assignment 11

All the Projects

Homework 1: Web Page 1

Homework 2: Infographic

Homework 3: Hotel Website 1

Hotel Website 2 

Homework 4: Hotel Internal 1

Hotel Internal 2

Homework5: Parrallax

Homework 6: Slider

Homework 7: Provost 1 and Provost Final

Homework 8:GameSalad Game (Inside my FileZilla in the gamesalad folder, no idea how to get it out)

Homework 9: Ecommerce Home and Ecommerce Internal

Homework 10: Scrollrama

Homework 11: Isotope- still working on it

Homework 12: Transitional- no chance of starting

I’d obviously like to have my last two projects dropped because they just don’t exist. You haven’t seen my Game Salad game- it’s similar to whack-a-mole with a 30 second timer and sharks instead of moles because everyone hates sharks. You have also not seen my Scrollarama, of which I am very proud so please look. I think it’s a great promotional-type site for my work. Everything is clickable also which is pretty cool. I’d like an A in this class because I think you can definitely see improvement in my work. I’m doing to do a little defending now:

My Parallax was intentionally dark and moody and I decided not to change it. I searched out those photos and shopped them to all look like that, so I’m sticking by that choice because I still like it. It’s Night Before Christmas-y

My Ecommerce site could definitely use more words, but I still think it’s pretty eegant while being functional and simple

My slider is one of my favorites because I started to shoot for these projects instead of searching for images. It was motivational

My Scrollarama is my favorite. It’s simple and matches my site and is pretty

Anywho, this class was really great and I will definitely be taking more web design classes, most likely after I graduate. I’m even considering a graduate degree… what have you done?!

Have a great Christmas!

Zaza hotel

  • The ‘Z’ looks like the ‘Z’ from Zorro with the line through the middle
  • Create your own logo, (unless it relates, which, it doesn’t)
  • Zaza, sounds like a Spanish woman with her boobs hanging out
  • Clutter of images
  • Hard and annoying to navigate
  • Pick a theme. It feels like Miami, then Mexico, and then a college dorm.
  • Everything does not need a Z in it
  • Needs to have a page specifically for rooms, or make it easier to find
  • rooms
  • Images should be more consistent
  • Organize the pictures better
  • It is nice how the homepage image gets bigger as the window size gets larger
  • Home page is elegant while internal page looks like crap
  • When you click on one of the locations, it should take you to a new page; not a page inside of that site.
  • to or to
  • Why does it when you try to book, it opens in a new link but opens the same link with a calendar?



  • ·              Simple colors used; like a three-color job with red, white, and black.
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Homework 11

I decided to critique  ‘s isotope.

I thought that her isotope is very good. I like that it works like it should and the background is really pretty.

homework 11

This is my Isotope Site.

I want to critique Isabel Kret, i can use one word to say: “cool”~! She changed all the stuff and worked very well, like the background with blue and she add a lot of her own pictures of her life. I checked all the buttons in her page, all the buttons are working and she maybe did several extra pages to make her work completely and fancy. When I click in the music option, there are several videos show up and it’s really cool, I think it’s her own video, everybody will love this, whatever, I like her videos. So I really think she did a good job, perfect, very nice.

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Melissa Sly_homework11_IsotopeSite

Here is my Isotope Site.

I am critiquing Delaney Rice’s E-Commerce site, which was SUPERB. She redesigned and cleaned up the site for her project. I love how much more readability her version of the site had. I have a hard tim with internet shopping, and I am an avid gamer, so locating games and trying not to get lost in the process while using is stressful to me. Her design opened up the dead space to make room for the most important elements of the page. Also, her interior page design was for a Zelda game (Link Between Worlds), which pleased me. I hope that GameStop headquarters sees how convoluted their site is one day soon–so Delaney can save the day!

Class 11

This is my Isotope…only took me 12 hours to do it and almost two weeks just to understand it but its AWSOME!!! AND I MADE A WEBSITE EVEN THOUGH I WAS TAUGHT NOTHING!!! I AM VERY PROUD OF MY WORK!! Yes, there are things that can improved, but damn it don’t ruin my happiness for at least a week! Thank You!


But I really like Ted’s scrollorama thingy (what ever it was called). But I love the colors he used and the interesting things that he have on the site. I feel very awake and positive. I love that he added personality to the original scroll aroma. No he didn’t really change anything visually but he created a story and that is were he added the creativity and his youth is what the project know that Ted made THIS work.

Assignment 11



Here is my isotope! (Ummm for some reason it loads in my browser 10% larger than it does when I preview from DreamWeaver. So Just zoom out once to see how its supposed to look– there’s supposed to be 4 rows of 7.)


I want to critique Natalie’s isotope. I think that she did a beautiful job setting this up. I really like her use of a the paint peeling in the background. It’s fun and colorful, and it adds some quirkiness to the page. I like how engaging her sorting filters are. Also, the work she is displaying is really nice to look at as well. I like the rectangular shape of her blocks instead of the square. Some of the images get cut off though. I was having the same trouble trying to figure out how I could click and get the full image to display and not just a larger square. I still haven’t figured out either, but it would be a cool feature. In terms of improving he website…I think the text for the filter is a little touch to read because the letters are so bold and closely kearned. Also, I would try to figure out why the last sort filter does not line up with its heading. Also the “Natalie Reed” logo is cool but it feels kind of odd being centered. If it were my website I would also include some links that go outside of the page because it feels a little trapped right now. Overall, I am really impressed!!

homework 11


I’m going to critique Rachel’s parallax from homework 5. I like that all of your images are the same size, and everything scrolls nicely. I have a problem with the third image though, as it doesn’t seem to go with the rest of them. While the other three have warm tones and show indoor scenes, the third one is cool and snowy and outdoors. I would change it so that all four are inside, or I would add more variation so that the snowy one doesn’t seem out of place.

Homework 11


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Homework 11

Here is my Isotope

- still working on customizing everything, I think I’m gonna go with an entirely different template and work on getting the sorting function to work.

I chose to critique Isabel’s “Sea Game.” I thought this was a pretty cool game that keeps things simple but fun. I really like the second level, as the animation used was really interesting. The background works well with the colors of the actors as well, as nothing seems to blend in and all actors stand out from the background. One simple addition you could to make to the game would be to add a health bar, or some type of status bar. Or maybe add a score and have the score decrement by some interval every time the actor gets hit. Also, maybe try changing the paths and/or speed of the “lasers” as they fire out from the actors, as this would make them a little harder to predict. Overall I thought this was a really cool game that was simplistic, but set the foundation to something that could turn out to be an awesome game.


Peters Homework11




I shall critique Ted’s isotope.  I enjoy how interactive this isotope is with several options for rearranging and reordering the images.  It may be my low level of knowledge on his chosen subject, but I do not understand how they are arranged.  No matter the selected option for order, they all seem to be random.  I could be completely wrong.

Ted’s Homework 11


For my critique, I have decided to analyze Natalie’s isotope.  Every aspect of her design and composition looks great. From the designed title, to the colorful and fun background, it is apparent that she has spent quite some time on her isotope. Her categories all function properly and seem to be grouped effectively to quickly see what’s wanted to be seen.  She covers a wide variety of mediums by using strong examples of her own work to demonstrate.  Not only is her isotope fun and enjoyable to look at, its very effective in offering the user the necessary information.

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Nadia Homework 11

Here is my Isotope design

Here is my Isotope website

I love Delaney Rice’s homework 10, super duper scrolly rama, one reason is because I love Hayao Miyazaki work. And I love most of the movies that she has posted.



Critique of Rese’s Game


I enjoyed playing Rese’s 420 game. I definitely thought that the pictures should be pngs so there aren’t backgrounds, it would make it look less flat. I really like that there are multiple levels because the second ray gun thing is really impressive. I wish that the policemen were animated, it doesn’t really make sense for the leaves to be animated though so that was a good choice. I think the background could be more relevant to the theme but I like the movement in it. I’m not sure if it’s just blocked by the little play menu when you preview the game in game salad, but I’m not seeing a score. That would be helpful especially with the different levels. The movement in the end scene is cool but I think it could be a little more colorful or have more to it. All and all, nice game, I would love to play more.

homework 11

Classmate critique.

For the blog post, I want to talk about Kara’s scrollarama. I think it is very nice for me, because when I do this home work I have so much trouble to do some things which she did. Such as put back ground on the website, insert a video, and put some nice image user the word. When I tried to do this stuffs, the codes confused me a lot, so I do not know what should I do such as she did. But her work just so good for me. I love the background she used and the image she added to her project. But I think there still some thing could be changed such as the background may be can use a large form picture and fixed on the back so when the word changed the background would not. Any why it is a nice work for me.


This is my homework11

Classmate Critique

Alright, for this blog post I am going to critique Delaney’s holiday sprite. I really enjoyed that she customized the font and actually used handwriting for “from Towson University.” I believe it makes the thought more personal and visually appealing for the viewer. The mug and cookies animation is AWESOME, the only thing I would go back and check is the placement of the mug in each frame because it seems to glitch a little, and either make that more noticeable so it seems intentional or alter it so the mug is in the same spot throughout the movement… that is me being nit-picky. Finally, I would change the balloon animation to something more festive like possibly a candy cane or gift box? Balloons just don’t seem to fit for that. I love the background colors and the stars, maybe see what they would look like if it continued up behind the text, just to see but it may be too cluttered. Other than that I think she did a really great job with this project and understanding the possible uses of sprites!

Homework 10+11 super post

Well there’s a lot that I missed, but here’s a super post with everything!

Firstly, here’s my scrollarama.

It isn’t about winter break but I figured, it’s way more upbeat if it isn’t.

For the random blog, I’ll talk about all the rap music I downloaded this week. In the wee hours of Thursday morning, Thanksgiving Day, I found a mother-load of 90′s rap music – Outkast, Run DMC, the good Lil Wayne rap, you name it – this guys had it all, compressed into a zip file, ready for download. I couldn’t imagine why I’d want 697 songs worth of this stuff, but for some reason I found myself deciding that I would stay up later to download it – I mean it was already 3AM, what’s another hour? Overflowing with the glee of containing more rap music than I will ever play on my itunes library, I waited approximately 30 minutes for the glory that is is this zip file. I impatiently kept checking it, while re-watching the first season of American Horror Story (I mean, who wouldn’t want to re-watch the weirdness that Ryan Murphy dragged from the dredges of his mind?). Anyways, the allotted 30 minutes was up; I had it all. Names I’ve never heard of, songs I would never listen to, and a couple of new favorite rap artists later, I decided to sleep at 4 AM. Shout out to the person that complied all of this stuff.

Second order of business is my isotope.

It’s not done yet, but it’s gonna be filled with cute dogs and other adorable creatures.

Anyways, to critique somebody’s work from last week, I’m going to tackle Rachel’s packing for break Scrollarama. Everything is pretty straight forward – it’s neat, clean, and well organized. The only thing I would take a second look at is how I can’t seem to move past that pink dress, I just keep getting bumped back up. Other than that, nice job!!

Assignment 11

Here’s my isotope.


For my blog post, I’ll be critiquing Natalie Reed’s parallax from homework assignment 5. Here’s the link to it. What I really liked about her parallax was the background pictures she used. She found really good quality photos that emphasized what she was trying to draw attention to. I also really liked the font she used in the “Happy Holidays” that shows across the center of each frame. That particular font is easy to read and the use of a snowflake as the dot for the “i” is very creative. Things that could improve are the legibility of the fonts in the lower left hand corner, especially for slide 4. Also, I noticed in the last slide, she wrote “Lovel” instead of “Lovely” which is an easy fix. Overall though, I really enjoyed the parallax and the “Warm Thoughts” slide was my favorite because she used more than one image scrolling through (gloves, cookies, hot chocolate). I do think the turkey picture could be taken out though.


My actual isotope site.

Another isotope design.

(I wasn’t sure whether we needed both so I just did both.)