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Liberate Yourself

Cody Swann Classwork 4/29


Assignment12- Joan Lam


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Zack Behr – Assignment 12


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Jackie Conley Assignment 12

So I wanted to post my rotoscope project as a homework, but it says it says it exceeds the maximum upload size for this site because it’s too glorious. So I posted a link to my blog, which has the rotoscope project. This is made up of exactly 90 frames (drawings).

Assignment 12 – Kelly Weiland

Here’s my tile gallery:



Assignment 12—Jonathan Kwak:

For the responsive gallery, I decided to use images of my home.
Over the break, I did some much needed cleaning and reorganizing.
Things were trashed and things were donated.
I’ve learned, especially from this semester, that it is important to stay organized.

I do tend to be a private person, so welcome and enjoy this rare peek into a part of my life.

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Amy Balcerak Assignment 12

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Assignment 12 – Ashley Hauck


Here’s the link to my photo blog. However, like a few others in the class, many of my images are not appearing :\

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Assignment 12 Kelsey Cunningham


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Assignment 12 Paul Shiah

Blog Post – Assignment 12 – Kristabelle DelaCruz

2.5 more weeks left of this semester and my To-Do List is never ending.

Brain is fried.

I need sleep.

Oh, this Game Salad project has got me frustrated. I hope I can figure it out.


Assignment 12 – Kristabelle DelaCruz

Tile Gallery of my photo work:


Homework Assignment 12 / Kaitlin Mueller


I chose to include my own images, as well as my favorite photographer’s images in my tile gallery. I think the tile gallery is a quick, easy way for artists to show off images of their artwork.

Assignment 12 – Zack Behr

Assignment 12

Assignment 12- Joan Lam

This is blog post.

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Assignment 12-Max Resnick

Title Gallery:

I created a title gallery of  a wide variety of different types of art that inspires me. From prints, to photographs, to sketchbook ideas, my web gallery expresses types of compositions that interest and grabs my attention.

Assignment 12 – Megan Baker


Bam! Done! Early! Enjoy the Space Pandas… Pandas in Space!…. who seems to have a thing for strawberries… I always thought they liked bamboo

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Kelly Adams – Assignment 12