Home work 8

This is my game

This is the e-card

Homework 8

Here is the link to my game

Homework 8



Zip file


Revised desktop 

homework 8

Alright so I don’t know if this is going to work… but here’s a link…



Peter Oliveto hw7





homework 7

This is my homework~!

Blog Post

My favorite website really has to be tumblr… Definitely not for its looks, but for the service it provides. The simple layout is nice, but the true awesomeness about its design is the ability to customize and download plug-ins to make the space your own. I can customize both my dashboard and my page to make the experience distinctly my own style and more aesthetically cohesive. Also, the ability to share is the main focus of the site. Users can share and interact anonymously and publicly, whichever they choose, and I have yet to see this site go the way of bullying or cyber attacks because of the mainly positive message that the users envision for the site.


Here’s my GIF

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Winter Greeting / homework7

Here is my animation.

Provost e-card


Homework 7


My favorite website is YouTube because it has something for everyone. You want to know how to make cookies? There’s a video to teach you how. You want to see cats on watermelons? There’s a video of that. You want to watch old 80′s-90′s cartoons? You can find someone who uploaded the whole series (until Viacom, FOX, Disney, etc. shuts it down). There’s a lot of different videos to see on YouTube. Just do not read the comments. Just don’t.


There is no animation in this.



Homework 7


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Home work 7

This is my homework 7



For the website, My favorite web sit is the IGN, which is about all the video games and tech stuffs. I love this web site not only it is fantasy for me, but also it is the website which I used a lot of time on it. The articles in there are very interesting, the videos and the games images are so cool for me, especially for the background, it always changes all the time.


Here’s my redo of homework 6: the sequence tutorial. I changed the background image so it wasn’t “sci-fi” like. And I changed the fireplace slide to something that would fit into the background better.


Here’s my redo of homework 5: the spritely animation. I restarted from scratch since my first one was pretty awful. Originally, I had a “sporadic balloon” bouncing across the screen. This time, I’ve made the animation into a night sky theme. I used a star spinning across the frame (hopefully smoother than my balloon). I also have a rocket ship coming up into the frame. Since my objects were cartoon-ish, I added a filter onto the sky background to make it look less realistic to fit the theme.


I’ll be resubmitting other projects as well, as I finish them.

Favorite website 10/28/13

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 9.36.47 PMThis is my favorite website because of the interaction you can have with it and you can get lost in it and still find more things to do!

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homework 6



provost desk


Here is my slider


My sequence.

My desk e-card.


Homework 6


I like this one because it is easier to do.


I don’t like this one because the author does not show you how to do anything.

My Gradient:


My Desktop:


Homework/ Class 5

This is my parallax slider, you weren’t specific about the type and this was much easier for me. I used the images and texts from the mood board that was previously assigned to us before.


This is suppose to be my sprite link, to see the actual animation it has to be opened in photoshop…in the process of figuring it out