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Homework 1: Web Page 1

Homework 2: Infographic

Homework 3: Hotel Website 1

Hotel Website 2 

Homework 4: Hotel Internal 1

Hotel Internal 2

Homework5: Parrallax

Homework 6: Slider

Homework 7: Provost 1 and Provost Final

Homework 8:GameSalad Game (Inside my FileZilla in the gamesalad folder, no idea how to get it out)

Homework 9: Ecommerce Home and Ecommerce Internal

Homework 10: Scrollrama

Homework 11: Isotope- still working on it

Homework 12: Transitional- no chance of starting

I’d obviously like to have my last two projects dropped because they just don’t exist. You haven’t seen my Game Salad game- it’s similar to whack-a-mole with a 30 second timer and sharks instead of moles because everyone hates sharks. You have also not seen my Scrollarama, of which I am very proud so please look. I think it’s a great promotional-type site for my work. Everything is clickable also which is pretty cool. I’d like an A in this class because I think you can definitely see improvement in my work. I’m doing to do a little defending now:

My Parallax was intentionally dark and moody and I decided not to change it. I searched out those photos and shopped them to all look like that, so I’m sticking by that choice because I still like it. It’s Night Before Christmas-y

My Ecommerce site could definitely use more words, but I still think it’s pretty eegant while being functional and simple

My slider is one of my favorites because I started to shoot for these projects instead of searching for images. It was motivational

My Scrollarama is my favorite. It’s simple and matches my site and is pretty

Anywho, this class was really great and I will definitely be taking more web design classes, most likely after I graduate. I’m even considering a graduate degree… what have you done?!

Have a great Christmas!

Homework 4

websitebeds website

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Homework 4

Oh look it’s some homework from last week that is revised

and a link to the second part.

Why do I like this website? It’s one one my favorite games, so already I’m biased. The way the audience is prompted to interact with the website in the beginning is interesting, and the pamphlets for each area of the game adds more depth to the information provided. Videos, backgrounds and textures are interesting, and the color scheme is pleasing to the eye. I’m not prompted to click and buy into every aspect of the game because Irrational Games already has it’s claws in me.]

Here’s a moodboard.

Assignment 4






I couldn’t think of any interactive media websites that I love. So, I did a little research and looked at award winning websites. I found The Royal Flemish Philharmonic for Kids website:

I love this website firstly because I am a musician, so anything about music excites me. It is also beautifully designed. It incorporates an interface that is sleek and exudes an air of sophistication in congruence with the purpose of the organization. Yet, the design is interactive, approachable, and exciting, which will appeal to children.

They chose a creative way to contain the website’s information in a literal way. It is enclose within the case of a violin. And they use a wallpaper background with a boarded floor to create an environment in which the case sits. The colorful background t does not feel static because of the rough edges. This feature also allows the central design to fade out. This engages and transitions the background of the page in space. It also makes it resizable while still maintaining the integrity of the design. Hanging the logo on sign from a string is an interesting way to present their brand— it gives it a feel that is reminiscent of both practice rooms and classrooms. They also pay a good of attention to the type. They use a combination of ornamental, blocky, and handwritten text. The ornamental type evokes connotations of classic music; the blocky colorful type resembles alphabet blocks or a kid’s poster, and the site map (which is set in script) resembles a kid’s handwriting. The design is carefully considered.

Moreover, the interactive links have seamless transitions in the manner they present the enclosed information. The first link on the left is the coolest. It presents an interactive page that unfolds like a manuscript of music. Set on it, there is an orchestral seating chart with a spotlight that highlights the area you select with your mouse. 

Mood Board


Peter Oliveto’s HW 4

my redo

my second page

my mood board


A site that I liked is called the deep sea dive. I liked it because it was fun and informational. It has some cool animations and when you scroll down the site changes and takes you deeper into the ocean. Then as you go down different types of fish and plant life pop out and gives you information about the fish or plant. Also, I really like the art work and how it looks painted.

Homework 4



A website that I have learned to frequent and love is the Gaming company EA. Their entire website consists of a virtual playground which screams for the user to engage it.  As your mouse rolls over the different buttons and features, they chance color and even shape as one goes to select it.  The images are all pristine and bright, calling for your eyes attention.  They’re website consists of an easy-to-use interface which allows users of all ages, obviously, to navigate the site to find what they came for.  With minimal links from their home page, it seems to be quite hard to get lost on their page and seems even harder to not find what you’re looking for. Each link is responsive to your mouse, changing in color and allowing the user to easily know what they are about to click.  Overall, EA’s website is an effective demonstration of an immersive vivid media experience as it is far from your normal webpage.





Internal Page



Winter Moodboard:

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Homework 4 pt2

Homework 4

RoomPage RoomPageMask HomepageEdit HomepageEditMask


Here’s all my homework ^

Here’s my Mood Board (Pinterest)

Here’s my interactive Website of choice

Here’s why:

I think the homepage is really great; simple, informative, and engaging. I love that this site not only advertises the movie, but the disease as well. In addition, the whole site moves fluidly from one page to another… I’m not a huge fan of all this scrolling business. The graphics are just simple and clean and wrapped in a nice black border/background and I love it, the end.

Homework 4

Here is my hotel website redo.

Here is my hotel website “rooms” page.

Here is my winter moodboard.

Homework 4

hotel website design room page mood board


interactive site :


home page: Homework3


room page: Homework3.5

Homework 4

Redone Hotel home page

Hotel room page


The website that I love that has multimedia, animations or some sort of immersive vivid media experience is ART. I love it because anyone can upload anything that they create and show it to the world. Like this image, my friend created this and uploaded it, to show everyone what they have done. Some of my friends upload images of items that they have created for their cosplay costumes. 

Home work 4

My hotel homepage redo

My hotel room-page

My slideshow

When I saw this home work, I’ve thought what kind of  website that are using multimedia a lot?  Then I got the idea: Luxury brands or fashion brands.(just like Coco channel) We can easily find that every time when we Log into these kind of websites always try to catch customs eye balls, to create an image of elegant, so they used many slideshows, flashing, and videos, these medias make the website more fashion,more beautiful,more dynamic.

Homework 4

Here is my revised website

Here is my Rooms page

Here is my mood board

Interactive site link

The interactive website I chose can be found here. This site actually provides information regarding a business known as “2advanced” who are responsible for making professional interactive websites. Their website is actually quite interactive in itself as it has numerous pages with different interactions and animations present. As the site loads, the loading bar is even quite intriguing, and every page is filled with different and exciting animations. The graphics used in combination with the site animation present a visually appealing website that is quite unpredictable. The website’s design is able to keep their content clear and well presented, something some interactive sites struggle with, while incorporating movement within their content area. On one part of the site, the design team provides links to some of their more notable pieces of work. The Ford Mustang website they did for the 2010 Ford Mustang was incredible. The site in itself is quite interactive and allows the users to virtually sit in the car and move around the interior and exterior. The camera angles and movement patterns used during these interactions place emphasis on certain details that are present within the car, which make the user feel as though they are really sitting in the car itself.  Overall, this is a pretty cool interactive site that provides some really well thought out motion and graphic design, as well as keeping a clear and organized structure for their informational content.

Interactive Site I Love

For this assignment I decided to find a new website rather than go from one of the interactive sites that came to mind right away. After searching through the Webby awards and the European version (Lovie awards) thinking I would find the right thing, I eventually found this on delicious:

I’m all about science and art (science comes more naturally to me) so I love this website. This website has a very detailed and interactive map of the sky and space using pictures. Obviously many artists look to outer space, and its beauty is also easily recognized, but I love when the aesthetic beauty comes accidentally or as a byproduct of the science. I think this is an interesting choice because really they are tricking us with this interactive experience. Truly, it is entirely flat and static. It is only the way the pictures have been arranged and the experience has been thought out that it seems like such an immersed experience.

The application is pleasing because of its flexibility. The user has many difference options to begin their viewing experience. Some are more guided than others. Specific stats can be entered in, or the viewer can browse popular spaces. At each level, the magnification can be adjusted, so moving from a guided experience into more personal exploration flows naturally. Everything is labeled and sectioned off. What is important is easily spelled out, and secondary functions are not necessary for the whole experience. The previews are very helpful. It appeals to all ages and wide ranges of knowledge. I also love the fact that you can take screenshots and personalize the view to show certain layers.

The rest of the site is simple and doesn’t retract from the main focus, the interactive section. Also, just the fact that it is so large and takes up most of the page is visually appealing. Still, the cosmo patterns are mirrored in the design. An application like this is very important, especially in this modern age, because it serves a very important function. Mapping this information out visually adds so much value to the pictures. This is information and photos that otherwise would be much more inaccessible to people. Someone doing research could use this site with just as much ease as a college student just looking at pretty pictures online in their free time. By putting this out there in such a beautiful way it encourages people to care about something they might not otherwise.


Here are my new homepage.

Here is my new room page.

Here is my mood board.

Homework 4

hotelrevised website

hotelrooms rooms

winterboard winter board


This is a website that I particularly like. It is immediately immersive and beautifully illustrated in a creative and captivating way. It provides a new website experience for me and definitely holds my attention even after I’ve finished scrolling through. One moment of this site that stands out in particular is when you have to scroll the rowers across the screen. This is especially captivating because scrolling the mouse down moves the rowers across the screen instead of down the screen. This unexpected motion is fun and effective. The website is full of moments like these. It is also incredibly successful of getting across its simple message of congratulations to the British Olympic team for a successful games. The website is immersive, inspiring, and unlike any site I’ve ever been on before.

Homework 4 interactive website

Since there weren’t any interactive websites that popped out in my head, I did some research to find some. One of the most interesting ones I found was called blacknegative. The overall layout to this website caught my attention because it starts off with a simple circle with directions on how to work the page. You begin by browsing through projects and information about the website. Once you open the webpage, you can choose the Menu option at the bottom to look through more projects. I really enjoyed the layout of the animations because they were easy to use, pleasing to the eye, and complex. Once you open certain projects, there are more interactive parts. For example, the “What’s Hot” page was really well thought out.

Homework 4

Here is my re-designed homepage.

Here is my rooms page.

Here is my mood board.