Candela_Final Projects

Homework 1: Responsive layout

Homework 4:  Revised Homepage, Internal page (hotel)

Homework 5: Spritely, Parallax

Homework 7: Animated E-card

Homework 9: Ecommerce homepage, Ecommerce internal page, Revised video game

Homework 10: Superscrollorama

Homework 11: Isotope site, Isotope design

Homework 12: Jquery Animation


Talent Placement Agency Site Comparisons

Four talent placement agencies I found from doing a simple Google search were “United Talent Staffing Services,” “The Creative Group,” “Artisan Talent,” and “24 Seven Talent.” First, the site that I gravitate to the most is 24 Seven because their homepage consists of two large images directing the viewer to be either a client or candidate in their company. Generally a good website includes great photography, and without images a website would be boring to the viewers. Artisan State has their homepage set up similar to 24 Seven with a two column choice for what section of the company you need, but it doesn’t have imagery which makes it less successful than the first agency. However, Artisan State’s site is very clean and simple so all they need to do to keep improving is add some pictures. United Talent’s site has a cut out image on the homepage, but it is a little awkward and their dimensions and layout of the site is also too small and organized oddly. Altogether this site is not as attractive as the other agencies and it seems almost too “corporate” or “business-like” to keep viewers interested and wanting to get involved. The Creative Group has a very bright palette on their site, which goes along with their company, but being a design agency they should try to utilize new and upcoming methods to display the information on their website because that will appeal to the market they are in. I believe Artisan State and 24 Seven were the most successful with their sites, but they can both still improve upon the designs, and The Creative Group just needs to play around a bit more with a design-based site that would get their message across loud and clear.


Here is my animation!

Classmate Critique

Alright, for this blog post I am going to critique Delaney’s holiday sprite. I really enjoyed that she customized the font and actually used handwriting for “from Towson University.” I believe it makes the thought more personal and visually appealing for the viewer. The mug and cookies animation is AWESOME, the only thing I would go back and check is the placement of the mug in each frame because it seems to glitch a little, and either make that more noticeable so it seems intentional or alter it so the mug is in the same spot throughout the movement… that is me being nit-picky. Finally, I would change the balloon animation to something more festive like possibly a candy cane or gift box? Balloons just don’t seem to fit for that. I love the background colors and the stars, maybe see what they would look like if it continued up behind the text, just to see but it may be too cluttered. Other than that I think she did a really great job with this project and understanding the possible uses of sprites!


My actual isotope site.

Another isotope design.

(I wasn’t sure whether we needed both so I just did both.)



Random Blog Post

Alright, so this blog post is going to be dedicated to this class, web design, and my personal failures. I like this class. Never thought I would say that, but I do. I am learning a lot of stuff that is going to be extremely useful after graduation… now comes the “but.” I suck at it. Almost every week I feel like my work isn’t up to my normally very high standards, but I work for hours and put so much effort into it all. Some things I will never master the way I master other things. This is what this class is, and I am starting to accept that. Although I am still extremely OCD about my grades, so I’m hoping effort is taken into account at the end of the semester. I have a feeling that some other people in this class are in the same boat, at least I hope so.

PS. I’m sure I’ll miss it once I’m done with school and in the real world.


Here is my ecommerce homepage.

Here is my ecommerce internal page.

Here is my revised video game.


Here is my game.

Winter Greeting / homework7

Here is my animation.

My Favorite Website


My favorite website is Pinterest. Honestly, the first reason why I love it so much is because I can spend hours on this site and not even realize it. This may be because of the popular content, being able to see what my friends are interested in, or having the ability to design my future house and wedding. However, now that I am looking at it with a design-oriented perspective, I think it does that well too. The grid-like structure is easy to follow, scroll, and look at from a mobile device. When you click on specific pins, you can return to the main screen by clicking out of the window or go to the third party website by clicking the pin again. It is easy to navigate and get exactly where you want to be quickly. There are no distracting colors or features that make it confusing. Pinterest is pretty much brilliant in my opinion.


My sequence.

My desk e-card.



Here is my sprite.

Here is my parallax page.

“How Successful Networks Nurture Good Ideas” Response

This article pointed out a lot of things that I have never thought of about good ideas transpiring from a network of people rather than just one individual.  However, the piece of information that really shocked me was how collectively our planet writes the equivalent of 36 million books through email, social media, blogs, etc.  This is astounding, and wouldn’t be possible without the Internet and networks of people communicating with each other.  Granted, 90% of it is probably not up to par, but it is still many more thoughts and ideas being discussed and recorded than previously.  Thinking back on when I was growing up, my parents homeschooled me for a time but even in public schools I would be encouraged to read a lot of material, but before high school, I was never told to write much at all.  I think that has changed now in the current, younger generations… which is beneficial!  I believe my generation would have advanced quicker and learned more if we were encouraged to write down our thoughts and reasoning behind our actions.  Definitely one benefit of the Internet is that people are more active and speak more about current issues, thoughts, and ideas.  This is ultimately the foundation of progress.


Here are my new homepage.

Here is my new room page.

Here is my mood board.

Multimedia Website I Love

A website that I have come across that really just blew me away was Disney’s new Fantasyland site for the new park.  The main thing I loved was how visual it was with the imagery and movement of the imagery.  It also includes background sounds of a forest and birds to really create a whole new world for the audience.  The main page is a large animated picture of the park and banners with the characters that the park highlights in its five different attractions.  When you scroll down you find several other page links to general information about the park and how to reserve trips.  I believe this website was so successful because of the movement that the banners and special effects create not only when you mouse over them, but when you’re at a standstill as well.  Even though it has a lot of different elements to it, the viewer can still easily navigate through the different pages with very clear transition buttons.  The multimedia aspect of sound, animation, and imagery doesn’t end as too busy but working together perfectly to create a whole new magical world.  The magical Disney park for families and children definitely deserved this magical website to correspond with it.

Hotel Homepage

Here is my design.

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“1000 True Fans” Reaction

I believe Kevin Kelly has addressed something that not many “artists” have considered or speculated.  As an artist, or artist-in-training, my one goal has been to show my work to the maximum amount of people and hopefully one day become famous and successful.  This is a pipe dream.  How many artists accrue hundreds of thousands of fans.  Not many.  Kelly is suggesting that one doesn’t need that many admirers, but all one needs is about a 1,000 (give or take depending on the situation) TRUE fans that will support you in every way.  I believe the difference between a true fan and just a fan is the key to his formula.

Personally, having 1,000 true fans right now seems pretty great to me, maybe even impossible at this point in my life.  However, I think it is a realistic and achievable goal for any kind of artist, especially students about to leave undergrad or grad school.  Now, the next thought that enters my head is how would I keep these relationships tight with my 1,000 true fans?  That is when it becomes difficult.  I would probably need that middleman that Kelly suggested to manage the fans.  I wouldn’t need this all the time, because personally connecting with fans is so gratifying but 1,000 people is a lot to take on by yourself all the time.  If no one kept the true fans happy and content, then how long would they be true fans for?

After reading this article, this thought is going to remain in my head, especially if I plan to use my art as a means of supporting myself.  It is reachable with the motivation and talent.


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Here is my homework

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Worth 1000 Favorite Images

I have never heard of these galleries or contest, so I began charting new territory when I clicked the link for the website.  I began going through the different images and immediately was drawn to one in particular: “Colorful Raspberries” by ilia84.  First, the colors caught my eye and made me stop scrolling to see what this image was about.  I believe, as an artist, the main goal is to make a viewer stop and look at your work for longer than a few seconds, to question it.  This made me do just that.  However, personally I am drawn to this over other entries because it is more photographic.  I love the centered composition with a feel of “studio” purpose behind it.  This was the first entry I clicked on to view bigger.

The second image that I found visually interesting was “Berry Lips” byjclarkedesigns.  The red color on her lips and in the “berry” lipstick against the other light, muted colors made it really pop and stand out.  There is a hint of green along with the berry which I believe pulls it all together, but other than that it is dominated by red hues.  Again, there is a fashion, photographic, studio vibe to it which makes it more appealing to my personal tastes.  Also, I love the simplicity.

The third image that was another favorite was “Water Ballet” by Terabythia.  The water creates the human form of the dancer, and the relationship between dance and the fluidity of water is shown beautifully in this image.  The form is just subtle enough to display the dance aspect but not be too defined and up front.  Again, I also appreciate the simplicity in the image and the dark background which intensifies the water forms.

In comparison, all of the images are simple without any type of distracting background and has a strong photographic element in it.  These elements are what draws me to them.


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