Isotope Site - now with more tasty treats!


Design for Isotope:

I chose to make my isotope site fit to my personal design tastes rather than just do a mockup. I achieved this with subtle colors and a letterpress look to the background and site title. The use of true black has been kept to a minimum and there are subtle coloring cues on the nav buttons and the extreme roundness of the original nav buttons has been removed.



Critique of Joan Lam’s Assignment 4.

Joan’s recreation for the Four Seasons hotel is simplistic and appears that it would be easy to navigate. I like the main image she used as well as the script text for the word “Welcome”. I like the gallery of images below the featured image also, they look like they would create a dynamic homepage experience.


As far as suggestions are concerned:

  • Move the “Book Now” call to action to upper right or left? Maybe make it a different color?
  • Move site nav from the bottom of page to the top for ease of use
  • Add a highlight to current homepage image in slide gallery? To show active state.
  • Left justify main description paragraph – add bullet points
  • Center copyright and legal info on footer