natalie reed final

homework 1: responsive website

homework 2: infographic

homework 3 & 4: hotel website home page and internal page 

homework 5: sprite and parallax

homework 6:  sequence

homework 7: provost card

homework 8: game

homework 9: e-commerce site home page and internal page

homework 11: isotope


the two I am choosing not to be graded:

homework 10: superscrollorama

I actually worked the hardest and feel the most accomplished about this website, but apparently in some browsers the animations near the end do not work. I can’t figure out how to fix it, so I have to scrap it.

homework 12: layer slider

I just don’t have time to make this different from the original enough. I would have been happy with it at the beginning of the semester, but now that I know what I can do I don’t want to be graded on this one. Just not enough time during finals week! But It is really cool and I will definitely finish it over winter break.

homework 12

layer slider

I’m not having that one graded, so don’t judge too harshly.

Talent Agencies

Paradigm Agency

This one is by far the worst. I’m not even really sure if they work with creative talent, but the website was just so awful I had to show it. And it’s bad that I can’t tell. But it just shows how important web design is, because I don’t think anyone visiting this website would ever trust this business. To begin with, it is very static. There is nothing to scroll down to see and it all feels like I’m just looking at a business card. Nothing invites me to click on it, which might be because the bottom buttons don’t even work! Where it says “Beverly Hills, Monterey, Nashville, New York” you should definitely be able to click on those buttons. The only real navigation on mine is at the top. It makes me feel like there’s nothing to the company. Also it looks like the pictures were optimized to too low of a quality. Everything looks slightly fuzzy and I have a relatively small computer so it should look perfect.

United Talent Agency

This site has a really nice aesthetic. I like the silhouettes and it is overall tasteful and easy to read. However, I don’t like how brief descriptions are when you click on them. I didn’t find any pages that take you to a new page so it just feels brief, making me assume it’s a small company. I wouldn’t have really realized this without looking at the other sites, but it seems like the more successful ones have videos and images and a more dense media experience at least somewhere. It’s kind of confusing because I definitely see them talking about digital media but they don’t mention the work design anywhere that I can find. They talk about video games and online media, etc. so I know they do creative stuff but I definitely get more of a business vibe from them. They should work on that though, because it makes me really confused about what they do.

BIG Creative

I like the fancy slideshow element and the fact that they’re showing work by people they represent. But you can’t click on them and the white backgrounds are distracting. Overall the website is ugly. It feels tiny and it isn’t responsive. I have the same issue with Paradigm where I don’t agree with their optimization of images. I guess it’s just really noticeable in text, which I’m assuming is another reason people should try to code their type instead of using images. Definitely looks like they don’t know what they’re doing. I’m surprised at how bad most of these websites are.

Vitamin T

This place did it RIGHT. It’s clear that they represent designers. The website looks great right away. They’ve created depth with transparency and used a nice big image but didn’t just use it as a crutch. Whoever made it looks like they knew what they were doing, it doesn’t look amateur like Paradigm and BIG. They definitely went the more popular route of trying to make their website seem like more than just an advertisement for their company, adding videos and articles, trying to get traffic in other ways. They’re showing that they’re relevant in the field and up to date on new things. It’s great that they divide the home page into two options for visitors, looking for work or looking for talent. I think this is the only website that made their client’s directly available to browse, so it makes future talent feel like they’d be getting your work out there. Skimming through the large amounts of text available (a relief when you’re looking into something as sketchy as talent agencies) they seem to be the biggest agency, it seems like they work off of a large network of other companies. Not sure if the company is actually good or not, but they certainly know how to make a good website!



Critique of Rese’s Game


I enjoyed playing Rese’s 420 game. I definitely thought that the pictures should be pngs so there aren’t backgrounds, it would make it look less flat. I really like that there are multiple levels because the second ray gun thing is really impressive. I wish that the policemen were animated, it doesn’t really make sense for the leaves to be animated though so that was a good choice. I think the background could be more relevant to the theme but I like the movement in it. I’m not sure if it’s just blocked by the little play menu when you preview the game in game salad, but I’m not seeing a score. That would be helpful especially with the different levels. The movement in the end scene is cool but I think it could be a little more colorful or have more to it. All and all, nice game, I would love to play more.

homework 10 blog

I didn’t get to write about my favorite works by Yves Klein in my scrollorama page so I’ll talk a little about it now. I had a hard time choosing between this and Fred Tomaselli who makes crazy complex work using various trippy mixed media, like pills and plants, so hopefully this is exciting to people as well. We never talked about Yves Klein in my 222 ARTH so I was super bummed.


I feel like if you’re going to be an artist and go out and buy canvas and record your thoughts, no matter what you say, you’re pretty full of yourself. And that’s why Yves Klein’s work interests me so much – he was totally insane. I talked a little about the Anthropometries but the Monochromes are the most radical. Yves Klein started making full monochromatic paintings. No lines, no texture (that comes later,) nothing. Just solid unity of color and the velvety, dense pigment. He even went so far as to create his own color, International Klein Blue (IKB) with more sophisticated polymers. At first he had trouble getting museums to exhibit them, and when he did he got even more upset when critics tried to find meaning and connections between the works. They were representative according to him, something which I have come to believe. They show the true essence of life, just as the Anthropometries reduce the female form to its most recognizable features. Obviously blue has spiritual, cosmological, and natural world meanings, but Yves only wanted to paint space. Yves often referred to it as the void. He did, however, take credit for the sky, and wanted to kill the birds because they were ruining his best work. That’s the kind of confidence that really strikes me. He presented each identical painting with a different title and price, signifying that they were each of unique subjects. The presentation made the work. With the Anthropometries, he separated himself from the work even more by refusing to touch the paint and dressing up in a tuxedo while directing naked women across the canvas. He also created a symphony consisting of one note and about an hour of silence.

Yves Klein changed the way we think about abstract painting. I’m interested to see how people can push the bounds of web design. It has to be possible, we just haven’t found it yet. Now when people try to do something super minimalist and monochrome, it’s cliche, but when Yves did it he could get away with it because he was (near) the first. In the most literal sense it could just be more simplistic design. Perhaps the things we find most essential could be left out. Turn everyone on their heads. But I think web design has to follow a similar pattern to art history, so we must be in the ‘traditional’ phases now, it just seems more modern because we’re applying the things we’ve learned and experienced in other art forms. We haven’t had those crazy ground-breaking movements yet.

Also, I couldn’t help but post a picture of this recipe book I saw last weekend in a museum store…Seems relevant to our class:



Which I only saw AFTER I had made these cookies. (Alright, Natalie bragging time, but I can’t help it, they’re cookies and we talk a lot about cookies.) And hopefully someone bought them at the art history club bake sale.



Alright…damn…that was my attempt at being brief.

homework 10


homework 9



Underground Hip Hop Home





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homework 8 – provost final

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homework 8 second attempt

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homework 8

Alright so I don’t know if this is going to work… but here’s a link…

homework 7

Here’s my adobe flash animation:


And my favorite website:

New York Public Library

Any time I have to do anything for anything, I start at this website. I don’t use the internet as much as I should but I like this site because it’s a lot like a library. There are images of just about everything throughout history, photographs, drawings, books, advertisements, and fabrics. It’s similar to the library of congress’ website but I like the organization better on this site. Basically it’s awesome because it follows a great grid, but also there are many different ways to browse information. You can search by subject, division, author, owner, location, there’s like the longest A-Z subject list that I’ve ever seen in my life. They also have featured categories that you can click on and either browse all of the images or click through the individual sources. You can also create a username and save images. It’s just the best source any time you need to be inspired.

homework 6



Winter Provost Desktop

homework 5 blog post

I thought this article was pretty cool because I’m much more traditional so it made me think of the web in a new positive way. I love binding books but then when it gets down to filling them I have a harder time. Maybe if I blogged more regularly or used facebook I would have more of a record. But in a sense a lot of it is pointless. But it’s kind of the only way to keep writing alive these days. I definitely agree with the part about writing for an audience. But there is the issue that not a lot of people are reading what people say. In a sense that does matter. Not for the writer but to keep reading alive as well. I think we just have to make sure more formal writing doesn’t die. It is easy and convenient to post on a blog, so people can do it without much effort. It’s a nice perspective but we need a little of everything to mark our place in history.

homework 5

Here is my sprite.

Here is my parralax page.

Interactive Site I Love

For this assignment I decided to find a new website rather than go from one of the interactive sites that came to mind right away. After searching through the Webby awards and the European version (Lovie awards) thinking I would find the right thing, I eventually found this on delicious:

I’m all about science and art (science comes more naturally to me) so I love this website. This website has a very detailed and interactive map of the sky and space using pictures. Obviously many artists look to outer space, and its beauty is also easily recognized, but I love when the aesthetic beauty comes accidentally or as a byproduct of the science. I think this is an interesting choice because really they are tricking us with this interactive experience. Truly, it is entirely flat and static. It is only the way the pictures have been arranged and the experience has been thought out that it seems like such an immersed experience.

The application is pleasing because of its flexibility. The user has many difference options to begin their viewing experience. Some are more guided than others. Specific stats can be entered in, or the viewer can browse popular spaces. At each level, the magnification can be adjusted, so moving from a guided experience into more personal exploration flows naturally. Everything is labeled and sectioned off. What is important is easily spelled out, and secondary functions are not necessary for the whole experience. The previews are very helpful. It appeals to all ages and wide ranges of knowledge. I also love the fact that you can take screenshots and personalize the view to show certain layers.

The rest of the site is simple and doesn’t retract from the main focus, the interactive section. Also, just the fact that it is so large and takes up most of the page is visually appealing. Still, the cosmo patterns are mirrored in the design. An application like this is very important, especially in this modern age, because it serves a very important function. Mapping this information out visually adds so much value to the pictures. This is information and photos that otherwise would be much more inaccessible to people. Someone doing research could use this site with just as much ease as a college student just looking at pretty pictures online in their free time. By putting this out there in such a beautiful way it encourages people to care about something they might not otherwise.

homework 4

Home Page Redo:

Fairmont Hotel Redo

Internal Page:

Fairmont Hotel Internal Page

Mood Board:

Winter Love - Moodboard

1,000 fans

I thought this article was interesting because it puts a number on something so many of us think of as intangible. When you think about making a living as an artist it seems kind of like a nightmare. While 1,000 people seems like a lot to me, I know in this digital age so many people have 1,000′s of followers. I wonder though if true fans even exist in this age anymore though. It’s a different world where you can reach more people, but in a less personal way. I feel like people are less committed and more worried about their own internet persona. Also, I worry I’m the sort of person the article notes as not wanting to interact with 1,000 fans. I think I would need a mediator. But if I had 1,000 people following me I might have more confidence to produce more work. This definitely gives me more motivation to keep up with a blog and instagram etc. because it really can start your career. This article was awesome with the way it combined some basic economic ideas and facts with the crazy art market.

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homework 3


Hotel Redesign


homework 2

Here is the link to my infographic:



Here are my favorites from Worth 1,000.

I like this one because this summer I worked a lot with making women wearing dresses where the drapery folds were made out of different patterns of clouds, but this took it in a different direction by actually making forms with volume make out of clouds. I might try that now if I can figure it out.

I of course love this one, as an art history major. They take old paintings and play with layering. It’s interesting because I would never think to break the rules like that but there’s no harm done on the computer. Also it relates well to the way I paint and how many of the paintings were made because I work in oils in very thin translucent layers, much like photoshop. It’s a modern translation of the spirit of the old media.

The first two of these peeling and cracking entries, the fruit and the foot, are very well done. There’s a tremendous amount of detail in these images. They really look like the 3-D objects were carefully crafted and then photographed.

These first few buildings made of manipulated natural forms are really awesome because the artists pushed their creativity further than just coming up with super great architecture. With something like photoshop you can really change the way the whole world looks. It’s worth it to go the extra mile and address how each little part of the image works with the whole.

I enjoyed these because I collect stamps and spend a lot of time looking at stamp and letter design in general around the world. It’s nice to keep it relevant by making it a photoshopping contest. I especially like the one with the Browsers (Chrome, Firefox, etc.) because I see parallels in both topic and design in old stamps that I have.

And lastly, if anyone has had an art class with me before, they’ve seen me turn in a project with an old antique lamp in it like these. I love painting and drawing glass and I just love the structure. I’ve never tried anything digital with them before though. The first one just creeps me out it looks so real. The light almost lines up perfectly that I’m not even sure if that’s where the artist merged images or if I’m just not understanding all of the light sources.