and create their visions. -Jarenae


Revised welcome page…


Assignment 4 – Kristabelle DelaCruz

Royal Slider: My Autumn Favorites

Assignment 4 – Ashley Hauck

A website that I am constantly shuffling through is It is very interactive in many ways. For one, it lets you organize and share links, videos, and images you find throughout the web, with friends. You use what are calledpinboards to setup organized groups of things that interest you. Browsing through Pinterest is my favorite part. I enjoy seeing what other people are interested in and it helps me get inspiration from all across the web.

Autumn Slideshow:

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Amy Balcerak Assignment4 


This is my favorite interacitve media website. The illustrations are beautiful and the user can choose how quickly they can view the artwork. 

Homework Assignment 4 / Kaitlin Mueller


My favorite site is Tumblr. It’s a blogging site that anyone can join. It’s a way to share music, art, videos, or any other media you may like. It’s a simple and well organized site, containing optional tagging for finding media of interest. You can choose to follow people with similar interests to your own. I visit this site several times daily and spend, on average, an hour daily on this site (it’s very addictive.)



Assignment 4 – Kelly Adams

My favorite website is called Pinterest. Pinterest is like a virtual cork board. It takes the art of clipping out ideas you love, and pinning them to the cork board in your room, to a whole new level. You are able to search different categories and “pin” them to your profile. You can categorize your profile as well, sorting those pins. For example, I have a “board” called Wedding, where I put all the ideas I have found for my wedding coming up in November. It’s really an amazing website, because now I don’t have to wonder “where did I see that?!” I can pin it to my board, and it’s there when I want to look at it, and it’s easy to find.


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Assignment 4 — Kathy Wyche

Royal Slider Website

I would say my favorite multimedia website is Tumblr. As an avid user of Tumblr, I love the wide range of media you can find. The blog-like style of the website makes it easy to use and fun to search through other blogs. I use it as an “inspiration blog”, reblogging posts that can range from art to food. It’s much easier than just bookmarking several pages. With Tumblr, I can just log onto the website, go to my blog, and see all of the posts that I reblogged that I found interesting. Tumblr is not just a site for images. You can also post music and video files along with text. There are also several blog categories, which range from politics, fine arts, music, and personal posts.

Here’s the link

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Homework 4 — Shelbea West

Click here for royal slider website!

I love this interactive website because it’s simple and nearly anyone can enjoy it. It’s amusing, and the chances that you’ll end up with the same results as the person next to you are slim to none. The vector images are appealing and original, and in the end—depending on how long you choose to interact—you have a forest comprised of strange plant life and creatures.

Check it out here!

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Assignment 4—Jonathan Kwak:

Some time ago, there was a lot of hype surrounding a website that acted as Arcade Fire’s “music video” for their song, We Used to Wait. I think it encompasses what it means to be an interactive, immersive multimedia website. There’s music that plays while videos are being shown and it even uses google maps to display an area of the viewer’s choosing. I chose my residence and saw a mini figure running up my street while birds flew overhead. It is interactive, at one point the viewer is asked to type a letter or draw. It is a little messy, but at the same every bit is cohesive.

Assignment 4:

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Assignment 4 – Kelsey Cunningham

One of my old favorite multimedia sites is most definitely It’s a part of my childhood in a way. Everything is mostly flash animated; from games to videos created and published by anyone with the skill and talent.

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Blog post – Assignment 4 – Kristabelle DelaCruz

A website that I enjoy that has multimedia would be Pinterest. Pinterest is a virtual pinboard where you can organize and share your interests. Whether it’s fashion, decorating, cooking, photography, art, etc. This site allows you to discover new things, get inspired, and organize all your interests. You can browse different pinboards and find people who have the same interests as you. Pinterest makes it easy for you to “DIY” with recipes, fashions ideas, hair ideas, etc.



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Assignment 4 Jackie Conley

My assignment 4

Assignment 4 – Full Width Slider – Autumn Story

My favorite multi-media website would have to be stumble-upon. It’s great because it’s personalized to your specific interests, and it takes you to various pages all over the web based on your specific interests. In my case, it’s especially handy for art inspiration and for learning new things. It’s also a useful site to know if you’re ever bored.

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Assignment #4 – Megan Baker

Be Prepared for an engaging tale of one very incredible ant, known fondly by the name of Henry. His journey is one of danger, adventure, thrills, and in fact a couple of bravely shed tears….:

My favorite immersive media website website would probably have o be facebook. It’s got videos, pictures, things to click and link to, the ability to “tag” friends and like posts on your “wall”… it’s all very interactive and immersive, not to mention highly addicting, as people can spend hours upon hours on it all the time, and can’t seem to get off. I love facebook because it just offers an extremely wide variety of things for you to do, and share with anybody you might want to share it with (your friends, your family, whoever). The range of things is just so expansive that I find it rather hard to get bored on facebook, and it offers almost endless possibilities of things for you to immerse yourself in next.

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