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It’s an interesting idea that an artist can support themselves through their art alone, if they have 1,000 true fans. But attaining a ‘true fan’ in the way this author defines a true fan (someone who will buy everything you make EVER) may be more unattainable than getting 10,000 kinda fans. I think the article is a bit pointless because of that constraint. I just don’t think it’s that likely that there are 1,000 people out there, for any artist, who would literally buy EVERYTHING that artist ever comes out with. Maybe that’s just because I don’t do that for any of the artists I love, and consider myself a true fan of. I think the article would be more likely achievable and more believable if he put the terms in a more practical and tangible way. For example, if an artist has 1,000 true fans who spend X amount of money on their merchandise a year…etc, etc. But I like his idea that there are other ways for artists to support themselves beyond “hitting it big.”

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Home work 3

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1000 fans

I never think about I will have fans, because I always to be a fan for someone else. However, if I really have 1000 fans, I may quit my current job, I always think fans are a kind of pressure, and the much fans you have the more pressure you got. What ever they are true fans or not, they can treat you as a god they also can treat you as nothing if you really can not give them more about what they want. So, personally I am not really like fans, and kind of scare of them.

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WebLayout_Idea1 copyHere is my homework #3

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Melissa Sly_1000 fans post

TO HAVE JUST ONE FAN seems like enough to me. The logic that the author brings to light makes sense to me, even though I am not a math person. I have never had any true fans for my art before; the occasional temporary fan at a show who wanted to buy a copy of a piece I did, or the occasional complement from someone who walks into my dorm room and sees my art mounted in my room. It must be a special thing, to have some one set up alerts for your updates to your work, to drive miles to see your stuff and your talents, and all of those fanatic actions. This article makes me wonder if that is something I want.

Fame is mischievously attractive.

To have /dedicated/ fans seems like a nice thing for an artist as myself. A healthy dedication to something you appreciate seems like an all-around good for the admirer and the admired. That, in the form of 1,000 fans, sounds like a good deal to me, and I do hope to achieve that one day, if I am so lucky.

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1000 Fans

If I had a thousand fans I would be honored and then I would ask myself: really? ME?!?! From then on Out I would not disappoint my fans and work harder and harder each work that I put out and draw every waking second to make sure that I will NEVER disappoint my fans. I also want those thousand fans to influence another friend to double the amount, which means double the work I have to do to maintain those second wave of fans.

“1000 True Fans” Reaction

I believe Kevin Kelly has addressed something that not many “artists” have considered or speculated.  As an artist, or artist-in-training, my one goal has been to show my work to the maximum amount of people and hopefully one day become famous and successful.  This is a pipe dream.  How many artists accrue hundreds of thousands of fans.  Not many.  Kelly is suggesting that one doesn’t need that many admirers, but all one needs is about a 1,000 (give or take depending on the situation) TRUE fans that will support you in every way.  I believe the difference between a true fan and just a fan is the key to his formula.

Personally, having 1,000 true fans right now seems pretty great to me, maybe even impossible at this point in my life.  However, I think it is a realistic and achievable goal for any kind of artist, especially students about to leave undergrad or grad school.  Now, the next thought that enters my head is how would I keep these relationships tight with my 1,000 true fans?  That is when it becomes difficult.  I would probably need that middleman that Kelly suggested to manage the fans.  I wouldn’t need this all the time, because personally connecting with fans is so gratifying but 1,000 people is a lot to take on by yourself all the time.  If no one kept the true fans happy and content, then how long would they be true fans for?

After reading this article, this thought is going to remain in my head, especially if I plan to use my art as a means of supporting myself.  It is reachable with the motivation and talent.


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The Hotel I was assigned was the MGM grand. In my opinion they have a great website that is extremely easy to navigate through. There is a lot of information on the website but there is really no confusion as to where to go to find it. I do think that the homepage could try to capture the LAS VEGAS vibe a little bit more, but it definitely has a look and feel of quality which seems reflective of the establishment.



Interior page:

I marked the sliding navigation system they have on their interior page with a star and a line to illustrate how you can slide across the various options. I think this is highly functional and I wouldn’t change anything about it.

Screen Shot 2013-02-19 at 1.03.24 PM

For the recration I couldn’t really find all that much that I felt needed to be altered except I thought that the homepage should definitely stay with the photo of the exterior of the hotel just because I feel like the exterior view is more appealing than two random people inside a hotel room. Also I thought it would be cool if the text matched the color of the building in order to stand out a little bit. The other thing I altered was bringing the event square down to the bottom to create more balance and have all of the box features at the bottom of the page. One other thing I would add is a search bar at the top just because there is so much information on the website.


Assignment 3_Nicole LaDue

Desert Rose desert rose

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Jarenae Plessy – Assignment 3

Red Rock Casino Resort and Spa is a luxury, 5-star resort hotel in the city that never sleeps, Las Vegas, Nevada. It is a fun, exciting environment with plenty of entertainment. It has endless animities, gaming, and relaxing retreats for all guests to enjoy. On my website, I wanted to depict the beauty and class of the resort while still keeping it simple. I wanted my audience to be captivated by the resort as soon as they view the website, so I put a beautiful image of a bar in the hotel as the background. I then put links to the about page, the type of rooms page, suites page, nightlife page, and arrows to get to the other pages on the website. I thought the original website was really cluttered, so I tried not to make the same mistake. I kept the font lowercase like the Red Rock logo which is lowercase as well. I kept the logo in the far left corner like the original website though with the Four Diamond award in the  far right corner. My website is sweet and straight to the point and I hope you enjoy it!


original_redrock jplessy_redrock

Brandon Peters Assignment 3

Vdara – Las Vegas - Assignment

Las Vegas is always on the cutting edge of fun and luxury. I wanted to create an experience that was clean and simple so the guest can enjoy booking their trip and look forward to getting their life changing experience planned as easily as possible. I wanted the site to have clean lines and easy to navigate buttons/UI elements (and have it responsive/small screen friendly). I wanted to use the orange color that they relied on so little (even though its an attractive element) and use it to highlight key information in the site. The hotel seems to be so beautiful, drab brown and weird gradients as found in the current site aren’t beautiful.

Current homepage: (click image to enlarge)

Screen Shot 2013-02-18 at 6.41.51 PM

Why all the brown?

Hotel could possibly use a new logo? Everything is an image (buttons etc), this should be changed.

The orange is a nice contrast with the rest of the site (black) – this should be used to accent certain things a little more.



Why all the gradients when the rest of the site UI is solid?

Dropdowns are ok looking (aside from brown)



Get rid of “video slideshow” on homepage (and no audio!) – should use javascript with photos for better compatibility and loading speeds (and resolution).

Why isn’t anything in the footer centered??


The language selector should be at the top, in the right corner of the site – like it is on most sites.


site redesign in 1024×728 – proposed new site would rely on CSS and a responsive framework to allow optimal mobile viewing.


Alicia Kim-Assignment 3






Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Las Vegas



Inside Pages

Page 3

Page 2




Homepage Redesign




Assignment3- Joan Lam

assignment3- recreation

four seasons page

spa page

services page


Las Vegas….I’ve been there once….hot…super super hot…I was melting, it was 102 degrees……and by the way, Max will be going to Vegas in the summer for his 21st birthday, and he said he will go to the strip club, haha…:)

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Brightful, Tyray_assignment3

Below is the original image of the Palazzo Hotel’s website.

Screenshot of Palazzo


Here is the modified version of this home page.

I decided to remove the four bottom images/ links and add a slideshow where the images were. I also moved and enlarged the “Book Now” buttons to the bottom of the page.


Brett Shinsky Assignment 3

For this project I was assigned the Aria Sky Resorts. This is a very highly ranked resort in Vegas. When I first looked at the website, I noticed that the color scheme was kinda week and the placement of certain elements could be refreshed. The site had strong elements, it just needed a more organized look in my opinion. I also felt that the homepage needed a little more information on it. This is a beautiful place so I wanted the photographs  chosen to show off the rooms and the outside as well. These were that made changes that I made to this website.


mainpage mainpage photo1




aria site layout

Assignment 3 – Jasmine Johnson

The Encore at Wynn Las Vegas website had a very simple layout for their hotel accommodations and venue, but there were a few things that I thought needed to be changed.  I felt as though the link typefaces weren’t completely connected with the feel of the rest of the resort.  Additionally, I wasn’t a fan of everything being centered on a gradient background.  The image of the resort that was used was effective in portraying relaxation, and it’s animation was impressive.  There weren’t a lot of elements that made the page horrible, but I just had a few tweaks that I thought needed to be made.

Original Screen Shot:

Original Screen Shot







My Revised Page:

Encore at Wynn Resort

Assignment 3-Courtney Stasko

Original Homepage

Above I took a screenshot of the Venetian Hotel webpage. I am very disappointed in the site. I feel it is repetitive, boring, lacks color and contains some questionable information.




Upon rearranging the homepage to my liking, I decided that the homepage should have an image of the hotel. I mean, YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE! This is VEGAS! I felt that the other elements could be reduced in size and some eliminated.



I also redesigned the Dining page. The original {as most of the site} is a listing of TYPES OF DINING. It was so boring and nothing stood out to grab your attention. It was also a bit busy.



Again, the Activities page was boring and in a listed format. It lacked color and interest. Since the SPA is a main attraction of the hotel, I decided it needed some emphasis.

Zack Behr – Assignment 3


Original Home

Original Hotel Package Page

Original Photo Page

assignment3 Battsengel Lopez