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Homework Assignment 1 – Kathy Wyche

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Paul Shiah Homework 1

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Assignment 1-swest7

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Homework Assignment 1 / Kaitlin Mueller


I too stood in the hallway outside room 4030 filled with hope thinking that on day one of class, this professor I’d not heard of was a no-show. So I was thinking I could go home, go out, whatever. Awesome!   -_-  Just kidding. Not our class. We’re actually 10 minutes late for class. Bummer. Sean’s lecture was thought provoking, for sure. I was both happy and scared shitless that this professor was confrontational about verbalizing our thoughts and questions. I think this class will be rigorous, which is cool… but I’m really wishing I knew squat about web design right about now.


Assignment 1:

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Assignment 1 – Zack Behr

Jackie Conley Assignment 1

Assignment 1 -Ashley Hauck

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Assignment 1-Max Resnick

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HW Assignment #1

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Assignment 1 – Kristabelle DelaCruz

Assignment 1

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First Class

So, I pretty much sat through the first class debating between wetting my pants from being so scared, curling into the fetal position from being told to quit, or laughing because if you actually listen Sean is hilarious. In the end, although I was terrified, I realized I’ve already been in college for almost 6 years, its time to suck it up and fight on. If anyone comes back for next class, I’m excited to be in a class with people who I know were just as terrified to be there, but are ready to take on the challenge. Sounds like it will be tough, and eye opening, but I’ve already survived light class with Sam Holden, so I’m pretty sure I can survive this. But now that I’ve typed this, I know what probably won’t be the case. Here’s hoping!!


- Kelly Adams

I know my linkedin says Kelly Franchy. I was married two weeks ago, and legally my last name is Franchy, I’m just not changing it at school so I can have my maiden name on my degree.

or I’m just trying to confuse everyone.

Whichever works.

Homework Assignment #13: Elizabeth Owens

Ken Burns: Elizabeth Owens

Kevin Beach: Ken Burns: Assignment 1

Ken Burns JQuery

homework 1 redo

i animated the first weeks assignment

Assignment1 – Steffan Petersen

Lucas Roe – Homework 1

Unfortunately, my homework is not complete. I’ll post what I have so far.

This is a story told to me by my co-worker, Nancy.

When I was young, I had hip surgery. This was in the 50s, so I had this
giant plaster cast. It covered my entire leg and part of my torso.


baby with cast, in horrible colors
My mother had put me down for a nap, not considering that my bed was next to a window
I pushed the screen out and fell into the garden.
Thankfully my neighbor saw me land in the flower bed, but imagine my mother's
suprise when she answered the door to see the neighbor holding me!






Homework 1

I was born and raised in Greece


However, I wanted to see what this “American Dream” was all about. So i hopped on a plane with just my passport and a couple of bucks


I finally made it to NYC, the year was 1970


*wind sound*


woodstock?? There were signs everywhere.. I knew i had to be there.

I hitch-hiked a few rides


I had no clue what i was in for

lets just say the trip was AMAZING