Justin D Homework 1

Homework #1


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Kevin Beach: Assignment 1

The Story

Homework 1 – Steffan Petersen

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Assignment 1

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Homework Assignment #1

This is a story told to me from my mother…

Back in 1979 when I was in college, my sister, Phyllis, and I went out on a Sunday evening with two of our friends to Old Town Alexandria. We had gone out for food and a couple of drinks, since the drinking age back then was only 18. While the rest of us had only a drink or two, Phyllis seemed to be more intoxicated than the rest of us, for some unknown reason.

We left the bar and decided to walk to the Fish Market that was on King St. As we walked, we saw a man and a woman walking together. The girls and I talked and thought the man looked just like William Conrad, who was a famous actor who played a private detective on a TV show called “Cannon.” This man matched all of Conrad’s qualities: his portly size, his dark mustache & thinning hair, and his constant cigar-smoking.

Phyllis, who was now drunk as a skunk, ran up to the man and asked, “Are you Mr. CANNON?” The rest of us were so embarrassed, and yelled to Phyllis, “It’s Mr. CONRAD, not Cannon!” Being too intoxicated to listen, Phyllis repeated the question. Mr. Conrad turned around and said, “Yes, I’m William Conrad. Cannon is just the guy I play on TV.”

Phyllis then turned to the woman next to Mr. Conrad and said, “OH, this must be MRS. CANNON!!” I was mortified and quietly blurted out, “Oh, crap.” Mr. Conrad attempted to say, “Well, no, this isn’t my wife,” but was quickly interrupted by Phyllis as she drunkenly whispered, “That’s OK, I won’t tell anybody!” Mr. Conrad explained, “No, this is my cousin! I came to Alexandria to visit her.”

Next, Phyllis looked down and saw that Mr. Conrad was holding a cigar, and decided to ask him “When you’re done with that, can I have your cigar so I can give it to my dad?” Mr. Conrad politely replied, “I really don’t think your father would like to have this old, disgusting cigar!”

As Mr. Conrad & his cousin walked away, Phyllis danced around in her drunken stupor singing “I MET MR. CANNON!” When we went home that night, I told our father what happened, and he said, “Thank GOD she didn’t bring back that cigar.”

Homework #1

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Homework 1

old story

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Homework #1

One day we decided to head on up to the carnival with your family. It was your grandfather,
your father, your mother, and me. We had always gone up to the carnival when your father was
younger and we hadn’t been in a long time.

I did my usual thing of sitting at the bingo booth while your father and mother went with
your grandfather to try out some of the food and play a few games to try and win some money
or these nice fruit baskets they would give out.

I don’t believe anyone had luck that day because the fun was cut short by a thunderstorm
that was rolling in. Your mom and dad had already began walking back to the car while I had
stopped to grab a hamburger real quick before we left. Your grandfather came walking by as
he was heading to the car and saw me getting a burger.

He said, “Oh jee wizz Jackie, it could be hurricane Hazel out here and you’d stop for food.”
As quick as I could I took my hamburger and flung it at him like a frisbee.

I stormed off toward the car so we could head home and it started raining on me and your
grandfather was following behind me. He always had a big mouth, and we got in the car and
headed home.

Sarah Brown: Homework #1 + Revision


Revision Based on Critique: 1972 Revision

Add Color, change the way the screen shifts to give more interesting motion.

Revision: 5-2-2012

Ian Law; Assignment 1

In 1969 my father was an energetic little child at the age of five. My father would run outside to play with the neighborhood kids for hours on end. On one particular afternoon, he ran through the house to play outside, but he stopped to grab a Snyder’s of Hanover sourdough pretzel (one of his favorite snacks). He ran through the house to the back door, threw the door open and walked out onto the back porch.

A set of old wooden stairs lead from the back porch to the yard, and to the left of the stairs was an angled metal door that opened to the basement. Running to the stairs, my father flung his leg over the left railing to slide down it as he often did.

With pretzel in hand he slid down the rail, but about half way down he slipped and fell to the left side of the steps. There was a moment in which he felt himself falling down the ten foot drop to the ground.

My father slammed into the cold steel of the basement door, and pieces of shattered pretzel flew from his hand.

My uncle, who had been playing nearby, heard sobs coming from the yard. He ran from around the corner to see his brother crying and in shock.

“Are you ok?” my uncle asked concernedly.

Through his sobbing my father responded “I broke my pretzel!”.

They went back into the house and found that my father was unhurt. They gave him another pretzel, and before long he was playing with his friends in the backyard again.

Updated Illustrations for Homework 1

Homework Assignment # 1

Class 9/7

Class tonight was much more productive than I would have guessed. We had a nice critique of each homework assignment and then we learned how to implement the plugin that allows for the ‘Ken Burns Effect’. Despite my web design anxiety, I found that the task was much much easier than I would have expected. I can’t wait to move forward and learn more!

Im shaun

i want to expand my knowledge in this class just lean as much as i can.



Homework Assignment # 1

Homework 1 Short Story

This is the true story of my uncle Steve. He lives outside Atlantic City, New Jersey.

One day, I finally grew up in the world.

I had a successful job, steady income, a nice house in the suburbs, my own car and even a woman I loved

When the time was right, I asked that woman to marry me. She said no.

I felt lonely, until I started really hanging out with my friends

We went fishing, and surfing, and played tons of golf together

Eventually, I made even more friends and we traveled the world.

I could always come back to my house, fart whenever I wanted and leave the toilet seat up.

I lived happily ever after. The end.


A man I know, who has a military and government background (who will remain anonymous) told me a story about how the Government decided to control the people. He says that after the riots in the late 70s, the government needed a way to control the people. He says that in the early 80s, the Government began a study to figure out how exactly to go about this. In cases of disease, anarchy, and civil unrest, the people need to be contained. “If you notice, every major metropolitan city has a major beltway/interstate around it”. In our case, it’s 695. He goes on to explain that the walls around the interstate are not for reducing noise but are to serve as a barrier. He also points out that there are several military bases located at multiple exits along the highway. Locally, there is one in Towson and one in Pikesville – these make it easier for the Government to shut down the exits – thus quarantining us within our city. Close military bases he said allow the government and military to secure the area and “protect” the rest of the outside population. (Obviously this intended only for extreme cases) Hard to believe at first but if you think about it it’s possible right? And we all know the Government won’t ever tell us the truth.

Homework 1 – Story

This story is the first time my dad took my mom to a vertical cave.































Homework #1 – Storyboard

My storyboard tells a story that my dad once told me about his younger, more mischievous days:

“It was a summer afternoon when I was about twelve and my sisters and I were all playing outside together. Unfortunately, the fun and games never really lasted that long.

Before I knew it, Jenny was threatening to steal my bike if I didn’t let her play with the soccer ball.

I laughed at her. I even had the nerve to triple dog dare her!

Next thing I knew, Jenny bolted past me and sped away on my bike. Oh she was asking for it, alright. I took off running after her.

She got scared and jumped off the bike, but I continued to chase her…

…all the way into a pricker bush.

And there, I chopped off all her hair with my mother’s sewing shears.”