Sarah Brown: Behance Post

Sarah Brown: Portfolio Assignment

Everything that I’ve retouched on is under the designated assignment post with “+ Revision” as the end of the post. I’ve assignments based on reviews given, etc…

In the time given, I decided to really expand on supersize and kensburns to create a larger portfolio piece for a website that I will actually use. Web design is something I enjoy exploring and challenging.

Sarah Brown: Homework #13

Kens Burns Story

Sarah Brown: Random Blog Post

Um… I guess I can talk about my new phone. I upgraded recently to an Android Phone (Samsung Galaxy Nexus). I must say that this feels a bit too similar to apple’s software… I was expecting something more since everyone keeps talking about how awesome Android is… but… I mean it feels WAY too similar. :/ Couldn’t they think of something a bit more original in interface design?

But overall I’m happy with the phone. :) I like that the screen is larger and the 4G works great.

Sarah Brown: Homework #12

App Inventor

I’m not sure how we’re supposed to present this… but here are some screenshots

Main Menu

If you click on each button, it takes you to a different screen with an instrument.


Music Example 1: Harp

When you click on the image, the music plays

All 8 menu options were created with separate screens connected to each button. All screens play designated sound.

Sarah Brown: Critique Blog Post

I still find this to be the most hilarious project presented yet and I still find myself cracking up over this.

I believe the music, concept, and characters fit well together, however the allotted time the text flashes across the screen is way too fast for the amount of text on the screen(at 12seconds in). I also feel that the cash register should be a bit more animated rather than just a picture since everything else seems to be drawn with the computer.

Sarah Brown: Homework #9 Gamesalad

I used an older version of Gamesalad. File won’t upload onto Gamesalad website and files will not open in recent version of Gamesalad due to operation system differences.

Game: Pokemon Catch

Sarah Brown: Homework #11

I made a supersized show from a cosplay lighting design photoshoot shot by a friend for a class.

Sarah Brown: Artist Boundaries Blog Post

I don’t think art has any boundaries unless you yourself are constructing them. Most of the things you can come up with are excuses usually due to fear of either failing or succeeding.  We want the public to approve of our art, but at what creative sacrifice are we willing to give up just to please others?

Sure, things such as the law can limit what you can do, but other than that, what’s stopping you?

Sarah Brown: Homework #10

Sarah Brown: Spritely Blog Post

I looked up this website that uses spritely:


I don’t necessarily “like” it, but it’s downright creepy to keep watching. :/
It’s cool that the user can change the background, but I wish you could change some elements of the walking figure.

Sarah Brown: Walter Benjamin Blog Post

I do understand how the public will feel that a reproducible design is not worth as much as traditional art. As a graphic designer, I frequently get request for designs, but when I tell them what I charge, they’re turned off immediately. If I spend hours on a design and then they expect me to print and produce everything, they don’t seem to value my work as art like that of painting on canvas.

Sometimes, the same amount of work is done with a lot of thought, but the mentality of traditional art as the “only” art form is at times, quite annoying to the modern day designer.  Art is a freedom of expression that reaches far beyond that of a canvas or paper.

However, I do understand that the more art is available to others through digital means, the more is taken from the art itself.  Some art pieces are meant to be viewed in their original context and not on a small flat screen.  Also, I do agree that photography and footage is definitely used by the government to control the masses.  The mechanical reproduction is easily manipulated to cloud the truth as people tend to believe what’s printed instead of going to see the proof with their own eyes.

However, there is a fine line between art created solely using digital means and art reprinted or represented to the public using digital means.

Sarah Brown: Homework #8

Re-edited MV

Sarah Brown: Blog Post Object Design

There’s a cup I use very often.

It’s black, ceramic, and glossed with a small handle.

It’s also tall and skinny compared to normal mugs.

I like it because it doesn’t take up as much space on my desk.

Also, if I’m not paying attention while I’m drinking, I don’t immediately spill it on myself.

The height of the cup makes it so that it takes a minute for the liquid to reach your mouth.

No sudden accidents. :D

Sarah Brown: Homework #7

Video cannot be published on Youtube because of Copyright problems with the song.

Sarah Brown: Reading Blog Post

I can truly relate to Immediacy portion of the reading when it comes to buying a book hardcover. There’s something more solid and just about a hardcover book versus a flimsy paperback.  However, I cannot mentally compare that equally to a person going to the premier versus someone seeing it after buying the dvd… I guess it all comes to to the viewer/reader experience, but I’m not much a movie goer in the first place…

Personalization will always be more expensive if someone else is doing the work for you.  If you yourself do the work, it is almost effortless because no one knows you better than yourself.

Authenticity and Interpretation are beyond in terms of programs because I always buy my programs so I make sure to have all the features and plug-ins.

Accessibility is sometimes a pain. I love the privacy of knowing I have control over who shares my files, music, etc… but sometimes it gets in the way when you want to share with someone else or transfer programs and files to a new computer.

Embodiment I connect more with when it comes to digital versions of things that can be physically bought. I don’t think I will ever understand the eBook and iTunes age. I spend so I can’t imagine having all my purchases on one fragile computer or eReader with the possibility that I’m only one accident (a drop or a spill) from losing all more purchases and data. Relying too much on technology is never a good thing.

Patronage I cannot a lot with Embodiment.  I want the artists creativity to its fullest. Not just the music, but the visuals (album are or book cover art) that inspired the piece. I want to pay for everything the artist has to offer.

Findability is becoming a real issue for non-internet dependent buyers. It’s harder and harder to buy dvds and music from stores that originally carried such a huge assortment of these products. Borders is out of business and B&N has such a small selection in comparison.  Electronic stores such as Best Buy have such tiny digital hardcopy sections now that it’s scary. It’s a shame that I have to be dependent on using online buying to get a bulk of my products…


Sarah Brown: Homework #6

TEDTalk Review

Sarah Brown: Homework #5

Lion 2.0

Sarah Brown: Blog Post

I’ve never been outside the country only around the east coast. But I must say that my favorite place I’ve gone to so far travel-wise were Disney World (duh!) and Norfolk Virginia.

My uncle used to live in Suffolk, VA which was only 3 exits away from Norfolk Beach. The area is beautiful and there are some many activities to do there. I remember from my teen years that I enjoyed spending the summer there.

I would love to go to South Korea and Japan to build up my language speaking skills. I’m looking forward to going with my roommate to her house in South Korea so we can travel Asia next winter. :)

Sarah Brown: Homework #4

Lion Flash Assignment