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1. For one week, you just said post an entry in the blog, so I will post an entry relating what I am doing right now to the world of graphic design. Right now, I am sitting with my roommates discussing the specifics of going out on the weekends. My roommates are what people would refer to as “bros,” while people people would call me a “hipster.” This means that my roommates dress up while they go out on the weekends, but I don’t. It could be argued, however, that I dress up all the time, because I care about that thing all the time, but my roommates only care when they are trying to get laid. This means that design only matters when you care about what others think, at least in the arena of visual appearance. Although this may be completely obvious, it matters, in that it implies that the ultimate purpose of design is to convince someone of something.


2. For my second blog post, I will talk about installation/performance. I often find myself laughing at performance art. I saw a lady who knitted out of her vagina for woman’s rights, and then a guy on Facebook posted about how she should be shot, to which some feminists from MICA argued with him for several hours. I saw this all after the fact and got a good laugh out of it, but it also provoked some thought in me, about the nature of people arguing on Facebook to prove a point, but also about feminism. I would like to think that the guy who posted the status also thought about feminism in a new light, but chances are he was really rooted in his stupid thoughts already. Performance art puts the artists up to a level of ridicule like no other, but it also can make some really strong points.


3. For my third blog post, I will return to my first blog post an work off of that. In order to convince someone of something, you need to want to convince someone of something. The whole point of graphic design is to convince people of things, so it takes people who have an inclination of convincing to do it. Art means self expression. Graphic design means the expression of others. But the classic art of the Renaissance is religious in nature, and was all commissioned by the church to convince people of the opinions of others. In this way, maybe graphic design can be real art. It’s a question I will face—art vs. graphic design, expression vs. bullshit. Time will tell.

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Bonus Post 4

This article, is called 35 great examples of parallax scrolling websites. I looked at this website because we worked on scrolling websites. My favorite ones are The Walking Dead website and the Nintendo Mario Kart History website.

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Bonus Post 3

This article, Sustainable Web Design, is about a number of industries are trying to reduce their carbon footprints and energy use by using mobile-ready design , and increasingly sophisticated web ROI metrics to pursue faster and lighter sites. What I learned reading the article was that the internet’s carbon footprint was about  830 million tons of CO2 annually and the amount will double by 2020.

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Bonus Post 2

This article, The 11 Phases of a Web Developer’s Career (As Illustrated by Memes), is article that demonstrates what a web designer goes through during their career with the help of internet memes (a humorous image, video, piece of text, etc. that is copied and spread rapidly by Internet users). I am at stage one (Noob).

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Bonus Post 1

This article I found is called The Top 10 Mistakes in Web Design. The article talks about mistakes wed designers make. some examples include not changing the color of visited links and fixed font size. One thing I was surprised to see was number 2, PDF Files for Online Reading. I never knew that because I would see some websites have PDF files for users to download.


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8 projects

I just randomly uploaded the links, they are in no order what so ever.










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Last Post wheeee

assignment 5 – parallax

assignment 5 – sprite

assignment 6 – slider



assignment 10 – scroll o rama

assignment 11 – isotope

assignment 12 – animation thing

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MelissaSly_FINAL CRITIQUE_My 8 projects

My Game (<<< Must view separately; CANNOT LOAD TO SERVER BECAUSE…I actually don’t know…)


Hotel Layout:  HOME ||| INTERNAL


Provost Desktop

ECommerce: HOME ||| INTERNAL




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Peters Final Projects

Assignment two

Hotel page1

Hotel page2

Assignment Five

Assignment Eight

E commerce cite 1page

E commerce 2 page




Please post an entry on the blog of at least three sentences focusing on

Unrelated But Interesting: Installation /  Performance

There was an installation art piece in George Town. The artists name is Ernest Zacharevic’s, he is an artist that does art on the street. This is interesting because the city makes him take down most of his work. However his latest work was allowed to stay up. The latest work is a golden frame on a hole in the road. This is interesting to me because its cool art but also the fact that the art is in constant danger of being damaged by cars and by weather.

Please post an entry in your blog.  Take a screenshot of your favorite site and explain why – in a full paragraph at least – you like it so much.

My favorite site is www.pcworld.com. This site is great because of the information it can tell you. This information is about the computers and technology which is information that I love. The cite is also easy to use and they have cool hacks and that can make your computer supper fast. They also talk about gaming on the site and I am a huge gamer. This site is my favorite because it has all the information that I care about on one site. Also, I tried to put a picture but it wouldn’t let me paste it.

Find a website that you love with multimedia, animations or some sort of immersive vivid media experience. write a paragraph on why you love it and link to it on the blog.


I think this site is awesome. It has cool artwork and it also shows how the make wiskey at the jack Daniels distillery. When you click on the labels it takes you to specific buildings in the site and then it brings up information on what that building does and when that building was made. I think this is great because it is a great way to make an informational cite if this was made to be ecommerce or a communicational cite it would be to slow and the animation would distract from the purpose of the cite.

Please post an entry in your blog about the Reading below.  Can you imagine being an artist with 1000 true fans?  How would you contact them?

If I had a thousand fans tomorrow I would get in contact with them by using social media. Using sites like facebook and twitter would make my life a lot easier because it helps you sort all the information you get from then fans and lets me respond to fans that I feel deserve it. It also, lets me post my events and ideas so that my fans can read them and can comment on them so that there is a line of communication. Lastly, If I had a thousand fans and I was rich I could hire people to go through my facebook and twitter and have them sort information for me.


Final Post

Assignment 4

Assignment 5

Assignment 6

Assignment 8

Assignment 9

Assignment 10

Assignment 12






4 b






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I learned so much even though it is not obvious, the frustration weirdly enough helped me learned.

But, anyways here are 8 AWSOME project learned from the master

Class 1: Foundations my first website, no coding)

Class 2: Ken burn, it is not that BAD!

Class 3: DC hotel site (beautiful and you know it)

Class 4: Mood Board (that replaced the royal slider)

Class 5: Parallax Page (the first time I cheated! AND IT WAS AWSOME!!! THANK YOU!!!)

Class 6: Part 2, one of the tutorials, the one with the blurred background (very fun)

Class 9: eCommerce (beautifully simplified and to the point)

And the finally…… Class 11: Isotope (this is the one that I felt the most pain and it i am GLAD that I didn’t give up…more than 10 times….I cried twice making this, punched my pillow, and felt the slowest to understand it but it is not always speed)

These are my 8 projects that you did not give up on me and I did not let you down!



Thank you for all the crap, misery, and words that can not describe what I went through in this class…now I must spread it across the world!

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Final Projects & Homework 12

Final 8 Projects are listed.

Homework 12 is at the bottom


Here are my best 8 Projects

(1) Hotel Site Home and Hotel Internal

(2) Game

(3) jQuery

(4) Scrollorama

(5) E-Card

(6) E-Commerce Site

(7) Sequence

(8) Parallax


Here is my jQuery

4 Talent Agencies

Artisan Creative

- this talent agencies focuses on hiring design artists for free lance skills in a variety of areas, including graphic design and print. According to their site, their hiring is flexible as they hire for full time positions, part time positions, as well as solo projects.

Creative Placement

Located in New York, this placement agency focuses on many of the same creative areas as Artisan.

Candela_Final Projects

Homework 1: Responsive layout

Homework 4:  Revised Homepage, Internal page (hotel)

Homework 5: Spritely, Parallax

Homework 7: Animated E-card

Homework 9: Ecommerce homepage, Ecommerce internal page, Revised video game

Homework 10: Superscrollorama

Homework 11: Isotope site, Isotope design

Homework 12: Jquery Animation


homework 12





http://www.agentassociation.com/ This website looks very early internet. It could really use an update. Some things line up and others don’t. Everything’s too tight. Gotta get it redone, guys.


http://www.unitedtalent.com/ This website looks nice and sleek. Very hip. If I were a hip young artist, I would be attracted to this site. I like this site. Nice an minimal.


http://www.circletalentagency.com/ This website is pretty standard. They could use some drop down menus to not have such a cluttered homepage. As of now, it’s a little off-putting how much stuff is there. Overall, though, this is a nice site.


http://www.apa-agency.com/ This is a nice looking site. They keep the homepage simple and easy to navigate. It’s not as sleek as United, but it has its own look going for it, and that look is a good look.



Final Post

Homework 2 Redo

Homework 4

Homework 4A

Homework 5

Homework 6

Homework 8

Homework 9


Homework 10

Homework 12

Here are the links to the class participations:

10+11 super post (this has the random blog post, and the critique of someone else’s work).

Homework 7

Homework 4


All Assignments

Homework 12: animation

Homework 11: isotope

Homework 10: scrollorama

Homework 7: winter provost animation

Homework 6: sequence

Homework 5: spritely

Homework 5b: parallax

Homework 2: ken burns effect

natalie reed final

homework 1: responsive website

homework 2: infographic

homework 3 & 4: hotel website home page and internal page 

homework 5: sprite and parallax

homework 6:  sequence

homework 7: provost card

homework 8: game

homework 9: e-commerce site home page and internal page

homework 11: isotope


the two I am choosing not to be graded:

homework 10: superscrollorama

I actually worked the hardest and feel the most accomplished about this website, but apparently in some browsers the animations near the end do not work. I can’t figure out how to fix it, so I have to scrap it.

homework 12: layer slider

I just don’t have time to make this different from the original enough. I would have been happy with it at the beginning of the semester, but now that I know what I can do I don’t want to be graded on this one. Just not enough time during finals week! But It is really cool and I will definitely finish it over winter break.


Here is my animation!