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abstract music video extended


old hat

In my room I have an old hat, I’m not sure if it is a fedora or what, which used to belong to my grandfather. Hats with wide brims are always cool and this one is a nice shade of olive. There is a small eye shape attached to the front. I just wish I had more opportunities to wear it.

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music video

homework 6

response: design to challenge reality

homework 5

lion surprise


Italy was fun to visit, the windy streets were much more interesting than the planned cities of America.

homework 4

guard lion

website: Mitoza

I’ve always liked this site. Its an interactive little cartoon with a lot of unexpected outcomes which all lead back to the beginning. The artist did a good job combining photographs with animations, they seamlessly merge together.

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weekend media report

Please resize the window to be a horizontal rectangle

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old story

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