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A website that I just recently discovered and now love is The Wilderness Downtown. When I first visited the site, I didn’t understand the purpose of it, but decided to go with the directions on the site to see what happens. In order for the immersive media experience to work I had to put in an address, so I chose the house that I lived in as a child. I didn’t understand what the purpose of it was, but as the song started to play, different windows started opening to the music and showing individual elements that were all working together to tell a story. What I really love about this website is that I didn’t have to do a lot of work initially except put in an existing street address; the site itself did all the work to attract my attention. It used a ton of different animations to keep me intrigued.

One of my favorite elements was that the film was able to show the street view of the house I actually lived in when I was younger. It made the site more interesting because it was reacting to a personal element that the user added. Another favorite element that I enjoyed was the bit where I could write something in one of the browsers, and then simulated birds flew onto the writing. It was a clever way to create interaction between the user and the video. Throughout my experience with this site, I was constantly waiting to see what would happen next.

The only thing I wish worked better was the loading of the different windows, which were sometimes delayed because there was so much going on. However, the way that all the video clips and interactive elements worked together and were meticulously thought out was very impressive. It was a unique way to display a film through the advancements of the Internet, and everyone should try using this site at least once because it is the coolest thing ever.

Melissa Sly_homework#4_IdeasOfWinter

Sly_Project4_IdeasOfWinterSMALLERVERSIONHere is a visual layout of my feelings about Winter. There are strong images I identify with personally, and then there are words/typefaces/colors of typefaces I feel belong to Winter.

Home work 4 hotel web redo.and hotel room

This is my hotel redo link

This is my hotel room link

This is winter move board link

Home work 4 web I like

My most favorite web site in USA is the IGN, since I love video games a lot, so this is the most browsed web site in every day life. On the other hand, I love this web site not only it is only talked about the games, it also has lot of information about modern technology such as smart phones, tablets, pc, and so on. And also the webpage design attract me a lot. The clear navigation and lot of exciting images, videos, and posts are also the reason which I loved it.

Multimedia Website I Love

A website that I have come across that really just blew me away was Disney’s new Fantasyland site for the new park.  The main thing I loved was how visual it was with the imagery and movement of the imagery.  It also includes background sounds of a forest and birds to really create a whole new world for the audience.  The main page is a large animated picture of the park and banners with the characters that the park highlights in its five different attractions.  When you scroll down you find several other page links to general information about the park and how to reserve trips.  I believe this website was so successful because of the movement that the banners and special effects create not only when you mouse over them, but when you’re at a standstill as well.  Even though it has a lot of different elements to it, the viewer can still easily navigate through the different pages with very clear transition buttons.  The multimedia aspect of sound, animation, and imagery doesn’t end as too busy but working together perfectly to create a whole new magical world.  The magical Disney park for families and children definitely deserved this magical website to correspond with it.

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Here is my interior page design.WebLayout_InteriorPage copy

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WebLayout_Idea1 copyHere are my hotel homepage re-do.

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THIS SITE IS EXTRAORDINARY FUN to kill time and receive a great prize at the end. When you first go into the site for the first time, the imp Midna offers to direct you, which I highly recommend, if yo aren’t familiar with the Zelda game”Twilight Princess.” This site was designed to be a promotional site for the game when it came out. It is highly interactive. he overall mission is to collect the Tears of Light while navigating the site’s pages and watch videos and the like. You learn a lot about the game, and you must keep an eye out for the shiny light blue orbs–the Tears of Light–which you click on to collect them in your Tears of Light counter on the left-hand side.

I ADORE how fluidly the animations are in this site, how the things you click on will swipe around, and the roll-overs on the concept art pages for meeting the game characters. The use of sound effects is gentle and adds to the interactivity of the site. Also, the fact design of the site as a while is curiously amazing. Yes, I am learning about the game, but I am forced to learn about keep things where I hope to find another tear of light. the prospect of a secret prize in the end keeps me staying in the site to find all the Tears of Light to get the prize in the end, which is really good design and engaging interaction with the audience. Hope anyone who reads this post will check out the site and have as much fun as I always do collecting the tears of light and enjoying the design of the pages!

Blog 1

This website is Cartoon Network. I really love the animation in the background and the breaks between the slides are a “curtain” of blocking moving into place and exploding out to the viewer’s perspective. I also Like the width of the slideshow but the entire wireframe of the site is not as wide and I believe that it complements the whole entire website. When you put your cursor on top of the pictures above the title pops up but only pops you when you want it to, meaning it only pops up when you hold it there in the right moment were its long enough to not pop up even if you wave over the picture by accident and its doesn’t annoyingly pop up but but not too long of a wait that you feel that your computer has frozen. The lighting in the slideshow is settle but defendant.

Assignment 4 – Blog Post – Kelly Weiland

After reading why designers should code, I gained a better understanding on the importance of being able to build what you design. If the designer is also the coder of the website they have created, it will be easy for them to make adjustments and necessary changes to the design quickly and efficiently, knowing exactly how they wrote up the code. Not only does is aid in efficiency, but it also adds a lot of value to the designer themself. Being able to design and code it almost like having two jobs, making you more valuable in the sense that a company only needs to hire one person for two jobs. It also benefits the designer because it will increase the amount of money they are able to make off of a job.

Brightful, Tyray_assignment4

I completely agree with John Urban’s piece, Why Designers Should Learn How to Code. He makes strong points supporting the fact that nowadays, it is better to be more versatile than to be just a coder or just a designer. I thought it was clever to link this topic to orchestral music because if you if you design something yourself, you have your own vision and you know how it (the final product) should be. You cannot g0 wrong that way. My father always tells me, “If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself!”


Screen Shot 2013-03-11 at 5.54.00 PM




I agree with the article and think that coding is an important skill to know as a designer. Although I am not very good with it right now I am hoping to learn more.

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Brett Shinsky Assignment 4

I completely agree with the argument this article makes. I’m at the point where I am just learning basic code again because it has been so long. This allows the artist to know whats possible when deigning the layoit of a site if they know basic code. It also makes your stock go up as a designer in the job market. As designers we need to know all aspects of the field to be a more well rounded designer.

Here is the redesigned home page and one other page I did.


aria site layout


aria site layout experience

Zack Behr – Assignment 4

Final Design

Assignment 4 Battsengel Lopez

venetian redo

Cody Swann Assignment 4

I agree with the article because so much of design is now on the web and mobile devices.  I am not one to say that print is dead but I feel that it is safe to say that most design is now in both mediums.  Below is my second redesign of La Quinta Inn & Suites home page.  Not much has changed.  Just some slight rearranging of the body, changing the navbar from a hovering subnav to a drop down style and completely changing the footer to have icons and small descriptions of what I felt were the main goals of the original footer.  I began coding the basic structure of the site.  The url is below.



Start of coding


Kathy Wyche-Assignment 4 WEB II

The Carriage House Las Vegas



Michelle Tomaski Assignment 4

I completely agree with the article Why Designers Should Learn How to Code. With out knowing at least the basics of code designers will have too high of expectations for what their designs can become for the web. Knowing code will allow the designer to know what is possible and how it will look in the end with out having to change the design half way through the process. Also knowing code can speed up the process of creating a site because only one party is working with the design and code. Designers also become much more desirable if they are able to create their own designs with code.

This is my redesign of the web site I was given. I made all the fonts the same and tried to bring more focus to the logo and the name of the hotel because in critique my classmates found the hierarchy confusing.