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Final animations

Autumn Shuffle

A journey following a family of birds into maturity, surrounded by the harmony of nature.

Sleeping Lion

A sleeping lion is rudely awakened by a curious small bird, find out what happens.



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.swf renderer

Here is a link to download a 3rd party software that will convert .swf files into a .png sequence, so that you may convert flash animations to movies pretty easily.  The only drawback is that sound must be reapplied to the final animation.


You can import the .png’s as an image sequence into After Effects, but don’t forget to re-designate the amount of frames from your .swf in the timeline of the AE document so that your movie plays at the same frame rate that the .swf file did.

For example, say you just imported the new .png’s as an image sequence into After Effects and dragged the sequence down to the timeline.  After effects will change the duration of your image sequence, so you have to select it in the timeline and modify its frame duration to the duration of the amount of frames (.png’s) that were converted.  Make sure also that your document is playing at 24 frames per second and your movie will be fine.

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Assignment 11


Assignment 10

here is my assignment 10 SUPERSIZED PAGE.


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supersized lions. slideshow classwork


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that’s life. foundation skateboards intro


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Assignment 8

little tweaks since last week


object I like

I Like this camera lens.  It’s called a fisheye lens (nikon FC-E8), and this is a lens that produces extreme wide-angle distortion in photography.  It looks very modern, minimal and shiny.  It’s a very heavy object for how small it is.  It contains cold black metal on the outside with a thick round dome of dark glass protruding out from its cylindrical narrow shell.  I believe that it is well designed for its functionality, minimalism and texture, which is sleek and dark yet containing shiny and matte areas in certain parts .  This gives it a very profound, exquisite quality of fine craftsmanship that I appreciate.

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Response to the Free Age

Clearly, the general point here is that “free” comes with a price.  This understanding in the world of today is crucial for acknowledging that there are tons of personal attributes that we ascribe to object fulfillment, like personalization, interpretation, authenticity, etc.  ACTUALLY, when we take those things away, it becomes visible that in most cases the real “thing” we are seeking disappears.  You see, this lesson is that NOT ONLY do we as human beings require convenient fulfillment for the things that we want, BUT the thing that we want is not exclusive to certain functions of our wants and needs, or in other words, true fulfillment of what we are seeking comes with a world of complexities.  The object alone that we are seeking is typically never enough, so total fulfillment will always come with a price when it’s applicable.

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Assignment 7

The beginning–



Response to fate of art in the age of mechanical reproduction

What happens to art when it is reproduced endlessly, what happens to a culture for whom the “sacred” in art vanishes?

What Walter Benjamin is implying is a very tangible idea.  In its most simply and easily understood form, consider this- a painting in no way procures the same experience to the viewer in real life when the viewer and the object are face to face, than when it is witnessed in a catalog or magazine or seen somewhere where it has been mass produced.

Benjamin’s argument is that when art is endlessly reproduced, the reactionary response to the painting as a whole is compromised from its intimate, one-on-one viewer experience to a collectively blended and controlled, mediated response from the masses to that work of art.  He uses the example of film to characterize this, because the reaction to a film is already predetermined by its mass responses whereas it is against the nature of painting to produce it in the manner of film, or society as a whole will determine its significant standpoint.

What happens to a culture for whom the “sacred” in art vanishes is that art looses its functionality within that culture.  Take Andy Warhol for example.  Although his art was reflective of pop culture, it was pop culture and the media that destroyed his work by generalizing it through excessive productions and lucrative endeavors to the point where now, his work is conceptualized as a hallmark aesthetic.  Once the “sacred” in art vanishes, art is taken for granite and thus a culture looses its integrity, situates itself more upon what is dictated by the popular than what is witnessed by the viewer, or consumer for that matter.

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Assignment 6


Assignment 5

Sleeping Lion. work in progress:


An uncommon perspective on Steve Jobs worth reading

the article is titled, “Steve Jobs was not God”


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1000 true fans

Having a 1000 true fans sounds delightful.  It may be overwhelming, but what can be sweeter for an artist than to have a successful creative career fueled by a thousand people who love what you create? That sounds like happiness in itself.


If I had to contact all of my fans and interact with them directly, I may create a blog similar to this one:


This is the blog of well-known animator John K. and for those of you who don’t know him, he is the creator of the hit TV show “Ren and Stimpy”  As you can see from the blog,  he is very interested in the dynamics and history of animation, and is willing to give some insight into his field for his followers.  He has his own merchandise shop linked to the blog so his fans may purchase any work/memorabilia at will.

His blog is a good example of how you can keep your fans attentive as followers while still doing your own things at will.  He’s always providing new information on his work and what drives him and the fans eat it up.

Most importantly, he’s passionate about what he does and sharing what he does with the world, and that seems to me to be the crucial substance behind maintaining 1000 true fans.



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Assignment 4

Red Lion


Assignment 3


The video is a .mov it may not play in Firefox but will play in Safari.








Rusty Shell

Here there is a snail with a shell that resembles the characteristics of an old rusty screw and bolt.  The artist did an incredible job of disguising the snail’s shell with a foreign material, making it look extremely surreal.  Elements such as the bolt and screw protruding out from the side of the shell really contribute to the unreal feeling that the snail’s shell is actually made of rust. The image is from a series called “Alternate Materials 6″

The Thing’s Speech

“The Thing” from Fantastic 4 is replacing Forest Whitaker from “The King’s Speech” on a movie poster entitled ” The Thing’s Speech.  Although the photoshop skills are nice, what drew me to this one was the entertainment value I found in it, it’s very clever and amusing.  Great idea.  Found it in the series called “Mate a Movie 18″

 Larry King

Larry King as a King. Once again – simple idea to grasp, entertaining, very clever, and amazing final product.  It looks like the artist hand-painted Lary’s face to match the colors and exposure of the painting, but I’m sure digital manipulation was also a key component to this.  Found this in the series “Celebrity Aptronyms 7″




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Assignment 2