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Assignment 10 – Blog Post – Kelly Weiland

Since you gave us no topic for our blog post today I think I’ll tell you about something that happened to me this summer when I was visiting florida. It was a bright sunny morning and we had just gotten back to my family’s house after eating a very fulfilling breakfast, in which I enjoyed warm buttery pancakes and some hot smoked sausage. It was a gorgeous day and my uncle was planning on taking us out on his boat to enjoy some deep water fishing. I had never fished before and wasn’t exactly thrilled about the idea of deep sea fishing. However I pushed my negativity aside and decided to elevate my excitement in the thought of trying something new. As the boat sped out, we were finally far enough away so that the shoreline looked like a tiny doll house city. This made me anxious. Then the fun really started when my dad suddenly remember that he has extreme motion sickness and was getting sick off the side of the boat for the entire afternoon. Instead of accepting my uncles offer to take him back to shore, he proceeded to get sick for the entire afternoon. GROSS. About two hours had passed, and my uncle hadn’t caught a thing, not even a nibble, which I find funny because the whole afternoon consisted of him bragging about the time he caught an 8 foot shark (yeah right). I was bored out of my mind and at this point was so excited to head back to shore that I couldn’t even bear the thought of trying to catch a fish for myself. After some more time had passed, my uncle said “We are not leaving this fishing trip until you try it at least once!” This certainly perked me up. So I hopped over and grabbed the equipment in hopes of leaving this excursion soon. Pretending to listen to my uncles lengthy instructions on how to catch a fish, I rolled my eyes and thought, gee this can’t be too hard. Finally I cast the rod and waited. No bites. It was so extremely boring I didn’t understand how anyone could ever be attracted to something so mundane. After about 20 minutes I was about to give up. Telling my uncle I tried my best, he did his best to encourage me and tell me that I’d have better luck next time…. (next time? Yeah right). I was just about the pull in the rod when I felt something tugging on the other end of the rod… you have got to be kidding me. I could barely hold on as what ever it was that had been pulling me weighed a ton!!! My uncle, my dad, and my cousin had to help me pull it in as I waited in anticipation to see what it was. A 4 FOOT BULL SHARK! I couldn’t believe my eyes. I yelled at my mom to hurry and snap a picture, but as we were pulling the shark opened its mouth and flashed us a preview of his pearly whites, and my uncle screamed like an 7 year old girl who just found out the boogie man lives in her closet. He ran to the other end of the boat in fright, which in turn set the shark free, before my mom could even get a picture. You think I would be mad, but I will never forget the way my uncle screamed at the sight of the shark, seeing how he is such a “rough and tough fisherman.” I was proud of myself even if there was no proof to anyone else, and that scream will forever be one of my favorite memories of my uncle.

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Well my post is going to be about how much I hate super scrollorama. It seemed like every time I got it to work, it would blow up if I made one change. After I got through this project I can actually say I am happy with this piece but i don’t see me using this animation style again. Can’t believe its almost the end of the semester. Well the good thing is I am actually graduating.

Brightful, Tyray_assignment10

Sadie Nash

AFTER completing this assignment, I found it to be somewhat fun. I was stuck for about an hour and a half looking for something in my code that  would allow the whole title to animate; because the word ‘Project’ was longer than 5 letters that were initially used for the word ‘orama’ , I had to add more code to animate the last couple of letters. It was a huge pain in the *** to figure out how to import images beneath, or even beside the words. I probably could not see me using this whole thing for a website; however, the greensock tweening thingy was very useful and I will be using that later on. Not a bad assignment!

Clark, Katherine – Assignment 10

Fake Images is a site that aims to assist a developer or designer with templates by providing an image to insert as a placeholder until the image can be provided. You already know the size of the image, so why go through the trouble of making them when Fake Images has already done it for you? Just point to their site in your code and enter the size of the image : <img src="">.

Something I found while looking is Hexaflip.

It’s got potential for a 3D portfolio- square images look flat until you click and flip boxes to the side and up and down. Look at other projects on the Oxism site. There are some cool interactive folding images that act as brochures called Oridomi and a method of diagonally skewing images called Maskew.

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Assignment10- Joan Lam

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3 more weeks of classes….yeahhhh

Assignment 10 – Kathy Wyche

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“Post an entry to your blog” he says…

Okay, will do! I’ll talk about my summer plans (woo). I’m studying abroad in Athens, Greece for a month. I will be studying art history. I am beyond excited/nervous/anxious. I don’t know anyone personally who is going so I’m going pretty out of my comfort zone. I’m really happy to be able to have this opportunity. I’ve been wanting to travel to Greece for some time now and to be able to learn about something I love while I’m there is just… great.

Jasmine Johnson – Assignment 10


I’m assuming you wanted our blog post to be about our experience with working with this, and honestly, I didn’t think it was too bad.  If  I had spent more time customizing it and actually started it from scratch, I may have enjoyed it. Having been able to do what I had done in an hour, I’d say it was fairly easy to work with.

Assignment 10 – Kelly Weiland


Cody Swann Assignment 10

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After working with superscrollorama I really don’t think there is much use for it in actual web design.  Do not get me wrong, it is a fun little plugin to mess with and manipulate but for the actual worth of it I do not see much.  I feel as if it is to quirky and annoying for actual content people want to be reading.  The greensock tweening on the otherhand is very useful and I am glad I was introduced to it.  I can definitely see myself working with that for future projects and everyone else should as well.



Zack Behr – Assignment 10

Yeah this wasn’t very fun…  Just sayin’.

Superscrollorama that breaks every 5 secs

Anthony Barsotti – Assignment 10

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The Tuts+ Network of websites include two sites that I really love: Webdesign Tuts+ and Net Tuts+. I have learned an immense amount from their in-depth tutorials, both written and video. I think that anyone who is interested in web design or development should follow them closely because their tutorials cover such a diverse range of subjects. Recent posts on Net Tuts+ have included tutorials on Ruby on Rails, PHP frameworks like Laravel, and an especially interesting tutorial series where they go step by step on how to build a Twitter clone called Ribbit, starting from the design portion (where they utilize the stylesheet pre-processor LESS to make CSS more efficient) and then creating the actual application in Ruby on Rails (what Twitter actually uses), PHP, and a Python framework called Django. They go through the process of creating custom MVC frameworks with each of the languages from scratch which I found very useful.

Webdesign Tuts+ includes posts that deal more with design skills and best practices with a few HTML, CSS and Javascript tutorials thrown in to help readers to actually create the real, working version of what they have designed. Their posts cover everything from web typography to introductions on how to use stylesheet pre-processors like Sass. Their site also includes tutorials on how to create interactive elements on your sites utilizing Javascript or JQuery.

Overall, the entire Tuts+ network is extremely useful and I recommend them to anyone who works in a digital medium. Their network is constantly expanding and currently includes sites that cover After Effects, audio production, computer craphics, app development, and even crafts. All of their sites can be accessed via any Tuts+ website at any time by clicking the dropdown arrow next to the logo in the upper left-hand corner.

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Blog Post: has become an invaluable tool for me in regards to learning anything I wish to know about graphic and web design. It has tutorials available ranging from beginning Photoshop to learning php. Tons of software programs, social media, coding and levels of proficiencies are available. The possibilities are endless with

I discovered in my Web1 class and fell in love. It is so informative and detailed. The videos allow me to watch as I learn and pause if I need to back up or step away. I signed up recently because I want to learn all that I can and will allow me to learn and perfect the skills that I want, on my own time and at my own pace.

You can try out at $25 a month, $37.50 a month for premium access or sign up for an annual subscription at $250 or $375 for Premium. I initially signed up for the basic $250 annual subscription but was largely disappointed. It did not offer nearly enough for me to feel that the $250 was worth it. I plunged ahead and upgraded to the premium annual subscription. At $125 more than the basic, it is definitely worth the upgrade. Everything is available to you and you just learn so much.

Brandon Peters – Assignment 10



Blog Post:


What’s a GIF? a GIF is fun, funny, weird, simple, quick, clever, and can be useful. GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format.


The GIF has been around for a long long time, it can be pronounced as either “Giff” or “Jiff”, either way works. It was first introduced in 1987, and it’s original name was 87a. It has stuck around for so many years and is still used everyday in numerous different applications on the web. Its popularity has even grown, as it has become a popular tool for comical or satirical expression. There are also unique and artistic forms of GIFs that are made, see this link for more.
GIFs are here to stay, and I cannot see them going away for some time.


Assignment 10 – Megan Baker

Yeah it’s bright pink… I’m busy and I like pink….. DONE.

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Blog Post – Assignment 10 – Kristabelle DelaCruz

Here are some random thoughts. This semester has flown by and I honestly don’t know where the time went. And to think, I’m graduating college this coming Spring. The fact that I am so close to graduating is absolutely crazy and it hasn’t hit me yet. There’s so many things running through me head and it’s already difficult enough to make time to study and do the work I have for this semester. Thinking about my plans after graduation is quite overwhelming. It’s all about options, options, options. People keep asking me what I want to do after I graduate and all I keep saying is, “I’m just keeping my options open.” I never limit myself when it comes down to something I want to do or achieve. Even though I’ll be a college graduate, I want to continue to do big things for myself and keep myself busy in whatever I decide to do. So many emotions going through me and all I want is to get through it and reach the goal of success. I am nervous, stressed, anxious, and tired…etc. After all of this, maybe I’ll just sleep for a very long time. Yeah right, I wish.

Assignment 10 – Kristabelle DelaCruz

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Assignment 10 – Zack Behr

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