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Assignment 13


Assignment 12

Homework was displayed on my phone in class :)

Blog Post 12

I will critique Jona’s Lion video, found here Breathe in the Air.

I adore the variety of textures that you use through out this Jona. It makes a wonderful and rich experience that is completemented by the music that you chose.

My only real critiques are that the story is a little confusing, and that there seem to be some animation errors that leave behind some vector objects. Besides that, fantastic job!

Blog Post #12

So I’m not exactly thrilled with some of the work I’ve produced this semester. In Graphic Design II, I feel like I just fell short somehow. I just wasn’t feeling it with my projects. This class I looked at as a way to test the waters. I think it’s great that if someone asks me “Hey, would be able to make me something using spritely?” my answer will not be “What’s that?’. Seriously though, I’m really glad I was able to get the exposure and the chance to dabble. I’m actually pretty proud of the progress I made in Web II. I started to really understand divs and such, started utilizing my stylesheets. I’m pretty excited that I may have produced a portfolio worthy website finally. That being said, I can’t wait for summer.

assignment 12

Kevin Beach: Assignment 12

It works, I promise



Homework Assignment#12 Steffan Petersen

screen shot

Homework #12

Here is a link to the app file, if another way is needed I can just pull it up on my phone.




Ian Law; Assignment 12

A whack-a-mole style game called “Squash the Space Banana”!


Homework Assignment #12: Elizabeth Owens

I created a “Clothing Closet” app for my online t-shirt shop, “Attack of the Exclamation Points!!!!!!” I created the shop on in December 2007, when I was 16. Enjoy!

App-hing mai

app that let you design your own snowman!

Justin D. Assignment 12

App that lets you draw.



There is also a gallery to add stock images.

Sarah Brown: Homework #12

App Inventor

I’m not sure how we’re supposed to present this… but here are some screenshots

Main Menu

If you click on each button, it takes you to a different screen with an instrument.


Music Example 1: Harp

When you click on the image, the music plays

All 8 menu options were created with separate screens connected to each button. All screens play designated sound.

Sarah Brown: Critique Blog Post

I still find this to be the most hilarious project presented yet and I still find myself cracking up over this.

I believe the music, concept, and characters fit well together, however the allotted time the text flashes across the screen is way too fast for the amount of text on the screen(at 12seconds in). I also feel that the cash register should be a bit more animated rather than just a picture since everything else seems to be drawn with the computer.