Assignment #2

This isn’t the actual assignment. I deleted all my adobe programs right before class so I couldn’t finish it [feel free to poke fun]. And also the link is really messed up for some reason. Sorry everyone.

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look at my “awesome” website

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Assignment #2

Check out my Ken Burns effect: click here

Assigment 2

Here is my  not completed assignment 2



updates coming soon

Assignment 2

This is the link to assignment 2:

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Here is the link to my homework assignment:

Homework #2

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Homework Assignment 2


Assignment 2 uploaded

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Assignment 2

This is the link to assignment 2

Homework #2

Hey guys! I finally managed to get my homework up. Here’s the link:

Link for Assigment 2

Here is my link for my assignment 2.


Assignment 2

Updated Assignment 2

Added new pictures, which to me seemed more powerful and were able to convey the story of the war better.

Ken Burns Assignment 2

Here’s my link

Homework 2

­­­­­­­­I think the class on Wednesday is very enjoyable and productive. The two guest teachers gave a lot good imformation to us. They talked about the domain name system and asked us what we want to do after graduate. Then the two teachers critiqued our story with the whole class. And also we learned about Ken Burns effect. Overall it was a great class.

homework link:


Class 9/7

It was nice to have the guest speakers come. It was interesting to learn about wire framing using discovery, design and development. We did the critique on the storyboards and got a lot of feedback from the guest speakers. We then learned about the Ken Burns effect. It was easier than I expected.

Class 9/7

I enjoyed having the guest speakers in class last week. I learned how information is sent across the internet and how to design for UX (user experience) – discovery, design and development. This design process can be applied to almost any design problem.
The Ken Burns effect is a panning and zooming of still photography. We applied this in class with a jquery – something I had never used before. Even though I only have a little knowledge of HTML, it was pretty simple. They guest speakers gave us insightful feedback on our work as well; overall a decent, productive class.

Class on 9/7

I thought class went very well last Wednesday. The guest speakers were great to have. I liked to hear their perspective of working in a field I hope to one day work in. They were very informative about how the internet works, and it was also nice to see the work they do for a living. I found the Ken Burn’s effect to be interesting, I have worked with JavaScript before, which seemed somewhat similar as far as putting in our own images. Overall I feel we had a very productive class, and I enjoyed hearing about the guest speakers experiences.

Homework #1

This is a story my Dad told about a day he spent with his grandmother.

P.S. I apologize for the length, I grossly underestimated how long this would take/be, but I think it turned out pretty well.