Homework 2

here is my homework.

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worth 1000

There are really lots of images attract me in this website. And the scifi entries is which I interested in all the time.

1. http://www.worth1000.com/entries/719131/bfr

this is a really nice scifi image I’ve never seen before, I love the way he did in color, it is not looks like real, it really let me feel is a science fiction.

2. http://www.worth1000.com/entries/45752/spider

this robot spider has lot of nice details inside it, and this is the reason I love this image as well.

3. http://www.worth1000.com/entries/45639/skimmer

This one, I like the way he did on the sea surface, it gives me a feel about the aircraft flying in a high speed.

4. http://www.worth1000.com/entries/719059/temptation

this dragon drawing has a lot of detail, such as the light effect, and the scales, these things made the dragon so real and very nice.

5. http://www.worth1000.com/entries/719087/red-dragon

I love this one because it is so hard to tell this creature is real or fake, the color and the shape make it looks like so real.

Homework #2

Here is my homework2.

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Worth 1000 Favorite Images

I have never heard of these galleries or contest, so I began charting new territory when I clicked the link for the website.  I began going through the different images and immediately was drawn to one in particular: “Colorful Raspberries” by ilia84.  First, the colors caught my eye and made me stop scrolling to see what this image was about.  I believe, as an artist, the main goal is to make a viewer stop and look at your work for longer than a few seconds, to question it.  This made me do just that.  However, personally I am drawn to this over other entries because it is more photographic.  I love the centered composition with a feel of “studio” purpose behind it.  This was the first entry I clicked on to view bigger.

The second image that I found visually interesting was “Berry Lips” byjclarkedesigns.  The red color on her lips and in the “berry” lipstick against the other light, muted colors made it really pop and stand out.  There is a hint of green along with the berry which I believe pulls it all together, but other than that it is dominated by red hues.  Again, there is a fashion, photographic, studio vibe to it which makes it more appealing to my personal tastes.  Also, I love the simplicity.

The third image that was another favorite was “Water Ballet” by Terabythia.  The water creates the human form of the dancer, and the relationship between dance and the fluidity of water is shown beautifully in this image.  The form is just subtle enough to display the dance aspect but not be too defined and up front.  Again, I also appreciate the simplicity in the image and the dark background which intensifies the water forms.

In comparison, all of the images are simple without any type of distracting background and has a strong photographic element in it.  These elements are what draws me to them.


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Worth 1000 Post

I enjoy being asked as an assignment to surf image galleries.

I had a good deal of fun with this assignment, therefore.

Here are just a few images I liked, and a bit of a crit about why:

1. “Leviathan IV

This one reminded e right away of the movie Sucker Punch, for some reason, like the second time that Baby Doll goes into her “dream-mode” thing she does. I enjoy that semi-apocolyptic atmosphere seen in this piece.

2. “Zeppelins and Blimps3″

I am focusing in Game Design, and this one scremed Bioshock (the game) to me, so I like it for that similarity. It has that start red and golden green color contrast, like most items and things in the game Bioshock. Also, the zeppelin itself looks kinda like a Big Daddy, which I thought was neat.

3. “X-Ray Vision 8″

I enjoy colorful sea creatures, like all the really cool tropical fish out there, and x-rays are just in and of themselves fascinating because YOU CAN SEE INSIDE YOURSELF WITHOUT CUTTING YOURSELF OPEN. That’s kinda cool! Put color fishies and the powr of an x-ray together, and you achieve a neat image like this one. I think the composition is clever, with the three sea creatures each entering the x-ray filed to make a kind of triangle.

4. “Ice man and the Frosty Robot”

One of my favorite color combos is Cya with Charcoal grey. This image has that appealing color scheme, and I also adore robots. I couldn’t even begin to tell you why, as I do not know any robots, nor did i grow up with robots. They are fascinating to me nonetheless, so this image I found cool.

5. “Where are my Pants?”

Ha. Ha! Connor the Assassin. Without his pants. HA!!! So, this one stuck my liking because it is a game-image and I love games. Also, hot guy without his pants. Come on!

6. “Surreal Sports 9″

I am a sucker for the bizarre. Ask all my closest friends, and they can tell you! This image is as bizzare as it gets, and it looks almost like we are seeing the middle of a story that we know nothing about, which i like, because I can fill in the blanks on my own and be creative with the story on my own instead of being told how to. The contrast of the white robes and white bones makes this piece feel ghostly, which is attractive to me as a concept within the piece.

7. “Robodorks 6″

Its another robot! And he is so expressive and cute! I love that about this piece! The realism of the metal is eye-catching too!

8. “Roboorks 6 (2)”

Ahhh! So cute, another robot! This piece makes use of lighting really effectively, which also adds to the mood, and it makes the robot look even cuter, yay!

9. “Robodorks 3″

Guys. GUYS. It’s a gentleman robot! LOOK AT HIM! I like that the designer used a clock face as the face, which denotes a sence of punctuality to this ‘bot, and somehow a sense of timeless wisdom.

I think I will find this worth 1000 site to be a new hobby to look through…

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homework 2

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Zack Behr – Assignment 2

Coming soon ;x

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Infographic on Anaheim, California

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Assignment2- Joan Lam


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Jasmine Johnson – Assignment 2

My econcierge infographic for the Town of Upper Marlboro.

My econcierge infographic for the Town of Upper Marlboro.

dan price assignment2

here is my link

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