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Blog Post – Abduzeedo



Abduzeedo is a design oriented website and blog. They offer tons of useful information and how-tos for designers and fans of design. They also post a Daily Inspiration blog post each day that is loaded with great design and artworks to help inspire other artists and designers.


I follow their RSS feed and check it daily to see what is new in the world of design. As for their site itself, it is a very clean design and incorporates today’s best web practices and techniques. The main header of their site changes to highlight the newest blog post. The header usually is a finely crafted image that coincides with the sites overall clean design. When scrolling the site, the header image is covered by the rest of the site content while remaining static at the top of the page (parallax). The main site nav is static to the top of the page (above header image), keeping it easy to use the site no matter what page you’re on.


The site uses a thin typeface to help maintain its clean look and UI, posts are organized in blocks in two columns. When viewing a post other recommended articles are shown on the right side of the page, when you mouse over the article’s image (which is square – fitting the same layout and theme of the main articles list), the image will scroll up slightly to reveal the rest of itself. The site is designed with a top to bottom navigation, nothing is made to be side to side, which keeps the website tidy and easy to use. When factoring the overall design of the site, which I really enjoy, and its content, it is easily one of my favorite websites.