assignment 11

Amy Balcerak – Assignment 11

I finally got my game finished…and now I can’t figure out how to properly post it.

Assignment 11 – Zack Behr


Assignment 11 Paul Shiah

Assignment 11 – Kristabelle DelaCruz

Snowman attack!

Blog Post – Class 11 – Critique

In this blog post I will be critiquing Jonathan Kwak’s redesign of our class website for class 10 assignment.

The color palette of you redesign for very simple and clean. The colors are easy on the eyes. Even though it’s unfinished, I understand your direction and ideas with the navigation. I completely understand your choice of organizing the videos in it’s own slide. There is a bunch of videos to view and I think this is a good choice to keep them in one area.  We usually start the class with watching a few videos and I think having the video slide first and easy to view is a great idea. And using the similar idea of slides for assignments and class information is smart. It’s keeping the home page consistent and easy to navigate.

Overall good job! I’m sure it will turn out after you are finished.

Assignment 11–Shelbea West

Assignment 11-Max Resnick

Game Salad:


I really think that Kathy Wyche’s assignment 10 and 11 “poster” webpage is really unique and interesting. I like how she incorporated small and large images with text. She chose bright and attention grabbing illustrations that made me want to look closer into her webpage. Having some of the posters enlarged within the homepage really makes the narration bar pop. However, I think that she should align the text better with the images to makes the overall flow of the webpage more organized.

Kathy Wyche — Assignment 11

Assignment 11 – Kelly Weiland

Here is my game:

Assignment 11- Joan Lam


I want to talk about assignment 10 from kelly weiland’s work, I like her work on re-doing the website because I like the calendar she put on the front page, it will be easier to understand what is due and what is the homework. Also the video of the day will be up there, dont need to search for it down the page. Also I like  the login at the left bottom because it is clear and easy to find.

Kelly Adams – Assignment 11

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Assignment 11 Kelsey Cunningham

I wasn’t sure how to upload this game, so here is a zip file of it.

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Assignment 11 – Ashley Hauck

Instead of creating a video game, I went ahead and redesigned the artist’s page of my vector website:

Artist’s Page

Homework Assignment 11 / Kaitlin Mueller




Critique: Paul Shiah’s Assignment 5/6 hotel pages

Awesome job! These seem like reputable pages for a nice, modern hotel. The images he used really show-off the Donovan House’s features. The gray and purple scheme fits well and I especially like the boxy background he made.

Blog post – Critique

I am going to critique Hing Mai`s “Lion 2″ From Assignment #5. I like this animation of the lion. I like that you created everything from scratch and didnt just take a photo of a lion. The animation is simple but it works well!


Blog Post #11

I will critique Brendan’s drunk driving animation. I think he did an awesome job with the changing viewpoints that we get as the movie goes on. While we are in the drunk person’s perspective, the scene sways back and forth in a very convincing way. I also think the song was a good choice, it fits the animation well. My favorite thing is when we are bird’s eye view looking down on the car and suddenly swoop down into the driver’s perspective. The only thing I would change about it is the beginning where the words are up one at a time and jump around a little. It makes it hard to follow the sentence when its broken up like that. Also, I like the informative facts best when they are on their own separate frame, breaking up the video. I don’t think they are as effective when they are placed right into the animation.

Assignment 11 Update

I listened to what the class had to say and altered my pictures.


Final Project- Assignment 12

This is an animation I’ve been working on for the past 4 weeks on drunk driving. I used the program Maya. I was able to finish it thanks to the time I was given.

Drunk Driving

Assignment 11