Assignment 2 – Zack Behr

Here is my extremely exciting slideshow…

Kelsey Cunningham Lion Slide/1000 Images Homework

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Finally I figured out how to post images. Alright here are my favorites…along with my site.

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Homework 2

These are my favorite images, I like these because I think it looked great and very real. They just look like photograph images but they are actually photoshopped. I think the the artist did a very nice job about putting everything together.

Blog Post #2

My favorite photos on the Worth1000 website were the fat celebrity photos entitled “Feeding Time”. Most of them were pretty hilarious, and looked fun to do. A few of them were really well done, but there were definitely some that were less than believable. I’m pretty sure one of the contestants just stretched the photography horizontally and called it a day. Beside the celebrity photos, I really liked the waterfall ones. Something about the bright mist that comes from the water is really appealing. This category seemed to draw more skilled contenders as well.

Assignment 2 updated

Made visual more readable and clear.

homework 2

weekend media report

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Homework 2


Assignment#2 – Steffan Petersen


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Kevin Beach: Assignment 2 (eggs)

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Homework #2




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Assignment 2 – Lucas Roe

LRoe-Project2 (It’s a PDF! Make sure you don’t view in Preview, but in Acrobat!)

Blog Entry

After browsing around Worth1000 (Endless rabbithole that it is), I finally decided upon this image in the “Out of Place” contest, titled “Stonehenge beach”

Stonehenge Beach by s4shaban.

What strikes me so intensely about this image is the combination of fantasies that it so deftly accomplishes. The beach itself is gorgeous and inviting, a place that most people would identify as a dream destination. Stonehenge is a classical destination for the modern tourist (And certainly a place I would like to see).

This manipulation, while quite skillful, is successful because of the fantasy that it invokes instead of just the trick that it plays

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Homework Assignment #2: Elizabeth Owens

Assignment 2

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Ian Law; Assignment 2

Sodium Intake

Homework 3

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Justin D. Assignment 2

Sarah Brown: Homework #2 + Revision

Weekly Report

Revision Based on Critique: Weekly Report Revision

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Sarah Brown: Worth1000 Blog Post

I’m not a particular fan of photomanipulation done in photoshop, but I have a love of black and white photography and high contrast images.

So images such as:

catch my eye.

I guess you could say that I like clean and simple versus a highly manipulated image with a lot of components…


Assignment 2