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Blog Post – Talent Site Comparison

Ranked from worst to best.


Talent Placement Services Private Limited

This site seems to have a mix of canned website builder elements along with some custom elements. In the upper right corner there is a “Upload your Resume” blinking link that is very distracting when reading the pages of the site (not to mention it leads you away from the site if clicked), and the color scheme is very random.

The site nav is clear and easy to use, but is not styled well at all and everything is aligned to the left. In all, the company does not seem  legitimate due to how poorly the website is created. It was a higher result on a Google search, so SEO seems to have been implemented pretty well.




International Talent Placements

Internation Talent Placements’ site is rather dated in appearance, but seems to convey a more legitimate feel. They offer a member login and a simple to use site. The site elements could be overhauled to be larger, as more and more modern screens are larger and typically widescreen. When clicking on the About Us link, you’re redirected in the same window to a new embedded frame for the About Us info, it is an odd experience and doesn’t allow someone to easily share a URL with someone else to get to the page. The color scheme is followed throughout the site, but is lost on a wider monitor due to the gradient white background.



Top Talent Solutions

TTS is based in Minnesota and services the local area for placements. Their site is designed well and has a very patriotic color scheme using red white and blue throughout. The navigation is simple and easy to use, and they utilize a subtle image gallery on the homepage that is not obtrusive. Each subpage has a proper URL and is displayed neatly in the browser. There is a good bit to read on each page, and the call to action to use them  is a little lost in the Quick Links section. All in all, they do have a fairly successful site with tons of information on it.





TEK is a locally founded company in Maryland, their site screams “high end”. They are a top recruiter/talent placement agency in the area (and the world). Their site is well crafted with a minimalistic nav, utilizing nested nav links that have their own URLs. When scrolling a page, there is a very nice transition that hides the main nav buttons with a fixed position header at the top with their phone number and logo. They have solidified branding throughout the site, and a color scheme is used well. There is also a clear call to action used on the right side of the page, they always make it known that they want you to contact them, by any means possible.

I have had a personal history with this company as I was once a contract employee for them doing IT work, and the company truly is professional and well organized, this is portrayed well by their site..