Assignment 2_Nicole LaDue

Assignment 2

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Assignment 2 – Kelly Weiland

Assignment 2

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Anthony Barsotti – Assignment 2

Assignment 2

Clark, Katherine Assignment 2

Assignment 2

Assignment 2 – Kristabelle DelaCruz

interactivemedia.seancohen.com/fa2012/delacruz_kristabelle/assignment 2/index.html


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Assignment 2:Max Resnick

The link to my “Lion Adventure”!!


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Assignment 2 – Jonathan Kwak

Here is my lion story:


I thought the cartoons in real life series were silly and funny.
A couple of them made me laugh.
I also enjoyed the minimalist movie poster series,
but I don’t think all of them were successful.
I think the animal as type (octopus) was done well.

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Assignment 2 Lions

An instant classic!

Join the narrator on a fantastical journey across the globe in “Where Are All the Lions?” Teeming with adventure, suspense, and mystery, this slideshow is sure to captivate and inspire audiences of all ages.




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Assignment 2 Worth 1000

I love this one. I think it flawlessly captures the American Dream.


This one came from Vacation Bloopers 13. This one is interesting because it’s believable. You don’t know whether to laugh or cry. I  love how they handled the water with the bear emerging.

This work has such a strong narrative, illustrative quality. It’s quietly dreamy. I find the hot air balloons to be too overdone in fantasy illustrations now, but it gives it a sense of adventure.


Just a picture of a hummingbird (too cool, right?). Go, hummingbird!

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Assigment 2- Weiland

My Lion Story:




Here are some of the images I thought we’re interesting:


I really enjoyed them because I thought they all had a unique spin, but also showed wonderful photo-shopping skills. I think the strawberry sliced photo is really well edited and I love how colorful and vibrant the composition is. I also liked the ones that mixed animation with real life. It took some very well recognized animated characters and mixed them into scenes that create humor.  I also found humor in the photographs that made the people invisible. I thought it was unique idea and it was extremely successful. I thought the ones that mixed predator and prey were also interesting. Being an animal lover, I thought those images were not only really unique and heartwarming, but also very well edited. I loved images utilizing macro photography. Those types of images are always pleasing to my eye because of the wonderful detail in such simple and everyday things.

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So If you wanted to read the greatest story about lions EVER written… You probably shouldn’t click this link, but it’s got pictures of cute cubs, if that’s even a little bit appealing to you…


And here are some of the cooler looking pictures, in my opinion, from the worth1000 website:

That’s some seriously awesome photoshop skills, plus it really says something about the way America both portrays itself and how it really is, some of the darker aspects of it anyway.

It’s chicken batman, what more could you want?

A little eh in the photoshop perfect editing department but it’s got great atmosphere!

Now that’s just freaking awesome… c’mon…. just stare at it… it’s awesome!

pretty cool looking, some parts look more “real” than others but overall it’s pretty cool

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Assignment 2 – Ashley Hauck

1)  My lion story:

2) These were my four favorite pieces after browsing through the images on Worth1000.com:

I thought this image (related to the Olympics) was very clever and articulated in a way that looks realistic. The artist did a great job connecting the sharks to the original image.

This was another Olympics image I thought was clever. The perspectives match up really well with the diver and cliff, making it look like a photograph.


This picture caught my eye because of the hilarious and exaggerated expression on the cat’s face. Also, the perspective and depth of the image really pulls the cat towards the viewer making it that much more dramatic.


I thought this image was very interesting because of the subject matter. I have always thought it would be exciting to be a small person and go out exploring, and this puts me in that place. The perspective (looks as though we are a small animal peering through the bushes at this tiny person) brings it to life by placing the viewer on the ground with the person.


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Assignment 2: swest7

Lion Ken Burns:

I don’t know if this will be working, but I finished the website Thursday night after class. It worked and everything. I re-checked it today, and suddenly it is acting strange. I deleted and re-uploaded the assignment2 folder to Filezilla to try and repair it, but it seemed to still act strange. When I live preview the website in DreamWeaver, it works fine.


Favorite images from worth1000:

I chose these images as a few of my favorites because I really enjoy mythological or made up beasts/monsters.
I think it takes a lot of skill and imagination to do such, and they’re very well executed in these few examples.

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Kathy Wyche- assignment 2


I really like this image because of the whole “post apocalyptic” theme. I also am really impressed with how perfect the reflection looks on the water. Very cool image!

I think this image is so creative. I would never think to mix fruit with an owl.

This is such an interesting combination of animals into one, very creative!

I think all of these images possessed great lighting and color. the photoshopping skills were so clean and precise.

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Homework Assignment 2 / Kaitlin Mueller





Worth 1000 photoshopping contests:


In my browsing, these four images caught my eye. I like the dreaminess of their focusing, the

desaturation and boldness of colors. These images create an alternate reality and I think that’s

pretty cool.

Assignment 2


Reasons I chose these images:


Extreme detail

Clean editing & photoshop work


Blog post – Assignment 2 – Kristabelle DelaCruz

I enjoy portraits and I found these images interesting for different reasons:

Clean editing

Assignment 2

Here’s my story about lions…


So I decided to go back and fix some stuff…


I think this image is put together well. The different animals blend together well and make this fictional animal seem like it might actually exist in real life.


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Assignment 2 – Kelly Adams

here is the link to my lion assignment.
technically it is about lions!




Also, these are the images that really caught my eye in the Gallery. I love the impossible celebrity couples because they photoshopping the two images together I thought was done really well, and could totally be plausible. I also loved the transformation of old paintings into modern day subjects, because I thought they related well to the original piece, and the joker one was very intense.