Zack Behr – Assignment 13



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Zack Behr – Assignment 12


Zack Behr – Assignment 11


Zack Behr – Assignment 7

Stay Hotel

Zack Behr – Assignment 10

Yeah this wasn’t very fun…  Just sayin’.

Superscrollorama that breaks every 5 secs

Zack Behr – Assignment 2

Coming soon ;x

Zack Behr – Assignment 6

Part 1:

The Best Horizontal Parallax Ever.

Part 2:

Moon Assignment Thing or W/e

Z Index Thingy. Now with Pandas.

Part 3:

Game about shooting things or something

Zack Behr – Assignment 5


Zack Behr – Assignment 4

Final Design

Zack Behr – Assignment 3


Original Home

Original Hotel Package Page

Original Photo Page

Zack Behr – Assignment 1

Assignment 1

Blog Post 8 – Zack Behr

I think the discussion was very interesting and correct. New forms of art are always under harsh scrutiny just because they are new. This always happens to things that are new and will always be judged because they are new and unfamiliar to the mass public. But, in time, most aversion towards that art form will fade and people will begin to accept it for what it is, at least a group of people will.

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Assignment 11 – Zack Behr


Assignment 13 – Zack Behr


Internal Page

Blog Post 13 – Zack Behr

So for this blog we are suppose to complain “about how much work you have to do and how your life is particularly difficult right now.” Honestly, I’m not really stressed out about how much work I have to do. Yes, it is a good amount, but I’ll get it done and I’ll be fine.  I actually feel like I work better when I have a lot of work to do. If I don’t have that much and have too much free time, I won’t get anything done. Most of my projects are basically done, I have more work to do on my graphic design since it is only half done, but my type project is basically done, only have a quiz and final for Italian which will be simple, and for this class, well, honestly I have no idea what we have to do for this upcoming class, then just my portfolio, and that’s practically done as well, just need to mount everything.


Sorry to disappoint.

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Blog Post 12 – Zack Behr

Congratulations! You get to have another rant for a blog post since it says “Post a blog” again! You are clearly the winner in the end… Now… just to decide what to talk about. Hrrrmmm (That’s the noise of me thinking btws.) After this I will only have one more blog post to do but I won’t be doing it yet, because that blog post 8 entry is going to be a doozy! Is that how you spell that? Spell check is like, “You’re on your own kid, I don’t know what the heck you are trying to spell, but it definitely ain’t English.” Well, jokes on you Spell checker, it is… kinda… Just kidding,  just changed it from (dozey > dozy > doozy) and now spell checker is like, “You did good kid, you did good.” Thanks Spell checker, you did marginally better than I expected as well! I’m starting to work on my type stuff now instead of just typing these blog posts up. We gotta like, make some book or something. Pfff, who makes books anymore, we should be making Kindles… FREAKING KINDLES!


Well, I believe that is enough. Also, I am pretty sure, since this is my last random blog post, the reader (yes, YOU!) will have slightly less happiness in your life. Just sayin’.


Zack Out, for the second and final time (except for the blog post about that Ben Franklin kid.)

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Blog Post 11 – Zack Behr

I have decided to critique the magnificent workings of the Megan Baker. Today I have chose to talk about her newest installment to her web design series… the reactive website design about Space Pandas. I believe this piece helps put into perspective the inner machinations of Megan’s mind… and obviously, it has to be one of the greatest websites since it is about such a well designed, and clearly superior game. I enjoyed that she added a new tag called “Im Awesome” to add some more depth to the website. I also enjoy her choice of images, especially the Panda Batman riding the Laser Space Llama. She obviously wins all of the awards for including that image because it is the best. But seriously, it’s well done, there wasn’t much to do with this project, but she did it perfectly



Bam. Megan Baker has been critiqued.

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Blog Post 10 – Zack Behr

Uhhhhh, soooo… it says post a blog post and I have nothing to say currently. I am actually doing this in another class as I wait for the professor to go over Masterpages in indesign! How exciting! It’s actually my type class! It is pretty enjoyable, but sometimes gets a little tiring being in here for 4 hours. Sometimes I sneak out! What a rebel! It’s mildly entertaining when the professor brings up the fact I disappeared in the next class, so I just tell it to him straight… “I had to get to my shuttle before it left. I don’t wanna want 50 minutes for the next one to come. Ain’t nobody got time fo dat.”… is what I might have said at some point… But overall I do like my type class, I do find learning about how type can interact with different things to be pleasing to my typographically-uneducated mind.


See you next time on the Crazy Wild Adventures of Zack Behr in his Typography Class! (CWAZBTC for short) Probably should make that a trending topic on twitter. If I had an account or the interest to actually do said thing. (Also, this is what happens when I have caffeine… I FEEL LIKE I COULD TYPE FOR ALL ETERNITY!)


And I’m done.


Zack Out.

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Blog Post 9 – Zack Behr

I chose this website http://www.fishy.com.br. I really like this site aesthetically as well as how much movement is going on throughout the page, even when the user isn’t. I also really like the color palette and the textures used as you scroll down to the information section of the page. Lastly, I like the way they incorporated the use of the parallax system, but having different objects found under the ocean move along as you scroll down, as if they are floating past you as you sink deeper into Davey Jones’ locker! Deary me!

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Blog Post 7 – Zack Behr

The object I chose to talk about would be my mouse… The one I am currently using right now. It is a very nice mouse. And the funny thing is… it’s a microsoft mouse attached to a Mac! Hah! Anyways… I still think the mouse is designed very well, ergonomically, as well as aesthetically. Its very simplistic, white, with a grey border around the edges of the mouse. Looks pretty classy. Another fun thing about this mouse is that it is a laser mouse. So it has this fun little red light that radiates from the bottom of its carcass (because obviously I’m talking about a living mouse.) Lastly, it has all those silly little legal things on the bottom of it for copyright purposes and all that nonsense. Hopefully Mac hasn’t bought the rights to the color white or mircosoft better watch out!

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