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Please post an entry on the blog of at least three sentences focusing on

Unrelated But Interesting: Installation /  Performance

There was an installation art piece in George Town. The artists name is Ernest Zacharevic’s, he is an artist that does art on the street. This is interesting because the city makes him take down most of his work. However his latest work was allowed to stay up. The latest work is a golden frame on a hole in the road. This is interesting to me because its cool art but also the fact that the art is in constant danger of being damaged by cars and by weather.

Please post an entry in your blog.  Take a screenshot of your favorite site and explain why – in a full paragraph at least – you like it so much.

My favorite site is This site is great because of the information it can tell you. This information is about the computers and technology which is information that I love. The cite is also easy to use and they have cool hacks and that can make your computer supper fast. They also talk about gaming on the site and I am a huge gamer. This site is my favorite because it has all the information that I care about on one site. Also, I tried to put a picture but it wouldn’t let me paste it.

Find a website that you love with multimedia, animations or some sort of immersive vivid media experience. write a paragraph on why you love it and link to it on the blog.

I think this site is awesome. It has cool artwork and it also shows how the make wiskey at the jack Daniels distillery. When you click on the labels it takes you to specific buildings in the site and then it brings up information on what that building does and when that building was made. I think this is great because it is a great way to make an informational cite if this was made to be ecommerce or a communicational cite it would be to slow and the animation would distract from the purpose of the cite.

Please post an entry in your blog about the Reading below.  Can you imagine being an artist with 1000 true fans?  How would you contact them?

If I had a thousand fans tomorrow I would get in contact with them by using social media. Using sites like facebook and twitter would make my life a lot easier because it helps you sort all the information you get from then fans and lets me respond to fans that I feel deserve it. It also, lets me post my events and ideas so that my fans can read them and can comment on them so that there is a line of communication. Lastly, If I had a thousand fans and I was rich I could hire people to go through my facebook and twitter and have them sort information for me.


Peters HW12


Here are four talent agencies in baltimore. Taylor royal inc, Dazzling Star model, A MTM Agency-Model And talent Management, the KDB Group. The MTM Agency-Model and Talent Management is the only agency that had good reviews and success stories.

Hotel Zaza Critique

Team Members: Steve Elliott, Peter Oliveto, Melissa Sly



1. Logo

-needs either needs to stand out more, or have some kind of background to keep it from blending in with the background photos

2. Booking mask

- reamins inconsistent from page to page, i.e. Here the booking mask link is on the left side of the page, while here the booking mask is on the right side of the screen

3. Calendar Events

- need to rethink how they portray calendar events. The small window that appears has slow response time / confusing delay.

- their full “calendar events” page seems entirely too repetitive on this page

4. Page Transition

- When clicking links to new pages, an informative paragraph slides in, and then 1-2 seconds later the photo changes. Yet, there are some pages where this functionality isn’t present. Too much inconsistency makes things uncomfortable.

5. Photo Gallery

- it takes some searching to find a photo gallery. Not easily apparent. Organization of their gallery needs to be cleaned up. i.e Here we see that the bottom of their gallery is too jagged . The red background texture should be reconsidered.

- When resizing the window in their gallery it looks choppy and glitchy. Possibly incoporate functionality from the “Isotope” assignment for their gallery.

6. Full Screen from  Photo Gallery

- when clicking the “Full Screen” button on the photo gallery screen here, the logo with a square red texture stays consistent on each page, which doesn’t have too much of  a purpose.



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Homework 6

Here is my Slider

Here’s my desk




1,000 Fans

Honestly, if I had 1,000 true fans, I would most definitely need to hire a person to be my mediator. I hardly want to deal with “fans” and I’m really just looking to do exactly what Kelly said: create and shoot. I’m sure you feel the same way, in that, you already spend a ton of time working on your stuff, why would you then want to cater to a bunch of people clamoring for your work in your free time?

Now, if I HAD to contact 1,000 fans, I would probably use a social media site. Very few people visit individual websites unless they have a specific intention or if they have been called to do so on a site that they frequent. I use Instagram and Facebook to update people on my work, but I don’t think they really care and neither do I, so it’s infrequent and often half-assed. I would, most definitely, enjoy having 1,000 true fans… as long as someone else had to deal with them.

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1000 Fans

If in some fictional world where one thousand people were true fans it would be difficult to contact and interact with them.To fix this I would engage in a social media. I would use facebook, twitter, and my own personal website. This would allow me to talk to all these people and understand all their ideas and comments. I would probably also hire assistants to look through all this information to help me manage it all.

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Jasmine Johnson – Assignment 14

Despite the fact that I’m sitting here in class tonight, I still wanted to share a little “blurb” about why i think I deserve the grade I want.  To be modest, and at the same time, reasonable, I feel as though I deserve either a B+ or an A-.  I will admit that through half of the semester, I did struggle with figuring out what you were looking for in the class and how you expected us to complete each weekly project, but I do feel as though I have grown in the class since the midterm (for which I received a B, thank goodness).  There were a few assignments that I barely grasped the concept or flat-out even didn’t complete, but I was able to go back and complete them, GameSalad and Flash, for example.  Being someone that attended every class, participated with a positive attitude, and definitely gave her all in every project attempt, I feel as though that is grounds for receiving an A-…. BUT, knowing you, I could accept you knocking that down to a B+, which I do feel more confident about.

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Assignment 13 – Blog Post – Kelly Weiland

Life is actually pretty tough right now! I know I know, the typical “I’m so stressed because of finals” talk is being thrown around like footballs, but I honestly am stressed out! Being a Junior my classes are getting continually tougher, and on top of the normal finals stress, I had to put together my portfolio to screen for the Graphic Design major. This was the biggest stress I had felt all year because it is so important to me and I can’t tell you how happy I am that that part is over and done with! School is only a few days short of being done for the summer, and let me tell you, I could really use the break. It’s going to be weird coming back in the fall being a Senior. I don’t know where these last 3 years have gone, and time really does fly. So I guess if time is flying by I am having some sort of fun (sorry, I know that pains you to hear) and I shouldn’t really be complaining.

Assignment 12 – Blog Post – Kelly Weiland

When I googled: Talent Placement Agency I got several results. I clicked the first four agencies listed for my search and those were: Trillium Staffing, Best of Staffing, Creative Placement, and United Talent staffing.

1. Trillium Staffing- This website isn’t AWFUL, but I don’t particularly enjoy it either. Only the middle / body text of the home page scrolls, and there is a non moving crowd of people at the bottom of the page which is honestly a little distracting. The color palette is okay, just doesn’t do much for me. There is one pop of color on the “Place Order” button which doesn’t really make sense to me. I wish the designer thought more carefully about the palette. This website is just kind of vanilla.


2. Best of Staffing- I think the overall design of this page is nice. There is a clear hierarchy, and it looks clean and organized. The only thing that bugs me a little is the pop up questions that come automatically when you enter the site. I understand that they are only there to aid the user in finding what they are looking for, but I am the kind of person who likes to find it on my own without being disrupted by pop ups. Overall though I feel the design of this website is very successful.


3. Creative Placement – I feel like this website is on the right track, but there is some awkwardness in the overall layout. I enjoy the mix of photos and text but in places it can be a little confusing. I also almost wish the nav was a little larger in size, and the photos on the top right just didn’t exist. Like I said, this website is on the right track, just needs some fine tuning.


4. United Talent- Oh boy did I save the best for last…. This website is scary. Choice in imagery is extremely important when designing a webpage and the woman in the picture is actually frightening. If I was researching talent agencies and saw that photo I would immediately leave the site. There are definitely some typographic issues, some hierarchal issues, and just overall design no-no’s!!!! (Like what is that Jobs Available doing at the very bottom of the circle it’s placed in.. awkward). Basically this was my least favorite one that I came across, if you couldn’t tell.

Assignment 11 – Blog Post – Kelly Weiland

I’ve decided to critique Anthony’s landing page for the Las Vegas Country Club. I really enjoy his imagery in this piece, and I think it would be very enticing to a golfer. I enjoy the color palette that he chose and I also love the overlapping semi-transparent black strip that he used to place his text in. It automatically draws attention to the words (the call to action) and the imagery. The only thing I would consider changing is the very top of the landing page where the logo is. I feel like the balance of this piece is a little off, and I would maybe try writing “Las Vegas Country Club” on one line filling the entire top part of the green box with the logo next to it. I think this might help the overall balance of the piece, and give the name of the Country Club a better hierarchy. Other than that I think this design is beautiful and extremely effective!


Assignment 10 – Blog Post – Kelly Weiland

Since you gave us no topic for our blog post today I think I’ll tell you about something that happened to me this summer when I was visiting florida. It was a bright sunny morning and we had just gotten back to my family’s house after eating a very fulfilling breakfast, in which I enjoyed warm buttery pancakes and some hot smoked sausage. It was a gorgeous day and my uncle was planning on taking us out on his boat to enjoy some deep water fishing. I had never fished before and wasn’t exactly thrilled about the idea of deep sea fishing. However I pushed my negativity aside and decided to elevate my excitement in the thought of trying something new. As the boat sped out, we were finally far enough away so that the shoreline looked like a tiny doll house city. This made me anxious. Then the fun really started when my dad suddenly remember that he has extreme motion sickness and was getting sick off the side of the boat for the entire afternoon. Instead of accepting my uncles offer to take him back to shore, he proceeded to get sick for the entire afternoon. GROSS. About two hours had passed, and my uncle hadn’t caught a thing, not even a nibble, which I find funny because the whole afternoon consisted of him bragging about the time he caught an 8 foot shark (yeah right). I was bored out of my mind and at this point was so excited to head back to shore that I couldn’t even bear the thought of trying to catch a fish for myself. After some more time had passed, my uncle said “We are not leaving this fishing trip until you try it at least once!” This certainly perked me up. So I hopped over and grabbed the equipment in hopes of leaving this excursion soon. Pretending to listen to my uncles lengthy instructions on how to catch a fish, I rolled my eyes and thought, gee this can’t be too hard. Finally I cast the rod and waited. No bites. It was so extremely boring I didn’t understand how anyone could ever be attracted to something so mundane. After about 20 minutes I was about to give up. Telling my uncle I tried my best, he did his best to encourage me and tell me that I’d have better luck next time…. (next time? Yeah right). I was just about the pull in the rod when I felt something tugging on the other end of the rod… you have got to be kidding me. I could barely hold on as what ever it was that had been pulling me weighed a ton!!! My uncle, my dad, and my cousin had to help me pull it in as I waited in anticipation to see what it was. A 4 FOOT BULL SHARK! I couldn’t believe my eyes. I yelled at my mom to hurry and snap a picture, but as we were pulling the shark opened its mouth and flashed us a preview of his pearly whites, and my uncle screamed like an 7 year old girl who just found out the boogie man lives in her closet. He ran to the other end of the boat in fright, which in turn set the shark free, before my mom could even get a picture. You think I would be mad, but I will never forget the way my uncle screamed at the sight of the shark, seeing how he is such a “rough and tough fisherman.” I was proud of myself even if there was no proof to anyone else, and that scream will forever be one of my favorite memories of my uncle.

Assignment 9 – Blog Post – Kelly Weiland

One website I enjoy that uses flash is : this one. Made by Rafael Rozendaal, this net art is something that is highly interactive and interesting. The user just clicks inside the boxes and the boxes change color and size, making the user responsible for the unique end product. I think these types of websites are cool because what makes humans happier than the simple changing of colors and boxes, it captures our attention and makes us addicted! Overall very cool website designed with flash.

Assignment 7 – Blog Post – Kelly Weiland

How dare you ask what our favorite website is ?! THERE ARE SO MANY COOL ONES! I thought I’d share this one with you since its really awesome and interactive. Very random, but I stumbled upon the Zune site last year and I love it. All of the bright colors and fun animations make the website come to life (sorry, there is some pink involved, but it works). I always enjoy a website that wants the user to be a part of the experience by clicking or dragging things to make other things happen. This website is almost mesmerizing as it takes you through the different stages of a fantasy land. Now what this has to do with a Zune MP3 player…… good question I’m not sure. I do however enjoy the aesthetics of the webpage! I would have attached a screen shot of the website, but it would not do it any justice so here is the link

Assignment 4 – Blog Post – Kelly Weiland

After reading why designers should code, I gained a better understanding on the importance of being able to build what you design. If the designer is also the coder of the website they have created, it will be easy for them to make adjustments and necessary changes to the design quickly and efficiently, knowing exactly how they wrote up the code. Not only does is aid in efficiency, but it also adds a lot of value to the designer themself. Being able to design and code it almost like having two jobs, making you more valuable in the sense that a company only needs to hire one person for two jobs. It also benefits the designer because it will increase the amount of money they are able to make off of a job.

Brandon Peters – Assignment 13




Blog Post

How busy am I? VERY. Very busy, so busy I am seeing everything in burgundy and I think it looks good. Why??
Why must Sean assign so many things to do! Life is tough, as I have tons of final project work to do for several classes AND I need to finish preparing my Graphic Design Screening portfolio. so…yea.

I am ready for the beach and drinks by a pool somewhere. And grilling, I am ready to spend the afternoon outside grilling, not in a classroom for 4 hours.



– brandon




Jasmine Johnson – Assignment 13

  1. I must say that this semester has been the busiest that I have ever been.  Having taken on new responsibilities on campus in addition to academics has definitely cost me hours that I would usually use to maintain a consistent sleep pattern.  This semester, I am taking advantage of my 2nd and final chance to screen for the Graphic Design program, as well as screening for Digital Art & Design as a backup, which are both within a span of about 2-3 weeks.  I was currently hired as a Marketing Chair for Graphic Design for the Campus Activities Board for next school year, so I have been very busy with new board member meetings and assignments. I am also preparing for my summer job (which I am very proud of, since it is my second job, but the first one I applied for and actually got), where I will be working as an art teacher at a summer camp. I have never done anything like this before, so the training and mental preparation is definitely a lot to take on.  All of this is of course on top of the regular academic classes that I have, including (but not limited to) a Human Geography group project, physics exams that are the only source of graded assignments (I am not good with physics at all), a sociology exam, drawing final projects, and of course re-doing pretty much all of my projects for this class (which has been quite a stressful challenge from start to finish).  Being someone that “fell off” with being so involved after high school, picking all of this back up and trying to do more has definitely made it difficult to organize my schedule and not try to procrastinate all semester long.
  2. Self Promotional Page … IOU !
  3. Implementing BACON

Brandon Peters – Assignment 12

LVH Email




Blog Post – Talent Site Comparison

Ranked from worst to best.


Talent Placement Services Private Limited

This site seems to have a mix of canned website builder elements along with some custom elements. In the upper right corner there is a “Upload your Resume” blinking link that is very distracting when reading the pages of the site (not to mention it leads you away from the site if clicked), and the color scheme is very random.

The site nav is clear and easy to use, but is not styled well at all and everything is aligned to the left. In all, the company does not seem  legitimate due to how poorly the website is created. It was a higher result on a Google search, so SEO seems to have been implemented pretty well.




International Talent Placements

Internation Talent Placements’ site is rather dated in appearance, but seems to convey a more legitimate feel. They offer a member login and a simple to use site. The site elements could be overhauled to be larger, as more and more modern screens are larger and typically widescreen. When clicking on the About Us link, you’re redirected in the same window to a new embedded frame for the About Us info, it is an odd experience and doesn’t allow someone to easily share a URL with someone else to get to the page. The color scheme is followed throughout the site, but is lost on a wider monitor due to the gradient white background.



Top Talent Solutions

TTS is based in Minnesota and services the local area for placements. Their site is designed well and has a very patriotic color scheme using red white and blue throughout. The navigation is simple and easy to use, and they utilize a subtle image gallery on the homepage that is not obtrusive. Each subpage has a proper URL and is displayed neatly in the browser. There is a good bit to read on each page, and the call to action to use them  is a little lost in the Quick Links section. All in all, they do have a fairly successful site with tons of information on it.





TEK is a locally founded company in Maryland, their site screams “high end”. They are a top recruiter/talent placement agency in the area (and the world). Their site is well crafted with a minimalistic nav, utilizing nested nav links that have their own URLs. When scrolling a page, there is a very nice transition that hides the main nav buttons with a fixed position header at the top with their phone number and logo. They have solidified branding throughout the site, and a color scheme is used well. There is also a clear call to action used on the right side of the page, they always make it known that they want you to contact them, by any means possible.

I have had a personal history with this company as I was once a contract employee for them doing IT work, and the company truly is professional and well organized, this is portrayed well by their site..


Jasmine Johnson – Assignment 12

The four talent placement agencies that I chose were United Talent, TalentBridge, Best of Staffing, & Top Talent Solutions.

  1. The United Talent website is not very successful in attracting the user’s attention, because of how everything appears clumped together and imbalanced.  There could’ve been a much better decision on which typeface could’ve been used for the content and navigation.  I am also distracted by the “like” option that seems off-put on the bottom-left of the page.  Simply put, I do not think this page has any strong sense of good design.
  2. TalentBridge has a very professional and successful layout, and it is my favorite out of all the sites that I have chosen to critique. Their use of a slider at the top of the page with good quality images if very appealing, and their balance and overall organization of the page works very well.  The flow and consistency of the entire website makes it very easy to use and travel through all of the provided information.
  3. Best of Staffing has a successful and simple layout, and I do favor this website as well. The consistency of the page with spacing and typeface makes the page unified and easy to follow.  The only thing that throws me off is the use of large pop-up options, that become strong distractions. Despite this, they are connected to the page and do serve their purpose very well.
  4. Top Talent Solutions is a very simplistic layout with their use of a few colors and a standard organized layout.  There is a lot of information that is provided on the home page, and that can be viewed as overwhelming for those that do not know how to use a talent placement page (such as myself). Overall, I think it could be improved by reducing the number of links right in the center of the page (moving them to the navigation column on the left or further down the page).  The introduction or basic information should come first.


Vegas Impulse Package

Brandon Peters – LVH Email

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