Homework 11

Here’s my isotope. NOTE: It has some weird loading problem that I can’t fix, so you have to click in the url box and just press ENTER (NOT the refresh button, it doesn’t do anything). It’s being a pain but you should be able to see all the images after that. Sorry!

I didn’t know if we were supposed to do both an image design and the isotope itself, so I’m just doing the isotope. Because aren’t #2 and #3 for the homework kind of the same thing? Well I think so, so yeah there’s that.

I’m critiquing Ted’s infographic from the beginning of the semester. You can see it again here. I think it is one of the most successful infographics out of the class. First off, the images he made were simple but clear, and in themselves looked like abstract art, which I enjoyed. Also, the idea to have all these colored pieces come together in the end was unique and fun to see. It closed the project nicely and helped to connect all the information that was throughout his slides. He definitely spent time on it and it looks nice. The only thing I didn’t like at first was that on the first slides, I didn’t understand the purpose of showing the filled circles, but I was able to figure it out. To be extremely nit-picky, in the last slide, the color pieces don’t line up with others in some spots (looking at the circles), but they do in the beginning of the project. I’m only saying that because I don’t see anything else that needed major improvements. If it were my project (and I wish it was!), I would try using a few of the colors in the title “Ted’s Life” or in the slides throughout, like the hours of the activities or the percentage information, just to see what it looks like. It would be to just get some more color in the text, because the grey and white are a little monotonous. However, I don’t think this is necessary because it succeeds without.

Jarenae Plessy – Assignment 11

I have decided to critique Michelle Tomaski’s flash animation on EDC from assignment 9. I think it’s very cute, short and staright to the point. I like how she moved the letters of the logo to come in together and how she has music playin throughout the animation. I also like how she has the image rolling outward. The only thing I would suggest changing is the typeface in the information. It’s a bit boring for that kind of music festival.

Here’s my isotope

Assignment 11 – Blog Post – Kelly Weiland

I’ve decided to critique Anthony’s landing page for the Las Vegas Country Club. I really enjoy his imagery in this piece, and I think it would be very enticing to a golfer. I enjoy the color palette that he chose and I also love the overlapping semi-transparent black strip that he used to place his text in. It automatically draws attention to the words (the call to action) and the imagery. The only thing I would consider changing is the very top of the landing page where the logo is. I feel like the balance of this piece is a little off, and I would maybe try writing “Las Vegas Country Club” on one line filling the entire top part of the green box with the logo next to it. I think this might help the overall balance of the piece, and give the name of the Country Club a better hierarchy. Other than that I think this design is beautiful and extremely effective!


Assignment11- Joan Lam


I like Kathy Wyche’s project because I like the color used and the animation with the words.

layout of isotope

Cody Swann Assignment 11



third try at uploading this.  Loads weird in safari.  Works in firefox.


works in firefox, page loads weird in safari.  That is what I get for not testing in other browsers.

assignment 11 battsengel lopez



my go at isotope thing

Assignment 11 Brett Shinsky

Whats in My stomach Isotope Design

Whats in my stomach







Cody Swan was able to create a strong flash animation design advertising the NCAA Tournament. His use of the button tool is very successful and easy to navigate through the piece. The only thing that I would change would be marking where the buttons would take you and the information you will see. The other thing would be to talk about the teams in the tournament as well. Other then that it is a very strong piece that shows his skills as a designer.

Jasmine Johnson – Assignment 11

1. Isotope













3. Tyray Brightful’s Sadie Nash Scrollama is pretty successful. I especially like how “through…” continues to scroll with you, building up some anticipation for the information that’s about to be provided.  If anything could be changed, I would think that it could be the typeface that he used, at least at some point in the middle so allow some sense of “change”.  Overall, I feel as though it’s unified and a nice simple design.

Assignment 11 – Kelly Weiland

Isotope Page

Assignment 11 – Kathy Wyche

Portfolio Page web



I think this animation is pretty clever, however, I think more thought out drawings and images would help it come together. I love the simplicity and shortness of it, just needs more pizazz.

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Michelle Tomaski Assignment 11





Critique: Kathrine Clark Sadi Nash Scroll

Although I’m sure many would disagree I like the use of pink in this design. The foundation is based on helping young girls and the font choices and colors represent that demographic. I think you worked well with the scrollarama with the exception of the little glitch towards the end. I also liked the off white strips with texture on them to add interest to the piece and the use of their logo towards the end.


Assignment 11 – Courtney Stasko

Blog Post: Review of Brett’s Infographic

I thought that Brett was very creative in adding his infographic to a foundation layout since that is what we had previously worked on. The page that infographic is in is a bit plain and the green navbar at the top is very bright compared to the teals used within the infographic.

I like the infographic. It is nice how the shape of the information boxes are rounded just like the font. The colors are funky enough to blend in with the roundness of the font and layout as well.

The hot spots at the bottom seem to pop out of no where since most of the infographic is about sex, race and status. Perhaps adding in some educational statistics and household income might make this transition better.




idea for use of an isotope design–> I think the isotope idea could be used to make family trees, sorting by title and gender. I also think it could be used to make a very elaborate family tree with photos for each person and multiple families and generations.




Anthony Barsotti – Assignment 11

isotopeblogtheme  Idea for a personal blog that utilizes Isotope.


Critique Of Brandon Peters’ Assignment 4:

I think Brandon has done a very successful job with the layout of his Vdara re-design. I think that the proportion of the slider to the sidebar next to it is handled very well and suggests the Golden ratio somewhat, creating a very aesthetically pleasing division of space. I would change the size of the navigation bar and the size of font size of the navigation links because right now the navigation bar is competing with the banner. I think he could also create a “ribbon” effect on the navigation bar by adding darker triangles to the bottom left and right corners of the navigation bar (this will give the illusion that it is wrapping around the page itself). I also think that for the arrival date and departure date boxes he should utilize the color scheme of the calendar icons to the right of the boxes. This will provide the user with a more legible, higher contrast solution. I would use the same scheme for the social module’s background. As it stands, the mid-grey background doesn’t offer enough contrast and the text is somewhat lost and the Twitter Icon begins to vibrate a bit. Overall though the design has been handled very well and I think with a little bit of tweaking, it could be a very strong piece.


Brandon Peters – Assignment 11

Isotope Site - now with more tasty treats!


Design for Isotope:

I chose to make my isotope site fit to my personal design tastes rather than just do a mockup. I achieved this with subtle colors and a letterpress look to the background and site title. The use of true black has been kept to a minimum and there are subtle coloring cues on the nav buttons and the extreme roundness of the original nav buttons has been removed.



Critique of Joan Lam’s Assignment 4.

Joan’s recreation for the Four Seasons hotel is simplistic and appears that it would be easy to navigate. I like the main image she used as well as the script text for the word “Welcome”. I like the gallery of images below the featured image also, they look like they would create a dynamic homepage experience.


As far as suggestions are concerned:

  • Move the “Book Now” call to action to upper right or left? Maybe make it a different color?
  • Move site nav from the bottom of page to the top for ease of use
  • Add a highlight to current homepage image in slide gallery? To show active state.
  • Left justify main description paragraph – add bullet points
  • Center copyright and legal info on footer

Brightful, Tyray_assignment11



I am critiquing Brett Shinsky’s assignment 4: The Hotel Homepage Redesign. I find his redesign very impressive, what I like most about this work is the sleek and clean feel. The font used is sans serif and modern and he uses hierarchy well to distinguish titles and subtitles from body text. I am a fan of the blue, white and silver reduced color palette and the images give a nice touch as the viewer can clearly see what he/ she is looking to purchase. The top banner is neat and stands out; the tabs are clean and organized as well. If I could change one thing, I would make the call to action banner larger so; it doesn’t stand out as much and I feel that it should because the objective of the website is to allow people to book a room at this hotel.

Clark, Katherine – Assignment 11

Kelly’s redesign of the Platinum Hotel: First of all – I think the color choice with the background really works with the photo and creates a very cohesive look. The light typeface she chose really helps to convey the modern feel of the hotel in general. The organization of the navigation is good (missing a separator on top bar). The photos are tasteful and well composed- I also like the addition of the video tour. I particularly like the slanted  photos at the bottom which ties in the slant of the hotel logo container.  in all, I think Kelly did a fantastic job in this one- the design is well done and the content is kept clean, neat and uncluttered.


Nicole LaDue_Assignment 11

Critique of Katherine Clark’s Sadie Nash Scrollarama assignment:  She obviously overcame questions she may have had about how to use the Scrollarama code, because I don’t really see any quirks or anything in the design.  I feel that the color scheme she chose is appropriate.  It has a young girl feel to it, and this is the crowd that Sadie Nash must appeal to.  I like that she included the goals for women, and the way they come into the screen is really nice.  It gives the viewer a chance to read each one before moving on.  I also really enjoy the human silhouettes that Katherine included, especially if she made them herself.  They are really nice.  Overall, I would say this is a really wonderful example of how Scrollarama can be used to create an interactive and fun display of information.

Zack Behr – Assignment 11


Assignment 11 – Megan Baker


Awesome game is awesome?


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