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I am going to critique Hing Mai`s “Lion 2″ From Assignment #5. I like this animation of the lion. I like that you created everything from scratch and didnt just take a photo of a lion. The animation is simple but it works well!


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Assignment 13


Class #5 blog entry – Steffan Petersen

There are many places that I like to travel, and would like to travel in my lifetime. Mostly I enjoy the cold weather, however I also like to travel to warm climates during the winter months. For the cold places, I would like to travel to a place in the mountains up north where it snows a lot every winter. For a warmer type place, I would like to travel to the Caribbean, or Mediterranean. But I would avoid a warmer climate during the summer months because its too damn hot!

Homework Assignment#12 Steffan Petersen

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Mechanical Reproduction blog

Benjamins concerns about the reproduction of art is a very real concern. As technology advances, we will have countless ways to reproduce anything that we want making the original creator of the object worthless. I believe that this is a very real problem. A solution to this problem would be to design your products around the idea that they can be reproduced instantly. For example create a good that can be reproduced easily, but the user cannot operate or “use” this good without the knowledge of how it works. Teaching someone how to use your good is something that will become valuable and will maintain the importance of the original creator.


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Steffan P. Spritely Blog

Websites crated using a spritely page show an animation without making it too complex. The thing I like the most about spritely pages is how simple the animation is. Unlike a website created using flash, a spritely page will work on devices that dont use flash.

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Steffan P. Supersized!

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Steffan P. Spritely project re-done.

Steffan Petersen Spritely Project RE-SUBMITTION!!!

Steffan P. Spritely

Spritely project:

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Re-do of assignment #7 Music video


steffan P assignment#7

music video

Assignment 5 Steffan Petersen


Assignment 4 Steffan Petersen


Steffan Petersen Video Log


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Assignment#3 Steffan Petersen


Assignment#2 – Steffan Petersen


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Assignment1 – Steffan Petersen

Homework 1 – Steffan Petersen

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