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How a Population Hits 7 Billion

I found this video explaining the world’s population and I thought it was done very well. How a Population Hits 7 Billion

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Back to Pen and Paper

Someone posted this article on facebook, Advantages of Pen and Paper Before Designing on Computer, and I thought it made a lot of sense. With all the technology around us, we sometimes forgot how important pen and paper are. I used to draw out many ideas in my sketchbook before I went to the computer. Even for designing a website, I came up with a layout on paper. I’ve gotten away from this preliminary step that I need to start doing again.

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I really liked Ryan’s lion animation. The use of typography to create the entire scene worked really well. I think it was a good decision to keep the background simple. Any other shapes created with type would have been distracting. I also liked that it was all black and white and just the red at the end. The only improvement I would say is to add sound.

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Spritely Blog

After looking at some of the sites that used spritely, I noticed how it can be used effectively to help enhance a website and also how it can hinder a website. I thought the transconect website used the animation well. Having a cityscape move across the top of the screen helped make the website more interesting without over doing it. The simple illustrations was what allowed it to work and not create a distraction to rest of the site.  I think the websites that work the best are when the animations are simple and not too busy.

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Walter Benjamin

I agree with Walter Benjamin when he talks about the progressive reaction between social significance of art versus the enjoyment by the public. I think reproducing art diminishes its value.  It’s not quite the same as if there is only one in the world and you must see it in person to see it at all. Most people don’t consider how important something is if they see it over and over. However, I have a poster of Starry Night hanging over my bed and while I see it every day it’s nothing compared to when I saw it in person; to see the actual brush strokes up close and the original color is more powerful than a reproduction of the same thing. The Starry Night is replicated everywhere: on a shirt, a pillow, a greeting car, just to name a few. The more people see a painting turned into something else, the less they see it as a great work of art by a famous painter. There seems to be less people who value the history and background of art and more people interested in a cool design. When this occurs with any original art work it will ultimatelyhave less value.

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Biking Across the Country for Cancer

This summer I will be riding my bike for 70 days from Baltimore to San Francisco with a group called 4K for Cancer. Along the ride we will meet with cancer patients and volunteer with the cancer community.

My goal is to raise $5000. The money goes to various cancer foundations including the Hope Lodge in Baltimore which provides free living arrangements for cancer patients undergoing treatment who are from out of town and the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults.

If you can donate any amount of money to support my ride it will be greatly appreciated and go to a great cause.

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Assignment 10


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description blog

My grandfather’s old typewriter sits on a shelf in the office. It weighs close to thirty pounds and is never moved from that shelf. It’s almost entirely black with some bare metal exposed and brass coloring on the keys. Dust accumulates in between every nook and cranny with the exception of the top of the keys where someone touches them when walking by. The round keys jut out at the bottom like stadium seating. Pressing the keys down hard, makes a beautiful clicking sound. The semicircle of typebars lifts each metal letter individually and punches on to the black and red ribbon. Ink permanently stains the paper feeding out through the back; the same place it was fed in. Any mistake can be seen immediately after each punch of the key. Starring at it and then looking back at my computer writing about this wonderful invention makes me think how far technology has come for the better and for the worse, forgetting how life used to be and what the future will look like.

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Better than free

I agree with the points that Kevin Kelly made about what the internet has done for us both positively and negatively. Because the internet is limitless, it has devalued the work of many people. If something can eventually be found for free then that means the owner of the work also devalued. The eight generatives makes you consider what is more important and which items you value more. In the case of immediacy, I would rather wait to see a movie on TV instead of going to the movie theaters when it first comes out but I’d books and CD’s instead of going to the library or downloading on itunes.  I thought authenticity was an interesting concept that not many people consider to be important. The percentage of those who it matters to is very small in comparison to those who are happy getting if for cheap or free. Even though the price and value of authenticity is high the fact that not many people want to pay for could eventually devalue the product.

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