Vdara – Las Vegas - Assignment

Las Vegas is always on the cutting edge of fun and luxury. I wanted to create an experience that was clean and simple so the guest can enjoy booking their trip and look forward to getting their life changing experience planned as easily as possible. I wanted the site to have clean lines and easy to navigate buttons/UI elements (and have it responsive/small screen friendly). I wanted to use the orange color that they relied on so little (even though its an attractive element) and use it to highlight key information in the site. The hotel seems to be so beautiful, drab brown and weird gradients as found in the current site aren’t beautiful.

Current homepage: (click image to enlarge)

Screen Shot 2013-02-18 at 6.41.51 PM

Why all the brown?

Hotel could possibly use a new logo? Everything is an image (buttons etc), this should be changed.

The orange is a nice contrast with the rest of the site (black) – this should be used to accent certain things a little more.



Why all the gradients when the rest of the site UI is solid?

Dropdowns are ok looking (aside from brown)



Get rid of “video slideshow” on homepage (and no audio!) – should use javascript with photos for better compatibility and loading speeds (and resolution).

Why isn’t anything in the footer centered??


The language selector should be at the top, in the right corner of the site – like it is on most sites.


site redesign in 1024×728 – proposed new site would rely on CSS and a responsive framework to allow optimal mobile viewing.