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homework 12

These is my final homework.


For the blog posts, I found four interesting website about talent placement agency. They are

For my self my favorite one is the modeling-association. Not because what is the website doing attract me. The website’s design are very interesting. In this web site, it has clear navigation on the top which is good, and also the image looks pretty nice. And there are lots of information I think can help people get what is the web site doing. For the talentstaff web, it is very simple, do not have lots of fancy things, only have some picture and words to show how to become success. I think, I like the simple way it did. The actingcareers are much more like the modeling one, however there are some different that I think it is worse than the modeling web, which are the color choose for the website, and too less images used in the web. artisantalent I think is the most success web in these for sites. Because it is clean, beautiful and clear navigation which can easily used by every one, the whole page are just simple to guide you what should you do next or go next, it is very good.

homework 11

Classmate critique.

For the blog post, I want to talk about Kara’s scrollarama. I think it is very nice for me, because when I do this home work I have so much trouble to do some things which she did. Such as put back ground on the website, insert a video, and put some nice image user the word. When I tried to do this stuffs, the codes confused me a lot, so I do not know what should I do such as she did. But her work just so good for me. I love the background she used and the image she added to her project. But I think there still some thing could be changed such as the background may be can use a large form picture and fixed on the back so when the word changed the background would not. Any why it is a nice work for me.


This is my homework11

homework 10

This is my web


For this week blog post, I want to talk about this class. I never have a web class before, after taking this class, I was so glad for choose this section, Cohen is a nice teacher, he is very funny, and I can laugh all the class. Also the work from this class is not so hard than I thought, but I have to pay lots of attention and time to do it if I want the work done better. I think this is a very good way for me to learn things, because concentration is very important for every one to do a nice work I think. Anyway, I feel this class is very good.

homework 9

home page

second page

This is my game

Home work 8

This is my game

This is the e-card

Home work 7

This is my homework 7



For the website, My favorite web sit is the IGN, which is about all the video games and tech stuffs. I love this web site not only it is fantasy for me, but also it is the website which I used a lot of time on it. The articles in there are very interesting, the videos and the games images are so cool for me, especially for the background, it always changes all the time.

Home work 6

This is my part 1

This is part 2(1) and part 2 (2)

This is part 3

Part 2 comments: For the part 2, I did the first two links, for the first one, a fixed background is what I would like to learn for a web. It is really cool when you scroll the web down and the background is fixed. I also think there are lots of website using this function now. And for the second one, I learned how to typography the text in a web site, I try to follow the instruction, and got a idea about how to highlight the word in the paragraph. Also I used the skill I learned from first part, so I fixed the background for the second part, and it is looks better than the original one I think. I just like the fixed background for some reason hard to explain.

home work 5

This is my page

This is my second part

Homework 5, blog

This is an interesting article, although it is long enough to make me headache. However there are still some interesting points make me have the same feeling. Especially the one talking about people like post things in social ways, however did they thinking in social ways. And I also think some of people do not care the things they talked online are true or not, even follow the scientific basis or not. Lot of people’s posts online are more likely to gain the clicking rate without the truth or knowledge, this only showing their ignorance. However the bad things people even don’t care about it. This is a funny article.


Home work 4 hotel web redo.and hotel room

This is my hotel redo link

This is my hotel room link

This is winter move board link

Home work 4 web I like

My most favorite web site in USA is the IGN, since I love video games a lot, so this is the most browsed web site in every day life. On the other hand, I love this web site not only it is only talked about the games, it also has lot of information about modern technology such as smart phones, tablets, pc, and so on. And also the webpage design attract me a lot. The clear navigation and lot of exciting images, videos, and posts are also the reason which I loved it.

Home work 3

This is my hotel web link

1000 fans

I never think about I will have fans, because I always to be a fan for someone else. However, if I really have 1000 fans, I may quit my current job, I always think fans are a kind of pressure, and the much fans you have the more pressure you got. What ever they are true fans or not, they can treat you as a god they also can treat you as nothing if you really can not give them more about what they want. So, personally I am not really like fans, and kind of scare of them.

home work two web.

this is my link

worth 1000

There are really lots of images attract me in this website. And the scifi entries is which I interested in all the time.


this is a really nice scifi image I’ve never seen before, I love the way he did in color, it is not looks like real, it really let me feel is a science fiction.


this robot spider has lot of nice details inside it, and this is the reason I love this image as well.


This one, I like the way he did on the sea surface, it gives me a feel about the aircraft flying in a high speed.


this dragon drawing has a lot of detail, such as the light effect, and the scales, these things made the dragon so real and very nice.


I love this one because it is so hard to tell this creature is real or fake, the color and the shape make it looks like so real.


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