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Four talent placement agencies I found from doing a simple Google search were “United Talent Staffing Services,” “The Creative Group,” “Artisan Talent,” and “24 Seven Talent.” First, the site that I gravitate to the most is 24 Seven because their homepage consists of two large images directing the viewer to be either a client or candidate in their company. Generally a good website includes great photography, and without images a website would be boring to the viewers. Artisan State has their homepage set up similar to 24 Seven with a two column choice for what section of the company you need, but it doesn’t have imagery which makes it less successful than the first agency. However, Artisan State’s site is very clean and simple so all they need to do to keep improving is add some pictures. United Talent’s site has a cut out image on the homepage, but it is a little awkward and their dimensions and layout of the site is also too small and organized oddly. Altogether this site is not as attractive as the other agencies and it seems almost too “corporate” or “business-like” to keep viewers interested and wanting to get involved. The Creative Group has a very bright palette on their site, which goes along with their company, but being a design agency they should try to utilize new and upcoming methods to display the information on their website because that will appeal to the market they are in. I believe Artisan State and 24 Seven were the most successful with their sites, but they can both still improve upon the designs, and The Creative Group just needs to play around a bit more with a design-based site that would get their message across loud and clear.

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For the blog posts, I found four interesting website about talent placement agency. They are





For my self my favorite one is the modeling-association. Not because what is the website doing attract me. The website’s design are very interesting. In this web site, it has clear navigation on the top which is good, and also the image looks pretty nice. And there are lots of information I think can help people get what is the web site doing. For the talentstaff web, it is very simple, do not have lots of fancy things, only have some picture and words to show how to become success. I think, I like the simple way it did. The actingcareers are much more like the modeling one, however there are some different that I think it is worse than the modeling web, which are the color choose for the website, and too less images used in the web. artisantalent I think is the most success web in these for sites. Because it is clean, beautiful and clear navigation which can easily used by every one, the whole page are just simple to guide you what should you do next or go next, it is very good.



4 Talent Placement Agencies

1. http://www.artlinks-staffing.com

2. http://artisantalent.com

3. http://www.24seventalent.com/job-search

4. http://www.utalent.com

These are four randomly selected talent placement agencies and organizations.  The 24seventalent site is my favorite because it breaks down different job types into easily accessible.  For example, there is a section for gamer’s HTML, which is right up my ally.  Artisan talent seems to have a good balance of job-hunting/hiring, which is powerful for both those seeking jobs, and those seeing to hire, so it brings both halves of the process together.  Utalent looks like it sucks pretty bd, honestly.  I wouldn’t trust it’s legitimacy because of the creepy woman on the home page..!  At Links has a very reactive site, with lots to look at and lots to clock on, keeping you engage in you hunt for jobs and talent placement, but it seems one step down from professional, unfortunatley.

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When I googled: Talent Placement Agency I got several results. I clicked the first four agencies listed for my search and those were: Trillium Staffing, Best of Staffing, Creative Placement, and United Talent staffing.

1. Trillium Staffing- This website isn’t AWFUL, but I don’t particularly enjoy it either. Only the middle / body text of the home page scrolls, and there is a non moving crowd of people at the bottom of the page which is honestly a little distracting. The color palette is okay, just doesn’t do much for me. There is one pop of color on the “Place Order” button which doesn’t really make sense to me. I wish the designer thought more carefully about the palette. This website is just kind of vanilla.


2. Best of Staffing- I think the overall design of this page is nice. There is a clear hierarchy, and it looks clean and organized. The only thing that bugs me a little is the pop up questions that come automatically when you enter the site. I understand that they are only there to aid the user in finding what they are looking for, but I am the kind of person who likes to find it on my own without being disrupted by pop ups. Overall though I feel the design of this website is very successful.


3. Creative Placement – I feel like this website is on the right track, but there is some awkwardness in the overall layout. I enjoy the mix of photos and text but in places it can be a little confusing. I also almost wish the nav was a little larger in size, and the photos on the top right just didn’t exist. Like I said, this website is on the right track, just needs some fine tuning.


4. United Talent- Oh boy did I save the best for last…. This website is scary. Choice in imagery is extremely important when designing a webpage and the woman in the picture is actually frightening. If I was researching talent agencies and saw that photo I would immediately leave the site. There are definitely some typographic issues, some hierarchal issues, and just overall design no-no’s!!!! (Like what is that Jobs Available doing at the very bottom of the circle it’s placed in.. awkward). Basically this was my least favorite one that I came across, if you couldn’t tell.

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The four talent placement agencies I checked out were feature[23], Top Talent Solutions, Creative Placement, and 24 Seven Talent.  Each site has very a different design from the others.  My personal favorite is feature[23]‘s website.  It has a simple yet nice design with good typography, a good color scheme, very well done icons, and the design is responsive.  The header on the mobile style sheet could use some work but other than that everything else wraps and aligns nicely.  Top Talent Solutions is a very generic, more political looking website.  As far as websites it gets the job done but in terms of design it leaves much to be desired.  Creative Placement has a relatively nice design but the design makes the viewer focus on ads due to its left side positioning and the ads are also large.  Compared to the first two sites mentioned it is nicer to look at but is lacking in content.  The final website is 24 Seven Talent.  The home page has a very nice image slider that includes video good pictures and links.  This site is more advertising themselves with pictures and content than the others.  The slider has pictures of happy good looking people doing tasks that people would be assigned to.  So these are all very differently designed websites with the same common goal.


Assignment 12 – Courtney Stasko

Blog Entry:

Creative Placement is simple yet hip with a limited palette of orange, green and black. I want to like this site but it is so text heavy! Add some more images or blocks of color because the endless amounts of text makes me want to leave.

24SevenTalent is fun with a vibrant color palette and a bouncing personality. I do find it a tad too busy as I want to explore everything and everywhere at once. I really like the simple iconography used for the buttons opposed to a navbar regarding the different job categories.

Artisan Creative is a clean site. It is not crowded or plain. I do find it leaning more towards the personality that a trip to a medical spa because it seems so tranquil and I feel that it is the wrong personality for job placement. People need to be revved up to find a job and feel like you are excited to help them do it. There is too much white, I would like to see more of the other colors pop up.

Vitamin Talent is a very interactive and modern site, much more so than the majority of the talent placement agencies that I came across on the web. It is very clean with a pleasing color palette. Although it is specifically directed towards creative individuals, I found it to be an interesting site that I wished to explore. I also like that I did not feel like I had items competing for my attention on the page.





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Blog Post – Talent Site Comparison

Ranked from worst to best.


Talent Placement Services Private Limited

This site seems to have a mix of canned website builder elements along with some custom elements. In the upper right corner there is a “Upload your Resume” blinking link that is very distracting when reading the pages of the site (not to mention it leads you away from the site if clicked), and the color scheme is very random.

The site nav is clear and easy to use, but is not styled well at all and everything is aligned to the left. In all, the company does not seem  legitimate due to how poorly the website is created. It was a higher result on a Google search, so SEO seems to have been implemented pretty well.




International Talent Placements

Internation Talent Placements’ site is rather dated in appearance, but seems to convey a more legitimate feel. They offer a member login and a simple to use site. The site elements could be overhauled to be larger, as more and more modern screens are larger and typically widescreen. When clicking on the About Us link, you’re redirected in the same window to a new embedded frame for the About Us info, it is an odd experience and doesn’t allow someone to easily share a URL with someone else to get to the page. The color scheme is followed throughout the site, but is lost on a wider monitor due to the gradient white background.



Top Talent Solutions

TTS is based in Minnesota and services the local area for placements. Their site is designed well and has a very patriotic color scheme using red white and blue throughout. The navigation is simple and easy to use, and they utilize a subtle image gallery on the homepage that is not obtrusive. Each subpage has a proper URL and is displayed neatly in the browser. There is a good bit to read on each page, and the call to action to use them  is a little lost in the Quick Links section. All in all, they do have a fairly successful site with tons of information on it.





TEK is a locally founded company in Maryland, their site screams “high end”. They are a top recruiter/talent placement agency in the area (and the world). Their site is well crafted with a minimalistic nav, utilizing nested nav links that have their own URLs. When scrolling a page, there is a very nice transition that hides the main nav buttons with a fixed position header at the top with their phone number and logo. They have solidified branding throughout the site, and a color scheme is used well. There is also a clear call to action used on the right side of the page, they always make it known that they want you to contact them, by any means possible.

I have had a personal history with this company as I was once a contract employee for them doing IT work, and the company truly is professional and well organized, this is portrayed well by their site..


Jasmine Johnson – Assignment 12

The four talent placement agencies that I chose were United Talent, TalentBridge, Best of Staffing, & Top Talent Solutions.

  1. The United Talent website is not very successful in attracting the user’s attention, because of how everything appears clumped together and imbalanced.  There could’ve been a much better decision on which typeface could’ve been used for the content and navigation.  I am also distracted by the “like” option that seems off-put on the bottom-left of the page.  Simply put, I do not think this page has any strong sense of good design.
  2. TalentBridge has a very professional and successful layout, and it is my favorite out of all the sites that I have chosen to critique. Their use of a slider at the top of the page with good quality images if very appealing, and their balance and overall organization of the page works very well.  The flow and consistency of the entire website makes it very easy to use and travel through all of the provided information.
  3. Best of Staffing has a successful and simple layout, and I do favor this website as well. The consistency of the page with spacing and typeface makes the page unified and easy to follow.  The only thing that throws me off is the use of large pop-up options, that become strong distractions. Despite this, they are connected to the page and do serve their purpose very well.
  4. Top Talent Solutions is a very simplistic layout with their use of a few colors and a standard organized layout.  There is a lot of information that is provided on the home page, and that can be viewed as overwhelming for those that do not know how to use a talent placement page (such as myself). Overall, I think it could be improved by reducing the number of links right in the center of the page (moving them to the navigation column on the left or further down the page).  The introduction or basic information should come first.


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This is my comparison of four talent placement agencies. I found it quite difficult to find a well designed site. Many were very primitive, outdated or clearly not created by a designer.

The first site is for One Source Talent- although I think this one is a tad cluttered- it spells out clearly what the site’s purpose is with photos, a feature called “Become a model or an Actor” and three navigation tabs at the top for the types of people who may come to that site. The dullness of the gray and blue colors are offset with bright greens and purples to create interest. I think this site is nicely organized and well- thought out.

One Source Talent

The second site (creative placement) is pretty bare bones. It lacks interest and organization. I’m not sure anyone visiting their site would bother to read the long paragraphs. Instead of putting photos of their present or future clients they have pictures of their office.

Creative Placement

The Commercial Talent site is a newer site that kind of misses the point as far as what they are. Are they looking for actual people? I see a helicopter, a city and grass. Not sure what I’m looking at here.

Commercial Talent Agenciy


The CTG site is very simple but much more sophisticated at communicating with photos what they are and what their mission is. They have a nice three line explanation of what they are- they’re located in LA and New York and they have clients with pretty faces. I think the blue color overlay on the site is a nice touch.

Clear Talent Group

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The first of the four talent placement agency sites I found is located here. I think the overall design is clean but the color palette could use a few spots of vibrance instead of being completely subdued and muddy. There are also a few legibility problems on the site, mostly with their image slider where headlines have a harsh and distracting text shadow applied to them. The second site I am comparing is here. This site is more successful than the previous in that it has a more exciting, vibrant color palette but its logo is fairly plain and lackluster and I’m not crazy about the shade of green that they chose. Some of the images that are displayed below the fold (mainly the social media icons and the “We Made the List” image) are low resolution and I think custom social media icons that enforce their color palette would help to really tie the site together. The third site is found here and I think it is marginally more successful than the previous. It has a nice clean design with a nice color palette and a consistent design throughout. The site is very text-heavy though and could use more images to add interest to its pages. Finally, this gem is the first result for a Google search consisting of “talent placement agency.” I think it speaks for itself but the jumping (falling?) construction worker is a nice touch.

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Talent Placement Agencies

http://www.utalent.com/ – The Home Page is so very cheesy.  You have this guy jumping into the air, all happy and everything, and it kind of makes me a little sick.  There is so much different type in different places, that hierarchy is definitely an issue.  It is also not extremely pleasing to the eye.  It is pretty easy to navigate, but I hate looking at it so much that I have no desire to navigate it.  I like that they have a button to hear the jingle, rather than just playing it instantly.  However, their jingle sucks.  Don’t listen to it.

http://www.talentbridgeusa.com/ – This website is much more professional, and more what you would expect from an employment agency.  The color scheme is a little more high class, and doesn’t convey a goofy message like the website above.  The pages make sense, but there are a good deal of different paths to take which might be a little confusing to a user.  One really has to dig to find exactly what he or she wants.  The photograph animation they have at the top is quite nice as well.

http://www.talentstaffhouston.com/ – Here is another example of a talent placement agency website that I feel just does not do what it should.  The white background is very boring and doesn’t have a finished feel to it.  There is a big rectangle on the top that looks as though it should house some photographs or something, but when I load it up it is just blank.  The terrible little infographic they have is just really not aesthetically pleasing, and I feel as though it doesn’t really give any useful information.  Easy to navigate, compared to the last website, but also not as informative or helpful it seems.

http://creativeplacement.com/ – This is my favorite out of the four websites that I have talked about.  There isn’t really any confusion about where to click to get to what I want, and it still has a professional feel and a nice color scheme.  There is some nice typography going on, rather than just having terrible type thrown in wherever.  It is easy to contact this company, because all of the contact information is right there for you to access.  The main pages are in one place, at the top in a bar.  This is a clear and conceptual website, that I might actually use.  It could have to do with the fact that this company is a talent agency mostly for artistic types of people.