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Blog Post 13 Paul Shiah

Apparently we’re supposed to complain about how much work we have and how terrible our lives are.  Personally, I think this is hysterical since that’s what everyone, including myself, seems to be doing with the “non-topic” blog posts.  It’s actually kind of sad that if we aren’t instructed to write about anything, we choose to complain and whine about how terrible our lives are and start the never ending game of “whose life is worse.”  Instead, we should try to post something on the blog that would benefit our fellow classmates – maybe something like a new artist that we found or something else that interests us that someone else may be able to benefit from instead of trying to compare each other’s misery.

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Blog Post 12 Paul Shiah

There wasn’t a topic for this blog post either, so I’m going to write about how I really wish I was still on Thanksgiving break.  It was great to be home with my family and friends and to see my dog.  It made me excited for winter break and annoyed at the same time.  I realized that I still have about 3.5 weeks left in the semester and a shit ton of work that I don’t really feel like doing.  Hopefully I’ll make it through alive with as much sleep as possible and will be able to enjoy my winter break.

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Paul Shiah Assignment 8 960 Grid

Paul Shiah Blog 11

I decided to critique Kristabelle’s 960 grid project.  Her design is extremely well thought and put together.  It looks as if she followed the grid guidelines almost to a T.  The images are well chosen and are enticing to the viewer.  It looks like a legitimate website that a ton of girls would feel obligated to purchase from.  Her color pallet and font choice also work extremely well with the other aspects of the website to create a complete and cohesive looking design.

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Paul Shiah Blog 10

There wasn’t a topic for this blog post, so I’m not really sure what to write about. I guess I’ll talk about my project of redesigning the class website. I’m not extremely happy with my design, mainly the fonts.  This whole “only using google fonts” sucks sometimes because they all look so similar. I’m gonna have to go back and redesign certain aspects of it simply because it looks juvenile and awkward.  I was trying to finish the website and in my sleep deprived state, I was happy with it.  After waking back up and taking a second look at it, I realized it was shit.

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Paul Shiah Blog Post 9

A website that I found that I thought was awesome using parallax scrolling was

The concept of parallax scrolling is really awesome because you can fit so much more on a webpage and make it look so much cleaner.  Things seems to have their own separate section and place without looking cluttered or cramped.  The Nike website did a great job of organizing and displaying their website with clear, organized sections.

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Blog 8 Paul Shiah

The idea of mass producing art is a complicated one.  At a certain point, the artwork loses its value and runs the risk of losing its integrity as a piece of art.  The artists behind this also put their name on the same very line.  A benefit of mass production is exposure.  The art has the potential to reach an entirely new audience that it may not have been able to reach before its mass production.  Every medium has a different limit that can be pushed.  For example, he mass production of fine art paintings can be separated from the mass production of architecture, especially cookie cutter houses/suburban neighborhoods.

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Assignment 7 Paul Shiah

Paul Shiah Blog Post 7

An object in my room that I find particularly beautiful is an arrangement of photographs that I have hung up on my wall.  They were all ripped out of The Polaroid Book and are all equally compelling and riveting images that deal with color, design, self-representation, portraiture, and architecture.  It’s hard for me to choose a favorite image from the 38 that I have hung up; to me, they are all on the same level and have an entirely different meaning behind each of them that tells a unique story and concept.

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Assignment 6/5 Rework Paul Shiah

Blog 6 Paul Shiah

The article was extremely interesting to read.  It’s remarkable how far some people will go just to avoid paying for something.  In this day and age, you can get almost anything for free on the internet. Whether it’s music, movies, computer programs or computer software, there is almost always a way to find it for free.  There are certain things that I agree and disagree with dealing with “taking” things for free from the internet.  If someone tells you that have never downloaded a song illegally, they are most likely lying.  Downloading music for free on the internet is something that I do on a regular basis, but downloading things like artwork, movies, or something of real quality, the purchase factor is something that I fully support.  With the purchase of a product comes validity and quality; something that you don’t always necessarily receive with receiving something for “free.” Movies, for example, are something that I absolutely hate watching for free online. Yeah, the concept is great: not paying for a movie that you might not really like anyway so it feels like a no loss no gain situation.  But the quality of online movies is extremely shotty and terrible to the point where I would always rather pay to either go see a movie in theaters or purchase it in stores to fully experience the movie to its full extent.

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Class 5 Blog Post Paul Shiah

Last semester, I got the chance to study abroad in Florence, Italy.  I had been to Europe once before, but had not traveled the way that I did when I was living there for 4 months.  My favorite places to travel would be pretty much any European country.  The history, architecture, art, and lifestyle are extremely interesting and eye-opening.  Florence was definitely my favorite city, followed by Barcelona, Spain, and London, England.

Assignment 5 Paul Shiah

Assignment 4 Paul Shiah

An interactive website that I like is StumbleUpon. You choose different categories of what you’re interested in and then you click ‘Stumble”. The website instantly gives you different pages and interactive videos and websites that are catered to your specific interests. It gives the viewer an opportunity to discover different videos and websites that they might not have seen before.


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Assignment 3 Paul Shiah

1000 True Fans

I think that having 1,000 true fans would be great. To know that that many people are interested and inspired in your work would be extremely rewarding. Like many students, my fan base is mainly the people I’m surrounded with: classmates, friends, and family. If I could reach the point in my art career where 1,000 people actually followed what I did and were genuinely interested, that would be successful.


Hypertext is a link on a webpage that leads you to another webpage containing more information.

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Assignment 2

Reasons I chose these images:


Extreme detail

Clean editing & photoshop work