Bonus Post 4

This article, is called 35 great examples of parallax scrolling websites. I looked at this website because we worked on scrolling websites. My favorite ones are The Walking Dead website and the Nintendo Mario Kart History website.

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Bonus Post 3

This article, Sustainable Web Design, is about a number of industries are trying to reduce their carbon footprints and energy use by using mobile-ready design , and increasingly sophisticated web ROI metrics to pursue faster and lighter sites. What I learned reading the article was that the internet’s carbon footprint was about  830 million tons of CO2 annually and the amount will double by 2020.

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Bonus Post 2

This article, The 11 Phases of a Web Developer’s Career (As Illustrated by Memes), is article that demonstrates what a web designer goes through during their career with the help of internet memes (a humorous image, video, piece of text, etc. that is copied and spread rapidly by Internet users). I am at stage one (Noob).

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Bonus Post 1

This article I found is called The Top 10 Mistakes in Web Design. The article talks about mistakes wed designers make. some examples include not changing the color of visited links and fixed font size. One thing I was surprised to see was number 2, PDF Files for Online Reading. I never knew that because I would see some websites have PDF files for users to download.


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Final Post

Assignment 4

Assignment 5

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Assignment 10

Assignment 12


Homework 4

websitebeds website

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Homework 3


If I had 1,000 fans, I would be so happy. To have someone like my work enough to call themselves a fan, I just cannot explain the feeling.


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Homework 10



This is an entry in my blog.

Homework 12

This website looks like a department store website, not talent website.

This one has a lot of blue in it to give it a professional feeling. The website has lots of information and is really simple.

This website comes off as really cheesy with the stock picture of a woman jumping for joy. You cannot take the company seriously.

This website is plain looking and in the upper right corner is an ad to go to their facebook page but down at the bottom of the page is a list of ways to connect with them.

Zaza hotel

  • ·              The ‘Z’ looks like the ‘Z’ from Zorro with the line through the middle
  • Create your own logo, (unless it relates, which, it doesn’t)
  • Zaza, sounds like a Spanish woman with her boobs hanging out
  • Clutter of images
  • Hard and annoying to navigate
  • Pick a theme. It feels like Miami, then Mexico, and then a college dorm.
  • Everything does not need a Z
  • Needs to have a page specifically for rooms
  • Images should be more consistent
  • Organize the pictures better
  • It is nice how the homepage image gets bigger as the window size gets larger
  • Home page is elegant while internal page looks like crap
  • When you click on one of the locations, it should take you to a new page; not a page inside of that site.
  • Why does it when you try to book, it opens in a new link but opens the same link with a calendar?
  • ·              Simple colors used; like a three-color job with red, white, and black.
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Homework 11

I decided to critique  ‘s isotope.

I thought that her isotope is very good. I like that it works like it should and the background is really pretty.

Homework 9

E-Commerce Website:

ecommerce website

E-Commerce Website Internal Page:

ecommerce website internal page

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Homework 8


Homework 7


My favorite website is YouTube because it has something for everyone. You want to know how to make cookies? There’s a video to teach you how. You want to see cats on watermelons? There’s a video of that. You want to watch old 80′s-90′s cartoons? You can find someone who uploaded the whole series (until Viacom, FOX, Disney, etc. shuts it down). There’s a lot of different videos to see on YouTube. Just do not read the comments. Just don’t.


There is no animation in this.



Homework 6

I like this one because it is easier to do.

I don’t like this one because the author does not show you how to do anything.

My Gradient:


My Desktop:


Homework 5

 The article, “Why Even the Worst Bloggers Are Making Us Smarter” is an interesting article. The only problem I had with the article is this sentence, “I’d argue that the cognitive shift in going from an audience of zero to an audience of 10 is so big that it’s actually huger than going from 10 people to a million.” A better word to describe it would be “larger” or “bigger”.

“Before the Internet, most people rarely wrote for pleasure or intellectual satisfaction after graduating from high school or college.”

And people are also writing more because blogs are easy to start and writers can write their opinion easier to a wider audience.

mycoffee coffee1

Homework 4


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Homework 3


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My Infograph

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