Assignment 3 – Joan Lam

I think if i have 1,000 true fans, I would continue making my work to thank them for the support and do my best to not let them down. They like me for my work so I let them down if my work sucks. I think I will contact them through my events, I will make events for the fans to meet up with me, give me feedback and I’ll sign my works for them. So one day I hope I truly will become famous and have over 1,000 true fan.

A hypertext is a link that will take you to a website with additional information.

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Assignment 3 Kelsey Cunningham


A thousand fans isn’t hard to achieve; a thousand TRUE fans, however, is different. To what Kevin Kelly defines as a true fan, is almost like a close friend or sibling, someone who cares enough about you that they check the latest news about you, pre-order your works and write blogs about you. So the real question is, can you add 1,000 to the family? If so, how will you stay in contact with them? Obviously as a student, I don’t have 1,000 fans; I mean let’s be realistic here.  Let’s talk fictional and say I do have that many “true” fans right now, how would I manage it? Well first off, I am not the type of person that likes criticism or feedback in personal terms, meaning face to face. In my mind of insanity, I believe those who give a critique to just give a critique or are force to give a critique really don’t give two sh*t’s about your work, unless you know them on a personal level. However, impersonal critiques can be quite different. Why? Let’s say I created a forum on my website and in that forum you can say anything you want. Those who actually take the time and effort to make an account and then post their feelings about your work on your forum, nine times out of ten care about your work and want to see some improvement. (Because who would waste their time if they didn’t care?). The other 1 percent are most likely haters, and most haters hate on people because they are envious of you. So how would I manage those true fans?  Obviously through online forums, blogs and maybe emails…which is a big maybe. I wouldn’t want someone managing my fans just on the simple fact I would be happy to have them. 1,000 true fans? I mean come on.

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Isn’t a hypertext just text that links to another website. Like THIS!?

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Assignment 3 – Shelbea West

Or, my FileZilla link:

I chose the “The Museum of Me” website to recreate in photoshop. I replaced the back image with an image of elephants.


Replying to the Reading:
As a student, 1,000 true fans is most likely something I couldn’t reach with where I’m at right now. However, I don’t know what my future holds. I can imagine that it is attainable, and probably much easier to do so in the digital age we’re in right now. It makes sense to me that having 1,000 true fans–as opposed to a million “so-so” fans–could end up being just as profitable in the long run.
Being a “true fan” of a few artists and game producers myself, I know that I am devoted to what is made and I loyally await whatever comes out of the woodwork. They are guaranteed my money, and that’s that.
If I were to reach 1,00 true fans, I think I’m the type of person that would enjoy trying to keep in contact with them. That is, as a whole–not individually. My best bet to contact them would probably be through digital media, such as Twitter, a Facebook ‘fan page’, or a website of my own for hosting my work and whatnot.

What is a hypertext?
A hypertext is a link that takes the user to a page within the original website. For example, a profile page or homepage based on a website such as facebook. This isn’t the same as a hyperlink, which takes the user to a completely different site on the web.
The links provided aren’t hypertexts (they’re hyperlinks) to this site (, but each site contains hyperlinks to individual pages on their site.

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Blog Post #3

I like the fact that artists don’t need to be super popular to be successful. With my favorite music artists, it’s always hard for me to tell how popular they actually are because my perspective is skewed. I’ll pride myself in having bought physical copies of every album they produced and go see them live every time they are in town, but then be shocked to find out that many of my friends have never heard of them. They definitely exist in that middle ground, where they are not popular, but the right amount of people really enjoy what they produce. If I personally had 1,000 true fans, I’d be through the roof. Being able to connect with them would be really important, but hard to do on a personal level. I know I would be super appreciative of their support so I would respond to any of them that reached out to me. I don’t know if that’s realistic, but I would try. I think the most important thing for me to do would be to present opportunities for them to reach out to me. I’d have to make public appearances and make myself available to my fans instead of hiding from them.

Homework #3

Since I was out last week, here is my Angry square and Anxious triangle.

Kevin Beach: Assignment #3 (TaS)

Triangle and Square

Assignment 3: The Deal

The Deal – Assignment 3

Blog Post

Having 1000 true fans is significantly easier now then it was before the digital age. Previously, connecting with any large group of people was very one-sided. While you could get information out pretty easily (Relatively) through printed messages, television, and public talks, it was hard to fully engage the audience because of the difficulty of receiving a variety of opinions back from your audience

Facebook and Twitter are arguably the best ways to have a dialog with your fans. They have essentially replaced the concept of forums because they stripped away a lot of the extraneous elements and simply allowed a direct connection with a large group of people. The hardest thing for me is understanding what the fans would be so interested in about me. I can be somewhat witty, and someone good at design, but I don’t really consider myself on the cutting edge of either.

Branding the very specific combination of those things seems far too optimistic, but I won’t pass judgement before I give it a chance.

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Homework 3


Homework #3


Assignment#3 Steffan Petersen


Assignment 3

Assignment 3

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Gimmie all yo stuff

Gimmie All yo stuff 2 from Jona Wigfall on Vimeo.

Ian Law; Assignment 3

Anxious Triangle, Angry Square

Hing Mai- Assignment #3


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Homework Assignment #3: Elizabeth Owens


Justin D Assignment 3

Sarah Brown: Homework #3

Square VS Triangle

Sarah Brown: True Fans? | hypertext

1. I’m very sure that I couldn’t truly deal with 1,000 true fans on a personal level. I deal with a handful of fans since I’m a cosplayer. I have quite a few fans and as soon as they find out who you are they all want to friend you on facebook and talk to you like you’re best friends, when really you don’t know them at all.

In order to combat this, I have an alias name as well as a facebook fanpage and a separate artist pages to connect with my followers easier and for them to stay updated on what I’m working on or what conventions I will be attending without me displaying my personal information. I enjoy costuming just for the design and photography involved and never expected a little fanbase to develop. :/


However, when it comes to my future field of profession, I’m sure that Graphic Designers aren’t chased around or stalked for their designs? I think setting up an artist website and sending monthly mini magazines about my work to fans who register is the best way to show appreciation for their support and keep them updated. Fans like to feel like they have a personal closeness to their favorite artist. I know I love getting blog updates from my favorite musicians, artists, and cosplayers. I also love artists who actually sometimes respond to fan comments. It feels like they care and are involved personally. Even though sometimes it may just be their manager or something. :)


4. A hypertext is a software system that links topics on the screen to related information and graphics. In easier words, it’s text that is link to another webpage with text.  is a hypertext, the other two would be considered hypermedia since they contain graphics such as photos and gifs.

Updated Infographic

Here is a new infographic. I stuck with my original concept but I started over completely. I feel this one is a lot smoother since I’ve had the opportunity to fine tune my flash skills.


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