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Zaza hotel

  • The ‘Z’ looks like the ‘Z’ from Zorro with the line through the middle
  • Create your own logo, (unless it relates, which, it doesn’t)
  • Zaza, sounds like a Spanish woman with her boobs hanging out
  • Clutter of images
  • Hard and annoying to navigate
  • Pick a theme. It feels like Miami, then Mexico, and then a college dorm.
  • Everything does not need a Z in it
  • Needs to have a page specifically for rooms, or make it easier to find
  • http://www.hotelzaza.com/#dallas/accommodations/concept rooms
  • Images should be more consistent
  • Organize the pictures better
  • It is nice how the homepage image gets bigger as the window size gets larger
  • http://www.hotelzaza.com/#index
  • Home page is elegant while internal page looks like crap
  • When you click on one of the locations, it should take you to a new page; not a page inside of that site.
  • http://www.hotelzaza.com/#index to http://www.hotelzaza.com/#dallas or to http://www.hotelzaza.com/#houston
  • Why does it when you try to book, it opens in a new link but opens the same link with a calendar?





  • ·              Simple colors used; like a three-color job with red, white, and black.
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Nadia Homework 11

Here is my Isotope design

Here is my Isotope website

I love Delaney Rice’s homework 10, super duper scrolly rama, one reason is because I love Hayao Miyazaki work. And I love most of the movies that she has posted.

Nadia Homework 10


I am going to tell you some of my favorite words in Japanese:

  • Sakura means Cherry Blossom.
  • Yuki means Snow.
  • Neko means Cat.
  • Usagi means Bunny or Rabbit.
  • And lastly Hime means Princess.
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Nadia Homework 9


Internal Page



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provost Ecard

Snapshot of Website

I like DeviantART.com so much because people from all around the world are able to post their work. Their work can include drawings, paintings, photographs, costumes, stuffed animals and a bunch of other works. DeviantART.com you are able to comment on peoples creations, and you are even able to purchase a piece of work that you like. Like I said before, this is where people from all around the world can met and talk to one another. I even put up my own art work for people to see. Plus that is my ID for DeviantART.

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part 1

Part 3


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My Homework 5

My Spritely

My Parallax

Blogging can help a lot of people

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Homework 4

Redone Hotel home page

Hotel room page


The website that I love that has multimedia, animations or some sort of immersive vivid media experience is ART. I love it because anyone can upload anything that they create and show it to the world. Like this image, my friend created this and uploaded it, to show everyone what they have done. Some of my friends upload images of items that they have created for their cosplay costumes. 


Here is the hotel link version one

Here is the hotel link version two


I would be scared with the fans having a Google Alert set for your name because they would know the moment that I have uploaded something new at the time I uploaded it. But it would be cool with the small circle of diehard fans, which can provide you with a living. I can’t believe or imagine being an artist with 1000 true fans because I don’t think that that many people will like my work. I would contact them though a blog, or a website.

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Homework 2

My favorite images on the Worth 1000 photoshopping contests, to name a few were:

One is because I love fairies. Two her wings are amazingly done. Three is the landscape is cool looking. Four the fish with the key in its mouth is an idea that is interesting.

One is because it is amazingly created, it looks like I am looking at a real person with a real lotus flower in her hand. Two the background colors and cloud-like look.

It has some amazing details, including the outfit, the wings, and the position the body it in. It has a calming feeling about it.

The image has a nicely done layout to it with where the fairy was place, as well as how she was place in. The colors are prefect for this sad scene. It was rendered amazingly.

This give the feeling of something that would come out of a child’s story book. The layout is cool with all the butterflies around the fairy.

It is amazingly done. The wing look real like I could really touch them. The fairy is in a realist pose other then a fake one.

It gives off a feeling of importance. The dress is cool looking, I would love to wear it.

I see Odette from the movie The Swan Princess. Dress from a dress-up game. The wings make prefect the dress and the female.

My website link

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Homework 1

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