assignment 11

Homework Assignment #11: Elizabeth Owens

Steffan P. Supersized!

Steffan Petersen Assignment 11



Homework #11

Ian Law; Assignment 11

Supersize Page

Assignment 11

Here’s my slideshow! It’s called “Put Down the Type and Nobody Gets Hurt”

Blog Post 11

It said to post an entry in my blog, but it didn’t say what about.

I love cooking and combining flavors. Often I can combine flavors in my head to make the things that I like. Many times it works, sometimes it doesn’t

Today I had a cold glass of grape juice that I sprinkled some cardamom in. It was delicious

Assignment 11-hing mai


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Assignment 11 Blog Post

My friends band (Daytona Drive By) is playing tomorrow night at the Recher Theatre. They play a variety of rock and raggae. I would compare them to styles such as Red Hot Chili Peppers mixed with a bit of 311. If that sounds interesting to you, come! It’s only $10. Here’s all the information:
Thursday, April 26
Doors are at 7pm
$10 (+3 at the door if you’re under 21)

7:30 – Good Vibe Tribe
8:30 – Wandaliz
9:30 – The Krumpled Ones

Justin D. Assignment 11

Assignment 11

Homework 11. Alternate Assignment

Im still working on my characters. Here is my main character in different views. I have each part saved as separate .pngs so that i can animate her. Also here is my first attempt at a walking cycle

here is the same walking cycle but with imagery and sound

Kevin Beach: Assignment 11


Assignment 11


Sarah Brown: Homework #11

I made a supersized show from a cosplay lighting design photoshoot shot by a friend for a class.

Sarah Brown: Artist Boundaries Blog Post

I don’t think art has any boundaries unless you yourself are constructing them. Most of the things you can come up with are excuses usually due to fear of either failing or succeeding.  We want the public to approve of our art, but at what creative sacrifice are we willing to give up just to please others?

Sure, things such as the law can limit what you can do, but other than that, what’s stopping you?

My next project

Is to work on this:

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Here is my game


I changed the images and made a scoring tool but it didnt load correctly so I wanted to revert to what I had previous to tonight.

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I couldn’t upload it here. Maybe the file is too big.

Here’s the link to play my game.

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Assignment 11

Updated Pachinko Game

I’ve added a “Start” screen with a “Start” button and a “You Win!” screen. I think it gives it a more realistic game feel.


Assignment 11 update

Assignment 11 updated game

Assignment 11

More progress on my website:


Fixed video to stretch fullscreen, finished Rabiltube, finished press, working on store.

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