1. Hotel Homepage and Internal page

2. Parallax

3. Slide-in animation

4. Provost E-card

5. E-commerce Home and Internal page

6. Scrollorama

7. Isotope (to fix loading problem with images, click in URL box and press ENTER)

8. LayerSlider animation


Also, here is my flash document download for the provost e-card. It’s a very large file and will take a while to download.


Finally, here are my three blog posts:



I like the home page of United Talent the most out of all four. It’s simple and artistic and doesn’t bombard me with information that I don’t need. I think the idea of having a website work with a simple navigation bar and then provide necessary information with a shadowbox-like effect. I think the presentation of the website’s information itself is the most creative, but it is hard to read bold white body text on a black background. Also, I think that the text boxes that pop up could be bigger for the screen as well, because almost all of them have scrollbars inside anyways.

The initial page for the APA Agency doesn’t thrill me too much. My initial thoughts were that it as a website for local actors, and not Oscar-winning actors and famous comedians that they manage. I would have liked to see a more creative or better-designed page with more space in between elements because everything feels cramped in the middle. Moreover, the headings for each page have uneven black borders and don’t feel like they relate to what the section is about (ex: the chairs don’t feel like they are describing what an “About” page is). However, I do think that their Comedy page is very successful. I like that it gives small thumbnail pictures for all their comedians with the name, and then the option to click to get more information. I think the presentation of those that they manage is very clean and simple.

The general layout for the Circle talent agency seems to be the most successful. The navigation is simplified to five main pages, and the colors and design of the logo are reflected in the color scheme of the website, in the fonts and the blocky-ness of the layout, for example the different tinted blue stripes below the navigation and the horizontal rectangles for each person in their “Roster” page. The only thing I found that needs to be improved was that the information on the lower half of the home page needs to be eliminated. The list of names is very long, and is just repeating what the site presents in the roster. That way, the “Latest News” section all the way at the bottom could be moved up and given some importance.

I like the small animation in Capital’s logo for the home page. The main problem with the home page is that the text is not consistent for the navigation. Some of the words are distorted and badly done from a typographical perspective. The navigation immediately changes in the internal pages, so I think that should be brought in to the home page. The “Designers” page has a nice effect by revealing names by clicking on the photos, but the alignments of the photos is inconsistent with the margins and the spacing. I think that this site has potential for the unique ways it presents its identity as a talent agency, but it needs the most refinement out of all four sites.


2. I’m critiquing Ted’s infographic from the beginning of the semester. You can see it again here. I think it is one of the most successful infographics out of the class. First off, the images he made were simple but clear, and in themselves looked like abstract art, which I enjoyed. Also, the idea to have all these colored pieces come together in the end was unique and fun to see. It closed the project nicely and helped to connect all the information that was throughout his slides. He definitely spent time on it and it looks nice. The only thing I didn’t like at first was that on the first slides, I didn’t understand the purpose of showing the filled circles, but I was able to figure it out. To be extremely nit-picky, in the last slide, the color pieces don’t line up with others in some spots (looking at the circles), but they do in the beginning of the project. I’m only saying that because I don’t see anything else that needed major improvements. If it were my project (and I wish it was!), I would try using a few of the colors in the title “Ted’s Life” or in the slides throughout, like the hours of the activities or the percentage information, just to see what it looks like. It would be to just get some more color in the text, because the grey and white are a little monotonous. However, I don’t think this is necessary because it succeeds without.


3. I personally don’t like to write a lot on the Internet, unless I have something important to say (excluding social media, which is mostly unimportant rants about life). But every time I go to write on a blog, e-mail, or post anything on the Internet, I am always aware that someone will read it. It’s true how much this “audience effect” that the article talks about can change what is written on the Internet. In most cases, people still write and post crap on the Internet without giving an audience a second thought, but I used to write a lot when I was younger. Even though I knew I was the only one who was going to read it, I always tried to write as if I had an audience to appeal to. It’s crazy how knowing that you have an audience can completely change the effort you put into your work and how you present your ideas.

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Homework 12: animation

Homework 11: isotope

Homework 10: scrollorama

Homework 7: winter provost animation

Homework 6: sequence

Homework 5: spritely

Homework 5b: parallax

Homework 2: ken burns effect

assignment 13 battsengel Lopez

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Jarenae Plessy – Assignment 13

My life really sucks right now. I work full-time, I’m a full-time single mommy, and I go to school full time. I hate web design and I think it sucks, maybe just because I’m having a hard time trying to grasp it. I’m terrible at it and online tutorials don’t seem to help me either. So hopefully I get a good grade in this class I’m praying! I should’ve been graduating next week but unfortunately I have to stay at Towson one more semester. I have so much work to do while trying to function off of 5 hours of sleep, thanks to my 10 month old son. I hope things can only get better from here on out.

Assignment 13 – Blog Post – Kelly Weiland

Life is actually pretty tough right now! I know I know, the typical “I’m so stressed because of finals” talk is being thrown around like footballs, but I honestly am stressed out! Being a Junior my classes are getting continually tougher, and on top of the normal finals stress, I had to put together my portfolio to screen for the Graphic Design major. This was the biggest stress I had felt all year because it is so important to me and I can’t tell you how happy I am that that part is over and done with! School is only a few days short of being done for the summer, and let me tell you, I could really use the break. It’s going to be weird coming back in the fall being a Senior. I don’t know where these last 3 years have gone, and time really does fly. So I guess if time is flying by I am having some sort of fun (sorry, I know that pains you to hear) and I shouldn’t really be complaining.

Assignment 13 – Courtney Stasko

Of course my life sucks right now, I am struggling to get caught up with the project from your class that I am just lost on! And I have so much going on at home with doctors appointments, etc. Right now I am very frustrated that no matter how well everything is working, the link to my project on here is not working. I don’t understand. So yes, I am stressed and yes I am thankful that this semester is so close to being done so I can sit back and let all this new knowledge sink in.


Bacon <—not perfect, not sure what is wrong


Cody Swann – Assignment 13



So with the semester winding down I have a lot to do in this last week.  I have a final project for my two other studio classes which are taking up a lot of my time a CUMULATIVE test in my gen ed.  This will be the first Cumulative test I have taken since my freshman year.  I have two interviews this week so I have to make sure my portfolio is up to date and looks nice and presentable.  I just realized I forgot to do 3 online quizzes for my gen ed while typing this.  So basically I am stressed and ready for the next two weeks to be over and end in the best possible senario.

Anthony Barsotti – Assignment 13

Over the next week I have to finish a 3D digital art project in Maya with which I may have bitten off more than I can chew. In addition to that I have to finish printing and mounting photos for my film class and add the finishing touches to my portfolio site, including a php contact form. I’m also going through my projects for this class still and tweaking them for the final, some a little bit, some entirely (I’m looking at you HTML email). It’s going to be a mildly stressful week for sure.



Brightful, Tyray_assignment13

Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan! Life is not the greatest right now. Everything is happening at once and it’s a lot to handle. Dealing with an untimely loss on top of the typical stress deriving from TOWSON UNIVERSITY’S FINAL SEASON is a lot; however, I know that God wouldn’t put anyone in a situation that was too much for him or her. He is just giving one of many of life’s tests, ya know? Finals season is among us all and it will be a big one. A lot is riding on this semester and when the summer hits, I can take a deep breath and begin to cruise because things wont be as bad. Anywho, I wont sit here and complain my a** off too much so that’s all. To whoever reads this, God Bless and good luck on finals and all things such.



assignment 13 Brett Shinsky



My life is so hard right now. Nah I’m just messing with you. It’s not that bad. I have had a lot of opportunities open up recently. The best part is I am graduating and I don’t have any stupid test this final week. Thank god for that because I do have to get my final portfolio together for job interviews. Other then that, my BFA is done and hanging as we speak and I have one art history paper I have to write. I’m set with my work in this class as well so I can’t complain.

Brandon Peters – Assignment 13




Blog Post

How busy am I? VERY. Very busy, so busy I am seeing everything in burgundy and I think it looks good. Why??
Why must Sean assign so many things to do! Life is tough, as I have tons of final project work to do for several classes AND I need to finish preparing my Graphic Design Screening portfolio. so…yea.

I am ready for the beach and drinks by a pool somewhere. And grilling, I am ready to spend the afternoon outside grilling, not in a classroom for 4 hours.



– brandon




Clark, Katherine – Assignment 13

Am I really allowed to complain about how miserable I am? Well, as I’m typing this I’m missing Mother’s day with both my kid and my mom. That kinda sucks. My toilets are really gross. I lost my dog in the yard because the grass is so high. I was also made fun of the other day because my legs were so white, why are my legs white? Because they haven’t seen the sun yet!

My son has gone feral because I haven’t paid any attention to him in 5 months. He is now smoking and breaking into cars with the other Hampden urchins. <-I made that part up, but it could very well have happened. I have no idea what he’s been doing.



Jasmine Johnson – Assignment 13

  1. I must say that this semester has been the busiest that I have ever been.  Having taken on new responsibilities on campus in addition to academics has definitely cost me hours that I would usually use to maintain a consistent sleep pattern.  This semester, I am taking advantage of my 2nd and final chance to screen for the Graphic Design program, as well as screening for Digital Art & Design as a backup, which are both within a span of about 2-3 weeks.  I was currently hired as a Marketing Chair for Graphic Design for the Campus Activities Board for next school year, so I have been very busy with new board member meetings and assignments. I am also preparing for my summer job (which I am very proud of, since it is my second job, but the first one I applied for and actually got), where I will be working as an art teacher at a summer camp. I have never done anything like this before, so the training and mental preparation is definitely a lot to take on.  All of this is of course on top of the regular academic classes that I have, including (but not limited to) a Human Geography group project, physics exams that are the only source of graded assignments (I am not good with physics at all), a sociology exam, drawing final projects, and of course re-doing pretty much all of my projects for this class (which has been quite a stressful challenge from start to finish).  Being someone that “fell off” with being so involved after high school, picking all of this back up and trying to do more has definitely made it difficult to organize my schedule and not try to procrastinate all semester long.
  2. Self Promotional Page … IOU !
  3. Implementing BACON

Assignment 13 – Megan Baker

Blog: Yeah… lots of work… had to finish a 9 page paper and a 5 to 10 minute presentation for it. Had to finish designing and actually hand making two books for a typography class. Still working on a 12+ page paper for an honors seminar and studying for an all essay exam on the history of film. Plus all the stuff for this class and the fact that my mother is still going through all of her treatments for her breast cancer (she had her double mastectomy earlier this semester). So yeah… I’m stressed and there’s a lot of crap to do… whatever… I just need to get good grades… OTL


Here’s my website for a good cause thing


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Assignment 13- Redo

Assignment 13 – Ashley Hauck

Website for a Cause

Still can’t figure out how to make it interactive because I am terrible at Flash and already late on this project, so i’m an just turning it in as a non-working site. I chose to do my assignment on Cleaning Buckets for Hurricane Sandy.

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Assignment 13 – Kristabelle DelaCruz

Homework Assignment 13 / Kaitlin Mueller

I have so much work to do and my life is particularly difficult right now.




Assignment 13 Paul Shiah

Assignment 13 – Zack Behr


Internal Page