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I agree with the article fully. Having coding knowledge as a designer will make that person much stronger and faster when working with web design. Knowing the limitations of what code can and cannot do, will assist the designer in making their design conform to proper coding structure and abilities – this will ensure that the initial design will be possible to recreate once coded.


As we keep moving forward with technology, knowing more aspects of coding and design together will help create more harmonious designs. Someone may be able to make something look really cool, but once it’s coded, will it function? The highlight point regarding shorter development time is a crucial part of why designers should know code. The more you can do in a shorter time, the more you can accomplish. It also adds great value for the client, as the time spent designing (and coding) could be shorter. This also helps the designer as he/she will then be able to build up a good reputation with the client, and will be able to move onto other projects (more time for more $) afterwards.


A friend of mine is currently learning two additional programming languages to add to his design skills (beyond HTML5 and CSS3). Once he is able to code rather fluently in more programming languages, his designs will become even more tightly integrated with their web/program counterparts.


At this time I am still working on my coding for my site, so a live link has been omitted from here, but the entire layout has been re-tooled in order to bring a more structured (via measurements – spacing) design. Sharp design needs sharp measurements…



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