Assignment 10—Jonathan Kwak:

960 grid: 

Class page redesign:
This isn’t complete, not even close. It looks awkward. I didn’t give myself enough time, but I was focusing on organization.
I thought it would be more organized if the class pages could somehow be displayed in a type of slider,
because of the number of videos that are included on that page.  I thought this could also double as the homepage because it is a class page.
I planned on having an assignments link underneath the slider, so class 10 would hold everyone’s assignment 10 projects.
This would also be nicely organized for someone who isn’t in the class. Hopefully.

For the navigation links I was thinking:

Classes or home
Homework – assignments as they’re posted
Blog – blog entries
Roster – to follow progression of a particular student

Shelbea West — Assignment 10

I have attached a home page design and an example of an internal page design.

I’d like to design video games and create concept art in the future, so I’ve decided to design a website that features concept art by other artists that inspire me.

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Assignment 10-Max Resnick

Interactive Media Redesign Website:

I recreate the “Interactive Media” class website. The old website was pretty confusing and hard to navigate through the  search bar. Also the website need a more attention-grabbing feature within the homepage to make the composition pop. Therefore, I made the new website more easy to navigate through by making a bigger search bar and links to bring the class to homework, classwork, readings, etc. PLus I added color to make the overall design more interesting.

Assignment10- Joan Lam


Almost there!!!!

Amy Balcerak Assignment 10

Assignment 10- Kelly Weiland

Here is a website for our class:


Cunningham Kelsey Assignment 10


uh yeah…

Assignment 10 – Ashley Hauck

Within the last year or so, I have become much more familiar with Illustrator and vector art. As an inspiration for my own vector work, I like to find other artists who have similar design style as me. For this assignment I decided to create a website based on a list of numerous vector artists. Here is an example of my homepage and artists page:


Artists Page



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Kathy Wyche — Assignment 10

“Art of Print” website

I have been becoming more familiar with famous designers in my classes and learning about the relationship between text and image in Typography and GD1. I’ve had several journal assignments that involve researching different designers’ work, so why not make a webpage dedicated to some print artists!?

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Jackie Conley Assignment 10

This is an invitation design that I’ve been working on with my typography professor. I’d like to eventually turn it into a website that gives out details like directions, photos, and further information.

Homework Assignment 10 / Kaitlin Mueller


I think I had… fun? doing this assignment… oh boy.

Blog Post #10

I’m pretty sure I was meant to live alone. I mean, I will have a family one day that I will live with, but I can’t do roommates. I’m not good at sharing space. Or dishes. And I like things cleaner than many people want to keep them. I need privacy and quiet, and I just don’t get that when I live with people. I get home from class or work and I just want to be able to walk into my house and relax without having to make small talk with someone. I want things to stay where I put them. I want things to stay clean if I clean them. I guess I need to get used to that.  Or train whoever lives with me, like my parents did. To this day, I never put dishes in the sink. I never put “food trash” in any trash can other than the kitchen one. I wipe off counters if I make a mess. If I use up all the milk, I go get another one. Haha I’m pretty hard to live with.

Spritely Lion

It opens up correctly in safari but in chrome, the dimensions aren’t right and i couldn’t figure it out. None the less here is my project

Steffan P. Spritely project re-done.

Steffan Petersen Spritely Project RE-SUBMITTION!!!


Assignment 10

Blog Post Number 10</h3

Personally, my favorite site that uses Spritely is Ikayzo, if only because of its subtlety, but also because it is used as an element in a fantastic design instead of being the lynchpin of the design.

Blog Post for 4/18: Elizabeth Owens (“Spritely Site Example”)

My favorite Spritely site of the moment is a web design firm called Pixelbäcker: This website is cute and funny, but very efficient! However, I recommend that if wish to be able to read the website, you’re going to have to learn German. Or open up Google Chrome and let the browser translate it for you. Ultmately, the design triumphs over the language barrier by using a little bit of Spritely at the top; the site also uses original, subtly-animated characters that represent different pages of the site (Contact, Gallery, etc.).

Justin Dashiell Assignment 10

Assignment 10

Homework Assignment #10: Elizabeth Owens

Sarah Brown: Homework #10